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Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner was in the room with Newt and Calista Gingrich in Coeur d’Alene,

Newt and Calista Gingrich

Idaho. She has some comments about Calista, whom we usually only see on stage for a brief few minutes, if not seconds. I thought it was interesting. You might too. See the photos and read it at Adrienne’s place.

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    One of my sister’s attended a dinner with Newt and Calista (20 people) in California. She ended up sitting next to Calista and got to talk to her and Newt all evening. She only had really nice things to say about her too, she said it was a wonderful evening!

  • Thanks for the link. I’m doing a bit of a follow up with a pic of Callista from Wiki where her hair is a bit looser. I like it much better.

  • All I can say is Callista can have Newt.

  • Callista recently published a children’s book about America, “Sweet Land of Liberty”. I got it for my kids and they love it (my kids are 4 & 7 years old). If you know young kids, I highly recommend the book as a good introduction to our history, it is done in rhyme and the illustrations are adorable.

    I would much prefer Callista Gingrich or Karen Santorum as our First Lady over the hostile, disgraceful, selfish, classless national embarrassment we have now.

  • That is really nice but Callista can still have Newt, LOL