Ann Marie Buerkle Campaign Office Hit By Occupiers: Buerkle a Democrat Target

Democrats know naught of letting elections work honestly as intended in the Constitution. Occupiers flooded to the opening of Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle’s new campaign office for New York’s District 25. On the premises, a man was assaulted, 911 was called, and…shoes were left behind sending the message “walk a mile in my shoes,” and one with “Yes to Unemployment” scrawled on it. “Yes to unemployment!” What kind of message is that? The Lonely Conservative has the details.

Yes to Unemployment!

Buerkle has a solid conservative record with a 91.2% rank for conservatism. Naturally, she is a Democrat target in the November race, with former Congressman Dan Maffei (D), whom Buerkle beat in 2010, running again along with Democrat attorney Brianne Murphy. Maffei has already raised a lot of campaign cash.

Buerkle won the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Distinguished Leader award for 2012. She is the first woman to win election to the House from District 25. In this video, as she is announced to receive the SBA award, these are some of the accolades for Ann Marie:

She co-sponsored the Protect Life Act, The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act, The Respect for Rights of Conscience Act and the Child InterState Notification Act…After she spoke out on the House floor about defunding Planned Parenthood, The DCCC had comments about her…listen to this: she is the poster child of the radical right wing anti-choice movement…and that’s why we love [her].

Ann Marie Buerkle

One of the things Conservatives must remember in the coming months is that every vote cast in the House affects us and our families, irregardless of the state or district they represent. So if you can keep Buerkle in mind for a donation, or make one now here, I know she will appreciate it and Conservatives will thank you as well.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook