Eric Holder Josephine Terry: Brian Terry’s Mom: Holder is Joke, Coward – Has Never said Said Brian Terry’s Name

Josephine Terry, the mother of murdered U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, used Facebook to tell haughty U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that he is a “joke” and her son was protecting “Coward Politicians like you.” Agent Terry was killed by a gun intentionally provided, by the US Government, to drug cartels in Mexico under the auspices of Operation Fast and Furious. The Department of Justice is refusing to release subpoenaed documents to the U.S. House Oversight Committee. Apparently, in the many times Holder has held press conferences and testified before Congress, he has never uttered the name “Brian Terry.” While you and I might miss that, a mother would not. See a video below.

Josephine Terry (in blue)

Thousands of guns were paid for by U.S. Taxpayers and sent into Mexico. Others have died. Others will die, as lawless Holder has admitted. In the video below you will note that he says people inside the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco have been moved around. What that means is, some of those who can speak out (whistleblowers) have been moved to Washington, D.C. and put under the eagle-eye of the Department of Justice. Others have been demoted,  harrassed and the initial whistleblowers resigned.  Thirteen months have passed and no one has been fired – the Terry’s have no justice – no documents – no son.

Border Agent Brian Terry from Josephine Terry's Facebook Page

Holder’s Department of Justice has sued the State of Arizona to eliminate their new, tough immigration law, while putting up signs in Federal Parks near the Arizona border, warning Americans to stay away from the dangerous cartel playgrounds on U.S. soil. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was not notified of the signs. Many of us believe Operation Fast and Furious was designed to bring the law down on Arizona gunsellers. The BATF/DOJ forced gunsellers to sell high-powered assault weapons to gunwalkers (buyers know to be taking the guns across the border to Mexican organized crime). The plan, many suspect, was to then force tougher laws on the sales of guns.

As the mother of a son, I can only guess at the anguish of Brian Terry’s family and friends. It’s one thing to have a son risking his life to serve his country on our unnecessarily dangerous borders. It’s another thing to have your own government murder him to serve their own anti-gun, anti-Constitutional, anti-Second Amendment agenda. Find more in my Fast and Furious – Brian Terry Compendium here. Thanks to PotLuck!


Josephine Terry Calls Out Lawless Eric Holder (video)

Photo of Josephine Terry: Credit to Diane Dimond

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  • Good for Josephine Terry – Holder isn’t sorry only sorry he getting caught red handed on Fast and Furious along with his bud Obama – two of a kind.
    Their day will come – evil pricks. Those Muslims need to get the Hell out of the WH and our country.

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