Animal Rights Drone Shot Down Taking Photos Over Private Property: Mikrokopter Bain of Privacy?

An animal rights organization used a small hand-controlled drone, referred to as a Mikrokopter, to try to photograph hunters shooting pigeons on private property at Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday near Ehrhardt, South Carolina. It appears it is illegal to shoot pigeons in South Carolina, but if so, it is daunting to think that anyone can send a drone over your private property to take photos. Why not just call the police or sheriff first to protect the privacy of property owners?


In most areas of the U.S. pigeons are considered nongame birds and are protected. It appears that is the case in South Carolina. In this video you can hear the shots. According to SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), the little helicopter crashed on the highway with damage of about $200-$300. Police filed a “malicious damage” report. No mention of a privacy invasion report filed.

The business of using drone-type spy devices is becoming all-too-common. Remember the North Dakota couple, Rodney and Susan Brossert, who refused to return three cows that wandered onto their 3000-acre property? An unmaned Air Force or Border Patrol  drone was reportedly sent over their property to spy on the family, considered to be anti-government types. There was a 16-hour armed-standoff between law enforcement and the Brosserts. They were eventually arrested and the cows and their calves were returned to the owners.

Using a handheld device that picked up the video camera footage from the spy plane, Sheriff Janke was able to watch the movements of everyone on the farm.

During an 16-hour standoff, the sheriff and his deputies waited until they could see the remaining Brossarts put down their weapons. Then, dressed in SWAT gear, they stormed the compound and arrested the three Brossart sons. No shots were fired.

The Brosserts may be an unusual case, but I believe we are looking at our future – especially when you consider the little, affordable, Mikrokopter. It is my opinion that we are on the road to aerial spying being a part of business as usual – not just by law enforcement but by your neighbors as well.

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