Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway: Haul Oil From Canada Sans Pipeline

Buffet’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe railcars are in a position to transport oil from Canada to the U.S. if the Keystone XL Pipeline is not built. I’m not saying this has anything to do with Obama’s insane rejection of the project. I love railroads. I am grateful for them. If the Keystone XL is not built, Canada is perusing selling the crude to China, but in this lawless administration, everything is on the table for consideration, especially donors and bundlers and voices that bear weight with microphones – such as Warren Buffet’s.

“Whatever people bring to us, we’re ready to haul,” Krista York-Wooley, a spokeswoman for Burlington Northern, a unit of Buffett’s Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc., told Bloomberg News. If Keystone XL “doesn’t happen, we’re here to haul,” she said. Source Washington Time.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook