Alls Not Lost When a College Freshman Blogs and Compiles a List of Conservative Bloggers

Kent McCarty is a freshman at The University of Southern Mississippi. He blogs at The Dysfunction Junction and in his own words, he says he “prays daily that the American people come to their senses in November.” Many of us are praying the same prayer. Encouraging is that Kent is saying his prayers at a university. This is the future and the hope for our Nation. No doubt he has Conservative friends on his college campus, and no doubt they will make a difference to the futures of my children and yours. He is compiling a list of Conservative Bloggers, as a “useful tool” for both bloggers and readers.

This is a huge project, and there is something you can do to help. Who would not want to help a Conservative college student. Stop by The Dysfunction Junction to see if your blog is already listed, and if not, just read the post and follow the directions. If you are a reader and have a great blog that you love and think deserves to be on the list, drop a link in comments. If you are a Liberal troll, don’t even think about it. You won’t fool Kent.

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