Clueless In DC

I cannot believe that President Barack Hussein Obama can be this naive.  In fact I cannot believe that any US President would be this naive.  But according to an interview with NBC news, President Obama said:  “I don’t think that Israel has made a decision on what they need to do. I think they, like us, believe that Iran has to stand down on its nuclear weapons program,”

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama said on Sunday that Israel has not yet decided how to respond to concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and said there was no evidence that Iran has the “intentions or capabilities” to wage attacks on US soil.

Asked in an NBC interview whether Israel was set to attack Iran, Obama said: “I don’t think that Israel has made a decision on what they need to do. I think they, like us, believe that Iran has to stand down on its nuclear weapons program,” adding Israel and the United States would work “in lockstep” on Iran.

Obama, who is up for re-election in November, has ended the US war in Iraq and is seeking to wind down combat in Afghanistan amid growing public discontent about American war spending at a time when the economy remains weak.

The Democrat made clear on Sunday that he would not like to see more fighting in the oil-producing Persian Gulf region.

“Any kind of additional military activity inside the Gulf is disruptive and has a big effect on us. It could have a big effect on oil prices, we’ve still got troops in Afghanistan, which borders Iran, and so our preferred solution here is diplomatic,” he said.

In the NBC interview, Obama stressed he was not taking any options off the table to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. “We’re going to do everything we can to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and creating an arms race – a nuclear arms race – in a volatile region,” he said.


Obama cannot be this naive.  The window of oppotunity for Israel is closing fast and the Washington DC is NOT sitting under an Iranian Nuclear Bomb, Tel Aviv is.  A thing for all of us to remember in the weeks and months ahead.


  • Obama is not naive…simply put, he’s an Alinskyite Jew hater; no ifs, ands, or buts! An Alinskyite Jew hater will do everything under their power to discredit, harm, and even supply their enemies with weapons (i.e. supplying the Muslim Brotherhood with tanks and other ammo) but tell another story whenever it suits him best. Actions speak louder than words and Obama’s every action reflects hatred towards anything Jewish.
    …further, I’m sick and tired of the press playing games with this scumbag….the press knows everything I’ve stated above…now who’s naive? Why of course, the press!

    • clarkderp

      alinsky was a JEW, and a zionist jew.

      Obama is a bad president and a crook, but he is not stupid enough to let israel drag him into another war against their new worst enemy..

      even bush finally kicked the AIPAC neocons out at the end and refused to listen to them.. after his entire govt started collapsing in a orgy of trillions in financed debt and endless wars, occupations and justifications and promises that always turned out to be another AIPAC scam to leverage the USA taxpayer to drown in debt and war for a alien nation.

      Obama will enslave every american to private HC companies as slave customers, but he is not dumb enough to let the Israelis, who gunned american sailors dead in the water as they murderously attacked the USS Liberty,
      drag him into another bogus war under bogus lies and bogus demands that the cowardly israelis wont do for themselves.. let the israeli fight for israel.. stop draggin the USA into service like a slave

      • I see the anti-Semites are coming out of the wood. First of all, in the entire history of the nation of Israel never for a single moment did they ever want or ask for the United States to fight for them. In fact, they do NOT want American troops to fight for them. So your argument there is a moot point.

        Second: The USS Liberty was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many times in war neutral ships get attacked. So sorry if you cannot take the truth, but then again you blame Jews for all your problems.

        Third: George H.W. Bush was wrong to stop Israel from exercising the Samson option in the Gulf War. We wouldn’t have spent 10 years in Iraq. And George W. Bush should have stepped back and allowed Israel to take out Iran. This problem would have been solved by now.

        The Israelis will fight for Israel and DO NOT WANT ANY US TROOPS TO FIGHT FOR THEM!!!! It is the Fakistinians who want Obama to send troops to fight for them. Knowing Obama, expect it to happen.

  • Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh in the above comment…just got back from watching the game…the Patriots lost (gotta take it out on somebody!)

    • Great ending to a football game!

  • cmacrider

    After watching Obama for 3 years, I can’t believe you would be surprised at the community organizer’s “naivete.” Surely you don’t think that he has the intestinal fortitude to pursue a foreign policy which is in the best interest of the U.S. and its allies if this would in any way offend the far Left?

  • Israel’s probably already fueling the planes up… or Jericho III missiles

    I would just get it over with and ignore Obama, he’s made himself strategically irrelevant with his constant drone of nonsense re Iran

  • I hope Israel blows Iran off the globe while Obama is there making a bow to Ahmadinejad with a peace treaty as Iran goes down the devil’s black hole toilet. Obama is a scumbag and an idiot if he thinks he’s fooling anyone.

    • clarkderp

      “I hope Israel blows Iran off the globe”

      you are a fine bible-believing christian following the word of Jesus.
      Jesus always encouraged us to blow our opponents off of the globe.

  • mally thioin

    The USA is 16 trillion dollars in debt.
    we cannot fight, subsidize or save anyone, we have to save ourselves at this point.

    I say we solve this by sending Norm and other like him to Israel and let them arm him and send him to the front lines as a “stomper”.

    The soviet army used stomper-platoons during ww2 to clear mine fields by stomping the ground until the mines detonated (blowing the legs off of the stomper) and cleared the way for a attack.

    Norm and his ilk can put their money and legs where their own mouth is, and we can see how brave they are when they are not sending some goys child to fight for a battle that does not involved them, and letting the goys parents pay the costs of trillions for the needless conflict..

    I am 100% for Norm and Co. going to fight and I will help fund their ticket to tel aviv.. how about it Norm?

    • You are confusing Soviet Stomper-Platoons with the IDF. Israel doesn’t use such troops, they have robots to deal with that problem. Iran gives their young boys plastic keys (Made in China) that they explain to these boys these are the Keys to Heaven, then send these boys out. (This is the difference between a modern military and those with the tactics of the 7th Century.)

      Norm would be given a 3-hour class on the latest weapons and assigned a task best suited for his skills.

    • Where do I re-up? I spent 21 years in uniform and would gladly do it all over again…not only for Mally and her ilk but for Israel and her ilk or whomever ilk’s stand for freedom…
      Who is this Mally…is that the person I saw running up to Canada on my way to Vietnam?

      • legionnaire

        Its called the IDF.. go join.

        what are you waiting for?

        You cant be real dedicated to getting into this if you need me to tell you about the IDF.. You cant join from the comfort of your barca-lounger tough guy.. get over there and join!

        Since Israel is a socialized health care state, you many not get the lifetime pension you are sucking down from US taxpayers, but you will continue to recieve your usual free socialized health care for your entire family for life, free housing, free food and all that good socialized stuff you are used to comrade.

        This time you can pay your own costs and ammo with your benefits, and save the Israelis the money, the USA taxpayer and citizen is not getting dragged into another AIPAC war at our cost, and you are their problem to take care of.. the only one in harms way for a foreign country is YOU, who advocated for it.. I like this!!!!!!!

        LET US KNOW WHEN YOUR FLIGHT LEAVES FOR ISRAEL, TOUGH GUY. Get a Hebrew language manual and cut out all those krispy kremes before the upcoming boot camp.

        • I sorry to burst your bubble but you do not receive free food, free housing and socialized bs in Israel. Those things are only given on a Kibbutz, and they are NOT free. You work for them. You are a stockholder in the Kibbutz and work for your housing, etc… Most Israelis are NOT Kibbutzim. They prefer the cities to the farm.

          While Israel does have socialized medicine. It is the very basic coverage. Most Israelis pay for Health care. They pay for the Cadillac plans. (Actually they come as a perk from an employer.)

          Your anti-Semitism is clouding your mind. AIPAC and Israel DOES NOT WANT THE UNITED STATES TO FIGHT THEIR BATTLES!!! They never did. For your information it is the Arabs who want the US to fight their battles. And you would be leading the fight right!

          While Norm can enlist (or try to) in the IDF, they would probably assign him a non-combat role. (In Israel this is called being a jobnik.) But they welcome his support here at home and his prayers for their soldiers.

        • My measly so-called lifetime pension doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for what I paid for it. Unlike Congressional pensions, all they’ve done is screw up the lives of everyone else and then they are set for life while I got shot at a couple of times (that was part of the bargain) and was fortunate that they missed. Then there’s those freeloaders, that I suspect you are, that didn’t have to do a damn thing for their monthly dependency check. Maybe if you had to sit out in the field while rockets were raining down all around you and you managed to escape the fallout you could then collect your check…do this every day for a while and see how long it takes to before you go out to work for a living.

  • He’s not naive at all.

    His mission is to isolate Israel.

    Plus, he is most focused on campaigning. Has he ever been focused on anything else?

    • Perfect – it’s all about Obama all the time. Well ABO – anybody but Obama.
      Thank you!