Algae Development $14M: Krauthammer – US the Saudia Arabia of Rock-Loving Algae

This is the Krauthammer I love. With the announcement from Obama that he will commit $14 MILLION dollars to the development of algae to stimulate the growth of said algae,  and today Forbes tells us you and I have already spent $25 MILLION on Florida company, Alganol Biofuels. Krauthammer explains for those of us unlikely to grasp the enormity of this opportunity (PETA is protesting – you won’t believe this one). See the video below and a few snippets of Krauthammer’s remarks.

You can grow algae anywhere on earth…it grows in oceans, lakes, ponds, in snow, in ice, on soil, on turtles, sloths, the bark of trees and rocks. Now why are we drilling for oil? Algae is the Saudia Arabia of rocks. We have a mountain range called the Rockies and we are allowing ourselves to be dominated by these oil producers.

Why would you build a pipeline, the Keystone Pipeline, that will bring oil from Canada, to put in real refineries, to put in real existing cars, when you can do algae? I think he’s on to something revolutionary. ~ Charles Krauthammer

Obama’s vision is indeed awesome. As President-Elect, he announced he would ply $150 BILLION of taxpayer monies into clean energy over the next ten years. What he didn’t say is, he won’t allow the private sector to do much, with their own dollars, in oil, natural gas, or clean coal. By September 2011, $17.2 BILLION that we know about, had been spent on failed programs. Failure after failure is known today. Here is a handy-dandy guide to Obama’s energy-cheat sheet.

Think about the economic opportunities for your pond scum, cancel your poolboy, harvest your aquarium.

Krauthammer – America is the Saudia Arabia of Rocks

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