Afghan Soldiers Sell Weapons, Give Territory to Taliban: Bring Our Troops Home – Never Again!

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has this story of Afghan soldiers handing over hard-fought for, and died for territory to the Taliban, and selling vehicles and weapons to them as well. The Obama administration is negotiating with them. If we have learned any lesson, let it be that we strike Islam when they strike us. We strike hard, we hurt them in a big way and we come home immediately. To keep that focus, let us remember that there will NEVER be freedom under the rule of Islam. We cannot give freedom to anyone in any Islamic country. Only God can do that. While it was heartening to see the ‘freed’ peoples of Iraq voting in a democratic election, it was only a cruel illusion. Islam will never allow democracy in any fashion. We need prayers for the people, for their God given right to move outside of Islam, because within Islam, there is no freedom, and we can do nothing to change that reality.

The die is cast. Our Military has sacrificed everything. Let’s bring them home now. We cannot save what has already been lost.

Outside of immediate and brutal retaliation for any attack on Americans, Muslims must learn to live the faith they have chosen. In that learning, they need to know there will be no Western help. Muslims have no control of their jihadists. We have no control of their jihadists, except to kill them. Let us do that, and let those freely bearing the yolk of Islam live their lives and make their choices, knowing that when they kill us, we will kill them. It’s that simple. Prayer, but nothing more. God save the children.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Why am I not surprised at this travesty?

  • It was folly to believe we could change those people. Their loyalties will naturally always be to their fellow Pashtuns, not us or our ideals.

    • Silver, yes. Too bad the women are never consulted.

  • michigan

    They will never stop, they will never relent. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. This will most likely come down to the Taliban enjoying mushrooms in their couscous; unfortunately only after an American holocaust has occurred.

  • moishe

    they are covering Israels flanks by acting as meatshield targets to occupy mujahedeen.

    they must stay where they are permanently the security of israel demands it.

    they are given surf and turf feasts at the halliburton canteen on thurdays, and have mini burger kings and mini dairy queens and pizza huts run by sri lankans to feed them their dose of junk food so they have no complaints.

    they need to stay and protect israels flank with their lives.

  • Maggie …

    I wish Congress would read your words of wisdom. The truth is the truth.