Andrew Breitbart Cenk Uygur Interview: Breitbart Holds Occupiers to Same Standard as Left Holds Tea Party

Occupiers gathered outside the CPAC 2012 gathering in Washington D.C. Andrew Breitbart was attending the conference. He walked outside and was faced with Occupiers who were chanting and trying to keep people, the elderly and children among them, from leaving CPAC. Breitbart chanted back “stop behaving badly” and “stop raping people.” Cenk Uygur of Current TV (Al Gore) interviews Breitbart and intimates that Breitbart was out-of-line and is unfair to the Occupy movement. Good Democrat that Young Turk Uygur is, he uses the word “fair” several times. Uygur even ventures into zombie land when he tells Breitbart “those people” (the Tea Party) spit on the Congressmen.” You’ll remember during the protests against ObamaCare on Capitol, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver claimed he was “spat upon.” Breitbart eventually had access to the many videos that day that show that he was not “spat upon,” by the Tea Party or anyone else that day. Breitbart tells Cenk he is holding the Occupy Movement to the same standard as you hold the Tea Party.  Quite a confrontation in this video.

The continued charges that a Tea Partier ‘spit and hit’ Cleaver is dishonest. The Left knows it. It is true that a man with his hands cupped to yell at Cleaver as he walked by may have sent some spittle Cleaver’s way, but you can see from this video that the man was not intending to “spit and hit” the Congressman.

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart with Cenk Uygur Current TV (video)

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  • Ran

    I dig Breitbart’s attitude. There is something very American about Andrew’s take-no-BS. I wish more of us had it.


    • Ran, you said that so well. He is always so energized. I loved when he yelled at the crowd, “behave yourself” or something very close to that. He was wound tight in that interview and it served him well.