American Treasure Dead Gone: Iraq Aids Iran WorkAround Sanctions

Iraq and Iran have set up a joint shipping line between the two countries to assist Iran in getting around sanctions from the West. Then there are the 905+ miles of border – the perfect smuggling route for forbidden goods. Some 4,000 of America’s brother’s and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and dads, spouses and lovers – the life blood and treasure of America, died to have the Iraqi democracy partner-up with Iran. Shia and Shia join to defeat Israel and the U.S. It will always be so. It is a lesson we must absorb as we wipe away the futile tears for years to come.

Nouri al-Maliki, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Carl at Israel Matzav notes not only were 4,000 American deaths followed up with an unholy union to help Iran survive sanctions, but the first piece of legislation from the Iraqi ‘democratic’ parliament was to ban travel to Israel. 

The Guardian

Iran is also supporting these smuggling activities by opening private banks in Iraq and front companies in the UAE and Iraq – some of which are owned by Lebanese, Iraqi, and Syrian citizens – which purchase banned goods on the market, legally ship them from the UAE to Iraq, and then smuggle them through various land routes into Iran.

It is also interesting that as the Iranian currency has come under pressure, some of the front companies in Iraq have entered the currency trade by purchasing US dollars from Iraq’s central bank and selling them to both Iran and Syria. This is why there has been a “sharp spike” in demand for US dollars in Iraq in recent weeks…

Finally and most importantly, years of excessive focus on internal defence at the expense of external defence have led to a situation where Iraqi armed forces are proving incapable of defending Iraq’s borders. Corruption at ports of entry is widespread, the Iraqi border police are poorly trained and badly equipped, and suffer from poor leadership. Iranian forces effectively control the border on both sides and thus the flow of goods is largely unimpeded.

On the bright side, in December as the last (almost) U.S. troops left Iraq, Barack Obama said he look forward to the new coming “equal partnership” with Iraq. Right. And thousands of returning troops lives have changed in horrific ways. We have to ask for what. Many thanks to Grumpy Opinions and America Stands With Israel.

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