Eric Bolling: The Makers – Taxpayers Take Home Less Disposable Income Than Takers – First Time Ever

Yesterday Eric Bolling said that those working and paying taxes, the “makers,” take home less than the “takers,” who are on government assistance. For 1017 days we have not had a federal budget. Harry Reid cannot let you see the revenues we bring in and where that money is spent. If you aren’t appalled, what’s wrong with you? A side story: having tacos at a local Mexican restaurant last week, and talking politics with friends, I said I was “appalled” at something, can’t remember what right now. Hubby turned to me and said, “enough of being appalled. I’m pissed off.” I’m pissed-off too. See a video below.

Eric Bolling

For the first time ever, the makers (taxpayers) are taking home less disposable income, $32,400.00 than the “takers” (those subsisting on full or partial government assistance) $32,700.000.

Meaning the more “takers” get power, the fewer “makers” we will have, and we will never get back in balance.”

Greg Gutfeld replied: Obama has guaranteed a future for every presidential candidate being a Progressive, because you can’t fire your dealer.”

Bolling: The “makers” pay $2.3 TRILLION in taxes every year. The “takers” take $2.5 TRILLION a year. They are taking more than the total revenue of the government.

As Jim DeMint said here, the Senate has not brought a budget to the floor because they do not want you to see the revenues and what they are spending your hard-earned tax dollars on.

Are you pissed-off enough to force Obama out of the White House no matter who our nominee is? I hope you are. I am.

This Media Matter video is the only one I can find, so my apologies.

Eric Bolling: Makers Make Less Than Takers, for the First Time Ever (video)

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  • A great video! I saw it last night. Interestingly, Media Matters cut off the video — or they continued after the break anyways. Beckel made a point that the rich are also takers because they use tax write offs. Bolling didn’t buy it because they are writing off from the money that are theirs to begin with, and the conversation ended with Beckel’s hand over the scales — so Beckel.

  • Good post, Maggie, so I stole a piece of it!

    • Fritz, can you send me a link so that I can link you in the article?

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