Democrat Rep Kathy Hochul: Constitution Contraception Mandates to Give Anything Free – Have to Hear it to Believe it

Democrat Congresswoman Kathy Hochul (NY-26) is at a Townhall and is asked “under what portion of the Constitution is the government allowed to require a private or religious organization to pay for anything for free?” You have to watch the very short video to hear her astounding answer. Thanks to I’m a Man I’m 41. 

Kathy Hochul

Eventually, someone in the audience asked: “So why don’t we provide free bandaids or cancer screening?” Her answer is pathetic. People actually voted to put this woman in office in June 2011 when Republican Chris Lee resigned in disgrace after sending shirtless photos of himself, using his real name, to a person he was not married to – and he was married. People actually voted for him too.

Kathy Hochul – Constitution Has Nothing to do With Mandates (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Tough to use flawed talking points knowledgeable audience. Even worse when you don’t know how to think on your feet,

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  • It is quite obvious to me that Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul does not look into to he mirror. She could not have, because if she did she would have a hard time convincing herself on the her pathetic arguement for support the breaking our first admendment right as well as the will of God. When the archangel Lucifer though he was God look what happen to him. Well Lucifina look at what you have to look forward to should you feel that you are greater than God.

    • Jenny Mathews, ‘Lucifina’ – that’s a good one:-) I bet if I checked her records, she is a go-along Democrat – votes for everything – has no record of legislation herself, sits there and does what she is told.

  • Catwoman

    She seems to be such a nice person! I think we’d need more of these kind of women in the white house. I really would like to get to know her.

    • You mean, like, Obaman seems like a really nice person, and we need more like him in the Oval Office? Catwoman, are you serious? Are we to choose leaders because of their race or gender, or by how nice they seem.. I’m sure Hitler was charming in private… He had charisma. Charisma is the downfall of the foolish and the ignorant. You don’t choose leaders because of Charisma.
      This woman is in a leadership role and she chooses to ignor the Constitution. End of story. Begining of our revolt at the ballot box to fire such leaders.

      • David, maybe there is hope in District 26. I’m going to look into who’s running.

        • The last four letters in American……….I Can
          The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
          The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

          End of lesson. Test to follow in November, 2012.

          Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent extermination month.

    • I meant Obama.. not Obaman… lol

    • Catwoman, try to contact her. Tell her you want to get to know her. Let us know how that goes for you. Flip off the Constitution and there is nothing nice about it.

  • She’s pathetic. How DO these people get elected? Oh wait, I know exactly how they get elected. Good find Maggie!

    • Pup, isn’t it nice that in our State, at the Federal level, these people don’t have a chance of going to D.C.

  • She is right, mandates have nothing to do with the constitution. So if this every makes it to SCOTUS it will get struck down.

    The problem is that every law in the land has to be constitutional. It is a very sad and very scary thing that our elected official have chosen to ignore this.

    • JACG – She says “basically, we’re not looking at the Constitution for this.” Exactly right, and they hope we don’t “look” either. It is very scary. I am thankful that we are now paying attention, even though we are decades too late. I’m praying for a conservative Senate.

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