Act of Valor Hollywood Premiere: SEAL Team Parachute Drop Zone The Sunset Strip

Froggy at BlackFive attended the Act of Valor Hollywood premiere at the Arclight Theater (where you can reserve your seat if you want to pay a little more). A team of Navy parachuters used Sunset Boulevard as a DropZone. See that video below. There was an after party. Who do you think was the biggest star of the night? None other than Tim Tebow. Read all the details of spending an evening the SEALs and their families at BlackFive.

Act of Valor Premiere - Drop Zone Sunset Blvd.

While there, you’ll read about two of Froggy’s friends who started a Bible Study based on the SEAL code. From their website, Life of Valor, they walk you through the code that SEALs live by and teach you how to apply it to your faith. Wow. These two men and their video left me breathless – it’s for men, but it was worth a watch for me. Don’t we all aspire to live a life of valor? Don’t we all know that life can begin today?

Welcome to Life of Valor. This resource has been created by actual Navy SEALs for men who want to live more honorable lives. The SEALs that protect our country live by a code. This resource will challenge you to create your own code and apply it to your life. You will be able to see the codes of other men as well as create your own. You can begin your journey by watching the full resource in the video player located on the left. Pastor’s and group leaders can download the full resource and conversation guide by clicking “Start Your Journey Now.” Get ready to change your life.

Here’s the Sunset Strip landing. Enjoy. Read my review of Act of Valor here.

SEALs Land on Hollywood Boulevard – Premiere of Act of Valor (video)

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  • Got the tears again.. thanks so much.. lol Wow.. we didn’t have that kind of premiere in Bozeman Montana.. I arrived, walked in, bought my ticket, and sat down.. that was it.. lol Amazing movie.

    • I haven’t seen the film but someone told me that Hollywood blamed the entire plot line on the Mossad. Can you confirm or deny that?

      • findalis, I have no idea. First time I’ve heard it, but if they did, it’s a really, really stupid thing to put out. But I’m not surprised. From what I know, the Navy and the Pentagon took three real SEAL missions and merged them into a storyline.

    • If we had a ‘premiere’ in Tulsa, I missed it too, but I did get my tickets online – just in case. I think it did very well in Tulsa theaters, but our commie newspaper movie critic isn’t touching it – makes me want to curse!

  • Oh, man. I wish I had known. Hollywood is a 1-hour drive from me. Looks like lots of fun. I LOVE the SEALs!

    • Opus, I am so grateful that they are having a big weekend take.

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