American Officers Shot in Back of Head in Kabul: Shooters Believed to be Afghan Security

Two American advisers, one a Colonel and one a Major, were shot in the back of the head today by someone wearing an Afghan security uniform, inside the Interior Ministry’s conference room. The shooter has not been detained. Both men are dead. “All NATO personnel are being recalled from Afghan ministries,” whatever that means. Withdrawn to where is not clear. UPDATE – they are being recalled to “their safe housing areas” in and around Kabul, according to al-Jazeera. How safe can they be when al-Jazeera knows where they are? That news source is reporting the two men were found dead in their offices. A keypad code was required to gain entry, and a further report that the only persons with the code would be translators. No one witnessed the murders.

In the past, Western military advisers were told to operate cautiously after such incidents, but Allen’s decision represents the first time a commander has publicly withdrawn his personnel from their posts for fear of attacks by men in Afghan uniforms…

The Taliban promptly asserted responsibility for the attack, saying the shooter was an insurgent who had infiltrated the Afghan security forces. Source

In the meantime, our troops are eating and sleeping with Afghan military after losing two soldiers this week to murder by the Afghans they are training and supplying with weapons. The violent outbreaks at Bagram AF Base this week is blamed on the burning of Korans used to secret messages among Muslim prisoners. We have apologized until it is shameful – many times now. We have groveled. The more we apologize, the more frantic and hysterical the protests.

Can anyone explain how so many of our Military are under NATO control?

UPDATE: SPON blogs that in WWI and WWII, when surely Holy Books from various religions were blown up, and who knows what else, no one ever apologized. Good piece. Read it here.

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  • These killers are such cowards..

    • David, yes they are. It’s the Muslim male mindset.

  • I found a way to feel good, get my revenge on Muslims and do it legally. Burn a Koran Online. No ashes, no residue, no mess. Just Burn a Koran Online and let the website take the risk. Very anonymous too. Remember for all your Koran Burning needs just go to Burn a Koran Online. You’ll feel a million times better. Burn a Koran Online!

    • Thanks findalis. The next video game will be burn a Bible.

  • Obama has issued an apology to Afghanistan for the burning of the Korans. The Pentagon sent Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asia and Pacific security affairs, who groveled and apologized multiple times at a Mosque in Washington, DC. Never once have I read of Afghanistan or these Muslims in DC apologizing for the murder of two of our soldiers.

    I guess this Colonel and Major are just “ho-humm” when it comes to appeasing Muslims.

    • Bob, yes it’s disgraceful that we don’t stand for our soldiers. It happened under Bush as well. We have been so cowed for freeing the people – enabling young girls to go to school, removing Saddam’s vulgar and despicable sons from the earth where they can no longer summons young girls to his palace. Now in Afghanistan, trying to free the people from the Poppy Lords. Honestly, I want us out of every Muslim country. I want us to never go back, including over their air space. I don’t want our country to ever again try to help anyone clinging to the Koran, because they cannot be helped. I pity them. They need to leave Islam or rebel and take down their tyrants.

      • I agree 200%. We need to get out of those countries and never lift a finger to help them unless they shed that 7th century religion. The guy that shot these officers had the combination to the room. That tells me he probably worked there and knew these officers, probably on a personal basis. This scum bag murdered these men over something they had nothing to do with.

        • Bob as you probably already know, These same scumbags probably wipe their smelly bottoms with pages from their Korans. Never mind that the Korans burned were already defiled by the prisoners, when they wrote on the pages. We need to go after these murderers and damn the countries.. we need to bring these jerks to God.

    • BobF, love the gun porn. Did you post it?

      • On occasion I’ll post one but Vilmar posts most of it.

        • Okay, I understand now. Thanks:-) Link them anytime here.

  • I don’t know about you, but I am about tired of the apologies. I am thinking it’s about time we used a very big stick to get our point across.

    • I totally agree, its the only language many seem to understand

    • LD, we need the big stick today. Instead we have apologies.The only big stick in this administration is used to lash free enterprise, American exceptionalism, free speech and freedom of religion. We are in dire circumstances in this country. I watched retired General Keane this morning in an interview, a very disappointing interview. I see these attitudes throughout the Military. God help us, please.

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  • One can only imagine the fallout from US troops had this
    occurred in WWll. Of course, we had leadership from the
    Commander in Chief as well as the (Non PC sensitive) Generals.

    To which I leave you

    • Spon.. in WW2, we had Democrats who at least had back bone, and believed that a dead enemy was a good enemy. Never mind the course they were trying to lead this country was the beginning of an all powerful government. You’d never see FDR or Truman bowing to anyone or apologizing to any countries leader who’s soldiers had shot our own. You’d get a different reaction from Truman.

    • Great points made in your article. I’ve linked in mine.

  • You know Maggie.. it just occurred to me, as I was responding to Spon.. We have Democrats who say over and over that we should arrest the enemies of this country and give them a fair trial.. Where are these same Democrats now? Why are they not demanding the arrest of those who killed our men in cold blood? I mean if a Cristian Zealot killed our soldiers here in this country or anywhere in the world.. wouldn’t they rightfully demand the arrest of those responsible? Why do we treat these Muslim murderers any different. Where is our resolve and our sense of justice here. I want these killers on trial. In fact I demand that they face justice. Maybe if we started “getting a pair” when these cowards shoot our officers and enlisted men in the back of their heads, and they knew that justice would seek them out and punish them, maybe these religious cowards would think twice before doing that. We need justice and retribution. I’m tired of the religious cowards running this world.

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