Conservative Endorsements: US House and Senate

Before you admonish me to “make up my own mind,” and dismiss Conservative endorsements, I WILL make endorsements in key areas available here. Beyond the White House, the Senate and House races are key. These races may have multiple Republican candidates, and the endorsement of a respected Conservative can guide your research and mine. I consider it a researching shortcut. As of today, this list is far from up-to-date. It’s a work in progress. Stay tuned. I welcome your endorsement news. Just drop it in comments.


NEBRASKA: Don Stenberg (R), state treasurer, former Nebraska Attorney General – endorsed  by Mark Levin and Senate Conservatives Fund

OHIO: Josh Mandel (R), Ohio Treasurer – endorsed for U.S. Senate by Mark Levin and Senate Conservatives Fund

TEXAS: Ted Cruz endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund

WISCONSIN: Mark Neumann endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund




Rep. Allen West (FL-18 subject to change?) endorsed by Sarah Palin

Adam Hasner (FL-22) endorsed by Rep. Allen West

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  • Looks like there was some back room dealing after Tuesday– Tally vanished West’s district– They don’t like TEA in Tally. People Screamed, Personally I thought he should take a shot at the US Senate as an Independent.. I told a couple Tally GOP Elite that. West put it this way

    On Election night 2010, I promised: “I am going to fix the problems in Washington, D.C. and then I am coming home.” Unfortunately, a cynical, politicized redistricting process wrought with cronyisms and nefarious in intent, sought to ensure I would not be able to keep that promise.

    While I will miss the opportunity to represent all of the people of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, in the interest of keeping my promise and fixing the problems in our Nation’s Capital, I have decided the best course of action is to run in Florida’s new 18th Congressional District, which covers northern Palm Beach County and all of Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

  • Ran

    Thanks Maggie.

    Big caveat on Josh Mandel: He got his start under the wings of a rabid pack of statist RINOs that has done it’s best to marginalize and delegitimize the Tea base of Ohio’s Republican party.

    There are precious few Ohio Republicans that can pass the statist sniff test. Past performance of the Ohio senate suggests another George Voinovitch.

    To his credit, Mandel is not a Democrat. This is like Pelosi’s dictum: “You’ll have to buy this car to find out what’s under the hood!”

    Dunno what to say, except I’d advise seat-belts and helmets.

  • Okay, I’ll chime in. Marc Neumann is an unknown quantity to this Wisconsin resident. That is except for the fact from what I do know he is a question mark in terms of competitive advantage. I don’t believe he could win against a strong liberal contender like Feingold but barring that he may be victorious in a state that has recently begun turning red. Yes, I know, I am a conservative in a very blue state, historically. I do not ignore the very real challenges in Wisconsin for those of us who are conservative. But we’re doing better. 😎