Taxpayers: $1.6M to Restore Chicano Murals

How about the “young” artists restoring these murals at Chicano Park in San Diego volunteering for the privilege of the opportunity, rather than sending you and I the bill? Maybe the people of the community would donate funds for supplies – maybe?

“It’s a park for our people, and of our people,”…

but you and I are paying for it.

The artists working on the restoration said each painting has significant symbolism.

“What was placed at the top of the mural was a banner proclaiming the battle cry of the day,” Charcon said. “The idea being that the community would build a green zone, a recreational area from here to the bay.”

Charcon considers the murals more like history books.

“It’s that significant to me because it’s art for our people,”Charcon said. “It’s art of our people and for our people and [we’re] sharing it with different communities.”

This blog has photos of the murals, showing a quote from Che Guevara, and another depicting Chicano Power.

A little history of the Park:

The area was originally known as the East End, but was renamed Logan Heights in 1905. The first Mexican settlers there arrived in the 1890s, followed soon after by refugees fleeing the violence of the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910. So many Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans settled there that the southern portion of Logan Heights eventually became known as Barrio Logan.

The original neighborhood reached all the way to San Diego Bay, with waterfront access for the residents. This access was denied beginning with World War II, when Naval installations blocked local access to the beach. The denial of beachfront access was the initial source of the community’s resentment of the government and its agencies.

View the video at Fox5.

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  • Kap Fulton

    I grew up in San Diego. Not in the Chicano community. That being said: these murals are amazing! Don’t knock ’em until you’ve seen them in person. Kap.

    • Kap Fulton, I “knocking” the taxpayer dollars to fund the project. I have no quarrel with anything but that, and perhaps that I also do not want to fund renovating a Che quote.