Ann Coulter CPAC 2012: Jakarta Charm Won’t Get Jobs Back – Pretty Girls Always Conservative Video Transcript

The following is a loose transcript of Ann Coulter’s remarks at CPAC. Her bottom line warning is that Independents will settle the next election, and Independents will not vote for Newt Gingrich. Women will not vote for Newt Gingrich. Santorum and Paul are never mentioned. After what we know of Obama, how can an Independent cast a ballot for Barack Obama, for any reason? In the question and answer session, Coulter is asked how being female and Conservative goes together. Her answer is every “real” female is Conservative, and all pretty girls are definitely Conservative. See the video below.

Ann Coulter

She laudes Chris Christie as the only politician to come along with in a generation willing to speak the truth. She doesn’t mention that Christie appointed the second Muslim to the New Jersey Superior Court, even though the legislature tried to stop him. She didn’t mention that Christie believes being in this country illegally is not ilegal.

Begin loose, partial transcript:

The lowest unemployment numbers occurred the day Obama took office. 7.6% the day he took office. Next month 8.1%.

Obama is going to be very difficult to beat this year. No. 1 he is an incumbent. No. 2 American’s keep telling pollsters they like him personally. They don’t like his policies, but they like him personally. He’s our first Black President, and NFM, the non-Fox Media, is ga-ga about him. Obama isn’t mauckish like Carter. He isn’t sleazy like Clinton, he’d probably make a lovely next door neighbor, unless you are Chinese, then he’d be constantly borrowing stuff.  [Huge applause.]

Voters with 40 years of politically correct education are estatic that we have the first Black President. They just love the idea of it, even if we did get “Flavor Flav” and not Thomas Sowell.

When is it going to be correct in this country to say that we elected a man because of the color of his skin. I’m talking of course, about John Boehner…

Republicans have managed to defeat a sitting president only twice in the last 100 years, 1912 and 1980 with Ronald Reagan. That’s why I said from this stage a year ago that I thought Chris Christie is the only one who could beat Obama.

I’m pessimistic, or I was more pessimistic to think about any Republican beating Obama, and Christie is the kind of politician who comes around only once in a generation. Like Reagan, he speaks the truth, directly, boldly, like no one else will, taking on the evil empire of our day, by which I mean, the public sector unions. But despite my Herculean efforts, Christie has decided not to run – now he won’t even return my calls. I thought we had something special Governor.

But since last year, Obama has gotten worse and Romney has gotten a lot better. I assume you’ve been watching the debates, and I think Romney’s been practicing and he’s a lot better in these debates than he was in 2008, and I supported him then.

Meanwhile, Independents are fleeing Obama…if you saw the recent polls, it looks like he is not headed for re-election. No amount of that Jakarta charm is going to get people their jobs back.

This time he’s got to run on his record. If you remember when Ronald Reagan ran on his record in 1984, Saturday Night Live did a sketch of Reagan in his War Room, or rather Mondale in his War Room and they’re looking at it District by District and which one they Mondale could take. Then they pulled back from the map and all you see is just a map of Minnesota. So that’s what happens when Reagan runs on his record.

The only people calling for hope and change are us.

Since I’ve been up here talking, Obama has hired other hard-core Lefties to install in government bureaucracies, where they can dream-up new things to tax or regulate.

You hear it all the time. This is the most important election because this is the only shot we have to repeal ObamaCare.

If it is not repealed by the next administration, that’s it. It is here to stay. People start receiving their treats…American begins it’s inexorable decline – Western Europe without the charming cafes and cobble-stoned streets.

So, who are you willing to stake the future of our country on? Who is going to appeal to the most Independents because, if we are betting the future of this country on Newt Gingrich not being repellent to Independents, I want my money back. I’m not taking that bet.

On election day, every stupid woman in the country will be driving to the polls, sobbing because she is afraid of Newt Gingrich.

I too enjoy people who annoy the media. I am that person, but this is a presidential election to decide the future of the country. To stake everything on alienating Independents and get nothing out of it accomplishes nothing. Keep your eye on the prize, right-wingers. The only question you should keep asking yourself, is who will have the most appeal to Independents, to undecideds, to my gender.

When Reagan ran and was the first to take out a sitting president in 100 years, he did not run against Jimmy Carter by calling him a Socialist. He didn’t call him a Kenyan colonialist, he didn’t call him a radical. He didn’t say anything about Carter. He said Carter’s policies have failed. That’s how he took out a sitting president the first time in 100 years.

I feel like the Godfather asking for Luca Brasi, nothing fancy. Just get the job done.

We know how Democrats will run against us. There will no surprises. They will call us dumb or call us stupid. One candidate who frustrates one of those is Mitt Romney. You can’t call him dumb. You can’t call him crazy. You can call him square and that’s what a lot of right-wingers don’t like about him. You ask them…well, I don’t know. He’s kind of a Ken-doll. He’s kind of stiff.

I think we’ve had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let’s try square for awhile.

Questions from the audience begin at about 8:45-in.

Asked how she can be both female and conservative: I think all real females are all right-wingers. Based on experience, all pretty girls are right-wingers.

Pretty girls may have no politics, but you cannot tell with men. It’s very frustrating. Some of my male friends have hair to their dierre, and tattoos up-and-down their arms. Some seem like perfectly lovely young men. Girls…pretty girl is walking toward your table…you know she’s a fan! The reason Liberal women are Liberal is because they have to date Liberal men. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner – we see how they treat Liberal women…

End my informal, partial transcript

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