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Pro-Life activist Randall Terry is running on the Democrat ticket opposing Barack Obama for President. Ann Coulter is campaigning for, and with, him. The duo will be in my little city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on March 3rd for a private reception and fundraiser. Why Broken Arrow? I haven’t a clue, although Mr. Terry is on the Oklahoma Democrat presidential ballot with Super Tuesday just 3 days after the event. See a video below. See an update below.

Randall Terry

Broken Arrow is a bedroom community of Tulsa. My house sits just a few block outside Tulsa and inside Broken Arrow. The Arrow Heights Baptist Church (moderate in size) has rented a facility to the Terry campaign. Some think it might put the church’s tax-exempt status in jeopardy. Terry says it will not.

I believe it is accurate to say that Randall Terry is not a life-long Democrat. His campaign is about raising awareness about abortion. Here is a quote from the very Pro-Life Coulter:

If Terry were somehow to beat Obama in the Democratic primary, she said, she “might be torn” between Romney and Terry in the general election.

Terry has stood outside abortion clinics and “stayed put” until he was arrested in protest – many times. His profile within the Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion is controversial, especially for his extremely graphic Pro-Life videos. Terry has said the videos “are designed to suppress votes for Obama, and intended to cause nightmares.” I haven’t watched them all, but you can see one below.  The video that really got my intention is one addressed to Pro-Life supporters on his website. There is no code to grab, but a small snippet of the transcript follows – and gives a good image of where Terry is going with his campaign.

Think of Emmet Till. He was murdered in 1955. He was 14 years old. His Mother left his coffin open at his funeral so that the whole world could see his beaten and disfigured face. Pictures of his horrifyingly beaten face were sent all over America and the world.

When Rosa Parks was ordered to move to the back of the bus, she almost did but she later said she decided to stay put, to not move because of the picture in her head of Emmett Till lying in that coffin.

Or think of the Vietnam War. Think of the images of children and other civilians being killed and think of the waves of outrage and protest here in America that resulted in public support for the war collapsing.

Other movements such as the abolitionists, those who fought against child labor, the entire Civil Rights Movement, those fighting anti-Semitism. They all used and continue to use horrific images of victims to sway public opinion in their favor.

Think of South Africa, the images of Blacks being abused by the Government. Those images helped to bring apartheid to an end and the law was changed…

We too must show the images. We will not agree with the abortionists to hide their images. That’s what the abortion industry wants.

We are going to let their broken bodies testify to their humanity and to their unalienable right to life…

Where will the ads run?

Terry’s campaign has placed about 100 television spots in Oklahoma markets, including stations in Amarillo and Wichita Falls, Texas, and Fort Smith, Ark., which reach into Oklahoma.

Because of Federal Communications Commission rules, most stations are required to accept Terry’s graphic and sometimes grisly advertisements featuring dead and dismembered fetuses.

A long-time Republican with no real aspirations for the presidency, Terry says his campaign is strictly about denying President Barack Obama a second term and promoting his own anti-abortion message…

Terry said getting “6 to 7 percent” of the Oklahoma vote would be enough “to show the Democratic National Committee I can cause defections based solely on dead babies and Obama’s tyranny.”

My mother is a registered Democrat although she has voted Republic for many, many years. She will want to cast a primary vote for Randall Terry.

I really don’t watch local stations, so I can’t say whether they are running in the Tulsa area yet. Oklahoma is the reddest state among all states. Every single county went for McCain. America, you can’t blame any of today’s woes on us (yes, we’re listed as the 7th fattest state here, and sometimes we’re said to be the No. 1 fattest state, but I don’t believe it. It’s all political payback for being so very red).

The Randall Terry and Ann Coulter event will be held March 3rd at Arrow Heights Baptist Church, 3201 S. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74012. See a map here. If you know the area, the church is just north of 101st Street on Elm Place (known to Tulsan’s as 161st East Avenue). If the video disappears or does not play, view it here. UPDATE: I saw a Terry Tweet saying he was meeting with 40 Oklahoma pastors yesterday, February 23. He asked for prayers. While prayers now might be late, they would never be too late. Funny story: on the announcement that you can view here, in my Chrome browser, it asks if I would like the page translated. Maybe the prayer requests and the pleas to save our children are just too strange??? UPDATE: My friend Ran at Si Vis Pacem has a short but magnificent little essay on “invasive ultrasounds,” and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. Read it here.

UPDATE 2-18-11: From a Randall Terry brochure:

Here are ten concrete goals

We have for this campaign:


1) Show aborted babies to millions of Americans on uncensored TV ads;

2) Save babies from abortion as young pregnant women see these ads;

3) Create crisis of conscience in voters; i.e. we must protect babies with our vote;

4) Drive child killing to center stage of the political arena;

5) Breath fresh vision, momentum, and passion into the pro-life movement;

6) Define afresh the goal of pro-life movement: i.e., make child killing illegal from conception till birth, including all chemical abortifacients used against the unborn;

7) Create social tension; i.e., MLK and civil rights, to help make child killing illegal;

8) Recruit others to run for U.S. House and Senate now and in the future;

9) Take attention off Roe; focus on Personhood agenda in the several states, as well as a federal law to outlaw child killing in all fifty states, invoking article III, section 2 of the constitution, to forbid judicial review of federal law protecting the unborn;

10) And finally, to try to cause President Obama’s defeat in general election of 2012.

Randall Terry – One of Numerous Pro-Life Videos

  • Alright … go Randall Terry. Beat Obama.

    Thanks Maggie … tell the world.

  • This sounds interesting..sure to stir the pot.

  • I think this is one of those electoral situations that is destined to amke a statement but not much else. If the ‘candidate’ can sway votes from the anointed one more power to him. Other than that all I can say is, hey Maggie, you can give more credit to OK than that. Being conservative is a good thing. The founders’ were. 🙂

  • ABO – ABO – ABO – Anybody But Obama! RAH RAH RAH get the usurper out of the WH, anyway you can, whatever it takes!!!!!!!!

  • To any, all interested. I work on Randall’s team. If you wd like to help us distribute literature throughout Tulsa and the whole state, please call me at 202-531-7547. The unborn babies are worth it. Consider the embarrassment we can cause Obama, and consider the momentum we cd build to help bring Obama’s defeat in the general, in the crucial swing states.

  • That is wonderful, praying for U. We want a WIN/WIN for the unborn and America. Keeping the faith!

  • kent

    Will he be on the ballot in Texas? It would be my first vote for a Dem, and my first election vote was 1972