Alan Rosenfeld NY Teacher: Conduct Unbecoming a Teacher – Paid $100000 Annually – Hasn’t Been in Classroom for 10 Years

The Department of Education protects their own deviants, and compensates them hundreds of thousands of dollars for their behavior. Former teacher Alan Rosenfeld is one of them. It’s the way the union contract works. Roland Pierre is another one. See that story below as well.

Alan Rosenfeld

Alan Rosenfeld hasn’t set foot in a classroom for nearly a decade, since he was accused in 2001 of making lewd comments to junior-high girls and “staring at their butts,” yet the department still pays him handsomely for sitting on his own butt seven hours a day.

In 2001, six eighth-graders at IS 347 in Queens accused Rosenfeld, a typing teacher who filled in for an absent dean, of making comments like “You have a sexy body,” asking one whether she had a boyfriend and making others feel uncomfortable with creepy leers…

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has kept the scruffy 64-year-old in a Brooklyn rubber room, deeming him too dangerous to be near kids, officials said.
The DOE can’t fire him.

“We have to abide by the union contract,” spokeswoman Ann Forte said.
So Rosenfeld simply collects his $100,049 salary — top scale for teachers — plus full health benefits and the promise of a fat pension, about $82,000 a year if he were to retire today.

His pension will grow by $1,700 each year he remains. He could have retired at age 62, but he stays.

He has also accumulated more than 200 sick days — and will get paid for 100 when he retires.

With city teachers trying to negotiate a 4 percent pay hike, Rosenfeld stands to get the raise. Source New York Post

Rosenfeld, 66, sits in the “rubber room” daily and works on his law practice and real estate holdings valued at $7.8 MILLION.

New York Post editorial:

Look who’s still stinkin’ up the joint: Alan Rosenfeld, the longtime “teacher” the Department of Education believes is a serial pervert and a threat to children — but whom the city can’t fire…

Just yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg agonized over ways to make him a productive employee: “We could use him in the city to help us with our real estate. He’s a city employee after all, he’s getting paid.”

Remember Roland Pierre? New York PS 138?

A New York PS 138 teacher molested a sixth grade student. He, Roland Pierre, was arrested on felony charges, which were apparently dropped on a “technicality.” The Board of Education refused to fire him, so for 13 years he has whiled-away his time in the “Rubber Room,” whatever and wherever that is, and received full pay, health insurance and vacations, and of course, his pension. Now 75-years-old, he receives $97,101 annually “for a job he hasn’t done in 13 years.”

Roland Pierre PS 138 Teacher

Listen to the GOP candidates. Get rid of the Department of Education. A government entity that allows a union to protect child predators needs demolishing. Let’s start over again and give the power to the state where you live, where you, the parent, have a true measure of power. If you live in New York, think of Rosenfeld and Pierre while standing in the grocery checkout – paying exorbitant inflated prices for your produce and funding child predators, or writing a check for school-sponsored fund raising and…funding deviants. Hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars going to perverts. If your child goes to one of these two schools, how about every family pulling their student(s) out of the school. Just empty the classrooms. Do something.

Rosenfeld Photo Credit: J.C. Rice

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  • Catwoman

    That’s insane… I’m a natural born liberal woman but I can’t show any tolerance to these perverts. They should be sit in a prison not on their own butts for that salary. I just got upset.

    • Nothing was ever proven against Alan, and a recent investigation was closed. The problem is that Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his public school CEO, Joel Klein, did not properly oversee the process of throwing tenured employees out of their jobs, and Alan and Roland are prime examples of the errors that no one has fixed. There are hundreds more people whose stories are out there to be told who have been the victims of the mismanagement of NYC tenured workers.

      • Betsy Combier, I have no first hand knowledge of this story, which it appears you do have, but if what you say is true, why didn’t these men sue the DE themselves. Who would want this on their record?

        • NYC is in the prison of fear right now. Roland and Alan dont have damages, as they are still being paid, but hundreds of teachers who are now and have been in the same predicament are suing. The question people should be asking is this: how did this happen, and how can this be stopped so that it never happens again? “This” is the random, arbitrary and capricious denial of due process and Constitutional rights. Mayor of NYC Bloomberg left nothing to chance, and set up the education system here which throws teachers out of a classroom for any and no reason. The kids are left without an education, and their scores reflect this.

          • Betsy, what you are saying is Alan and Roland are getting paid, so they didn’t sue? If they decide to go to court, they will have due process and nothing will be left to the school system or the Mayor.

            The “damages” would be the loss of their good name and reputation, as well as a job.

            • once they stop getting paid, or can prove that they received damages from the articles, then they can sue. They both need to prove that the actions of the DOE harmed them, in order to create a cause of action. So far, I dont see it. But I do know alot about this stuff – see

              • Betsy, thanks for the link. I see a lot of good information there. I’ll spend some time reading your material. If children accuse a teacher of sexually inappropriate behavior, and the DOE removes that teacher, forever, from the classroom, it’s difficult to believe an innocent teacher has not been harmed, no matter how much they are being paid.

                As I said I’ll read more, and thanks again for your sources.

              • Betsy, can you direct me to your story about Miramonte Elementary in LA. I can’t find it. Thanks.

                • Betsy, for some reason I am getting your comments through email but they are not posting here in comments. I’ve checked spam and they are not there.

                  Anyway, I just linked your Parent Advocate in my article on Miramonte.

    • Catwoman, there are many “rubber rooms” around Departments of Educations across the country. Just two stories here. Very, very sad. Thanks for commenting.

  • Outrage!

    As a teacher of homeschoolers, I work for less than 1/2 what a public school teacher with one year’s experience works. And I work my butt off. My students get scholarships, get perfect scores on their SAT’s, etc.

    The damage that teachers’ unions due is beyond tallying up.

    • AOW, I knew you were a teacher. Are you saying you teach homeschoolers to teach their own children or are there now homeschool environments that are not at home? I know your blog work, and can’t imagine your students doing anything less than excelling.

      • Maggie,
        As a contracted teacher, I teach classes of homeschool students. The size of the classes is quite small, usually no more than 12 students even in the largest class.

        The courses I offer are in areas that parents can sometimes do an adequate job but not the kind of level that will get their children partial or full scholarships: advanced composition, foreign language, and SAT verbal prep, to mention three areas. I give high school credits for these courses, and all colleges (including UVA, military academies, Catholic University, etc.) accept my credits — whereas sometimes these institutions of higher learning balk at accepting credits taught by parents.

        I don’t spend a lot of time in the classroom. But the prep and the time grading papers! Surreal! Typically, I prep at least 10 hours for a literature unit on a classic, and we do four classics a year — in addition to portions of a textbook. Our readings this year: Silas Marner, Hamlet, Paradise Lost, and A Tale of Two Cities. Literary analysis essays are required for a least two of those classic works.

        My pay is terrible! I don’t have a lot of enrollees as these courses are academically rigorous. If we don’t get more enrollees for the 2012-2013 term, I’ll have to find another job. **sigh**

  • Mr. AOW

    That second guy looks like a crack addict.

    • Mr. AOW, so nice to finally meet you:-) Yes Roland looks like a perverted crack addict.

  • Maggie,
    Have you seen this story about the LA school replacing the entire staff because of lewdness?

    • AOW, thank you! I’m late but am putting it up today.