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This has almost left me speechless. Evangelist and former mega-church pastor, Ted Haggard and his wife Gayle appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap with Gary Busey and his “spiritual wife,” and fiancee, Stephanie Samson. I’m reading that this was a “faith-infused” segment of wife swapping. I’ve seen Gayle Haggard interviewed several times since her famous husband was caught with a male prostitute. She truly seemed to be a woman who was doing the best she could with the awful truth of her marriage, and decided she would not leave, but would be a real helpmate to him, and do it for her family. I respected her for her decision and for the way she explained it. Gary Busey is from my home town of Tulsa. You already know there are many Gary Busey stories. Here’s another. See the video below.

Ted and Gayle Haggard, Gary Busey, Stephanie Samson and "Luke"

The Washington Post (read the whole story here):

Viewers saw the Haggard and Busey families exchange religious beliefs — “I am a church,” Busey said, explaining why he shuns organized religion. Samson attended to the needs of the Haggard family and their five children, who she said are still hurting from the fallout of the scandal.

What the family went through, Ted Haggard admitted, was “very embarrassing, heart-wrenching.”

He added: “I just wanted to die, and we have been working to survive it.”

Comparing Haggard’s own life’s arc to the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Haggards explained that they felt called “to resurrect in Colorado Springs.”

During their time in seclusion, Gayle shared, “one day God spoke to [Ted] while he was trying to sell insurance. He was driving. [God] said, ‘When you were 28 years old, I called you to Colorado Springs, and no one has the authority to negate that. I called you to Colorado Spring, and your sin doesn’t have the authority to negate that. You’ve got to resurrect with the people that you crumbled in front of so they see the resurrection power is for today.”

In 2007 Haggard announced that after a few weeks of therapies with other ministers, he was “completely heterosexual.”

In 2009, a man alleged some kind of affair with Haggard while Haggard was pastor at the mega-church. It is alleged the church, which Haggard was no long affiliated with in 2009, paid Haas $179,000 for counseling.

In June 2010 he announced that he is “bisexual.”  Also in the summer of 2010, the Haggards opened a new church, St. James Church in Colorado Springs.

A lot of confusion. Haggard has said that he was molested as a small child.

I believe everyone has to keep trying to rectify their sin. It’s the journey we make with God toward righteousness, whether we ever get their or not. I’m not against sharing personal stories that brings one closer to Him or might help someone else, but I’m always amazed that the high-profile stories never emerge until the person is caught red-handed. It always comes when there is no other choice. It doesn’t always feel very honest, does it?

If you have time for only one video, the first is the one to watch. The second is an actual clip from the show, and it is odd, but the first one is…well, I don’t know what to say about. It’s odd too. Thanks to new Twitter friend, @MartyNalitz.

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  • Love Gary and his unpredictability.. wish I saw this episode.. Haggart, I don’t know much about. Think I heard of the gay incident. I leave judgment to God. I’m certainly not perfect. His wife is a champ for sticking by her husband. She obviously took her vows more seriously than Haggart did. That takes a special strength. I love wife swap. Can’t believe how some people view life and kids.

  • I found the full episode on Hulu.com
    if your interested.

  • I’ve never heard of this show. Wish I could swap with Melanie Griffith….

    • You just need to get over her.. lol

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