SEAL Team 6 Somalia: SEALS Raid Rescue, Kill 9 Somali Kidnappers – Jessica Buchanan Rescued – Poul Thisted Rescued

Jessica Buchanan, a 32-year-old American woman was rescued by members of SEAL Team 6, when the SEALs parachuted into Somalia and brought her out along with Danish national aid worker Poul Hagen Thisted. But…it had nothing to do with terrorism. Nine of the Somali non-terrorist “criminals” are dead.

Poul Thisted (L) and Jessica Buchanan (R)

The hostages, Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Poul Hagen Thisted, 60, were working for the Danish Demining Group, which clears landmines in conflict zones, when two truckloads of gunmen kidnapped them as they were en route to an airport in the central Somalia town of Galkaayo on Oct. 25, 2011, the U.S. military said.

Pentagon officials said they believed the hostages were held as part of a growing problem in Somalia of kidnapping for profit — not as an act of terrorism. Somalia is also home to a violent Islamist insurgent group, al Shabab, but U.S. officials said that group wasn’t involved in the kidnapping.

Last week, U.S. officials learned that Buchanan faced health issues, creating a growing urgency for a rescue mission.

“We wanted to act,” Vice President Joe Biden told NBC News Wednesday morning.

The president authorized the mission Monday. Special Forces entered the compound in the pre-dawn hours Monday and launched the rescue operation. Just hours before Obama was scheduled to give his State of the Union address, the Pentagon learned the hostages were safe, although the operation was not officially over, said Pentagon spokesman George Little.

The news prompted Obama to congratulate Panetta as the president entered the House chamber to deliver his annual State of the Union message Tuesday night, Little said. That drew a broad grin from Panetta. After the speech, Obama called Buchanan’s father. Source

Obama remarks:

“As Commander-in-Chief, I could not be prouder of the troops who carried out this mission, and the dedicated professionals who supported their efforts,” Mr Obama said in a statement released by the White House last night. He said he had authorised the rescue mission on Monday.

“Jessica Buchanan was selflessly serving her fellow human beings when she was taken hostage by criminals and pirates who showed no regard for her health and well-being,” he said. “The United States will not tolerate the abduction of our people, and will spare no effort to secure the safety of our citizens and to bring their captors to justice.”

These reports are becoming nauseous.

Since the only thing Obama has going for him is the death of bin Laden, courtesy of the SEALs, this raid and rescue was convenient on the day of the State of the Union address. Suspect to say the least.

Buchanan and Thisted were trying to clear minefields in the country. Admirable because the horror of the aftermath of these mines on the people in the area is truly tragic, but the U.S. didn’t lay the mines. If an American woman and a Dane can clear the fields, so can the citizens of Somalia.

This should be the last warning to 32-year-old women wanting to provide “selfless” “aid”  to “human beings” in Muslim countries. We won’t rescue – no matter your gender. That should be our policy. If State Department warnings can’t keep American’s off the waters off Somalia where pirates terrorize “for profit,” or out of the country, then so be it. Protect yourselves, or better yet, provide your aid to “fellow human beings” who do not hate the U.S. Military or the U.S. It is loathsome and irresponsible that we risk the lives of our SEALs to rescue idiots who purposefully put themselves in harm’s way in enemy territory. God bless the SEALs.

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  • Very rarely in the past we heard what our Special Forces were doing or what they were involved in. Now, we hear it all the time. Nobody knew where these men operated out of but now we do. I have a good friend, formal Naval Officer who worked with SEAL’s closely and he says the “old guys” aren’t happy about it at all. I guess transparency meant outing our Special Forces

    • You do know that the Democrats love publicity for campaigns more than they care for the lives of those they put in danger by publishing these events. God bless them and God …. Obama for making these things known when we don’t need to know. One more reason to vote them out of office.

  • I’ve believed from the get go that bin Laden had been killed or died long before the seals had anything to do with that mission. Obama right after that put our seals at risk on a mission that got a bunch killed – all planned – how sinister. As I have said: God only knows what covert operations have gone on behind closed doors with this evil greedy bunch of pricks in Washington DC. Too coincidental, just know – God knows!