South Carolina Democrat Voter Fraud Baldly Apparent – The Stats: Voter Fraud Aided by Obama DOJ

I heard these stats a few weeks ago but did not get them posted. South Carolina has a new law requiring voter identification at the polls. Obama’s DOJ will have none of that and is suing to stop it, citing 293,000 voters in that state would be disenfranchised. South Carolina Attorney General says 37,000 of the “voters” were dead, 90,000+ had moved out of state. The bottomline, according to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says only 27,000 people are registered to vote without a photo ID. The Obama administration is setting up the dream situation for Progressives, and it’s a dang shame if we can’t stop this lawless administration.

Townhall – Robert Knight:

On Dec. 23, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez sent a letter ordering South Carolina to stop enforcing its photo ID law. Perez, who heads the Civil Rights division that booted charges against the New Black Panther Party for intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 2008, alleged that South Carolina’s law would disenfranchise thousands of minority voters.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson rejected Perez’s math and explained on Fox News why the law is necessary. The state Department of Motor Vehicles audited a state Election Commission report that said 239,333 people were registered to vote but had no photo ID. The DMV found that 37,000 were deceased, more than 90,000 had moved to other states, and others had names not matched to IDs. That left only 27,000 people registered without a photo ID but who could vote by signing an affidavit as to their identity.

Knight says he has spoken with Wilson who says he will file a challenge to the order in federal district court this month. Read the whole story here, and then get busy with your state legislators. Demand that your state require voter identification in each and every election. Make noise. Shake it up. Get it done before voter registrations close for the November elections. We must bring it to this rogue government.

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  • You need a photo ID to drive a car, purchase alcohol, get on a plane, to cash a check or in some places to verify a simple credit card purchase. How much more valuable is the right to vote in a free society, free from voter fraud?

    Since South Carolina has the means to not disenfranchise voters via a signed affidavit, the oxymoronically named Obama Justice department should be looking to prosecute actual voter fraud and intimidation and not mucking about where they’re not needed.