SEAL Chris Kyle Decks Jesse Ventura at Wake: Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Monsoor

Former SEAL Chris Kyle interviewed with Bill O’Reilly and tells of attending a wake for deceased Medal of Honor recipient Michael Monsoor. Minnesota governor and pro wrestler, Jesse “The Body” Ventura showed up and made it clear he did not approve of the US Military. Kyle approached him and asked him to tone it down because the family was present. When he told Kyle the SEALS “were murderers” and “deserved to lose a few guys,” Kyle decked him, and literally sent Ventura to the ground. See the first video below.

UPDATE 1-13-12 @ 8:40pm CDT: According to Bill O’Reilly tonight, two SEALs have come forward to corroborate Chris Kyle’s story or portions of it. At this time I don’t yet see the story in print. Read the details I gleaned from O’Reilly here.

Chris Kyle

The photo above is from a similar interview with Opie and Anthony. If you prefer edgier language watch the video there. The O’Reilly video gets into Kyle’s military career and four tours of duty in a war zone, which the Opie and Anthony video does not.

Isn’t the Ventura story the perfect image of Liberals? So unquestionably despicable.

You will remember Michael Monsoor. He is the soldier who tossed himself on top of a grenade to save the lives of two of his SEAL team members. The second video below tells that story. I hope you have time to watch it.

Chris Kyle is credited with 255 kills, 150 certified (witnessed). He has co-authored a new book, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. It is available for Kindle.

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Chris Kyle on O’Reilly: Jesse Ventura: “You deserve to lose a few guys” (video)

Michael Monsoor Memorial (video)

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  • Cindy

    Really interesting stories. I’ve always known that there is another side of the war, which isn’t represented in the media. I’d like to read more interviews from the soldiers, who had seen really and naturally what happened there.

  • I heard that interview with Chris last night. I cheered for 10 minutes when I heard he decked Jesse.. Mike.. what a hero. An inspiration for everyone. I watched the video tribute on Youtube, and was saddened by the 22 dislikes on the video. How could that be possible. Well He died for their freedom as well.

    • Unfortunately, this story in complete untrue and Chris Kyle has begun back tracking on his statement. If you want a non biased account, you will not find it on this webpage. Furthermore the editors of Maggies Notebook have been erasing or poorly editing comments. This blog engages is mass censorship of its readers.

  • Alvin Ka

    Mr. Kyle tells an interesting story, but it seems to be a little different each time he tells it. Were they have the wake for this sadly departed Seal in a bar, because he seems to link these two events; or did he just sucker punch Ventura and run off because he didn’t like what Ventura was saying about George W. Bush?

  • Alvin, my brother-in-law is a retired SEAL. Trust me when I say they don’t need to sucker punch when they have the capability of taking someone out with their bare hands. They are genuine. Oh, and they have really hot bodies too. 🙂

    • Well, Alvin next time listen to Chris Kyle when he says I “hit and run.. because I was trained to do so.” No witnesses have come forth to corroborate Kyle’s story. Instead he has asked to meet with Ventura privately in hopes of covering up his lies. Chris said that he didn’t want any media there, just Jesse. Sounds like a lying sack of **** to me. The only thing for certain is Chris Kyle most likely assaulted and elderly man outside of a bar in a drunken rage or he is a outright liar. Either way, it makes him a coward.

  • Chris Kyle has been back tracking on his statement. He has claimed witnesses would come forward and they have not. The only thing for sure is Chris Kyle admitted to assaulting and elderly man and then fled the scene. He is not a hero. Chris Kyle is a criminal and should be treated as such. This is Chris Kyle’s business number in texas. Let Chris and his business partners know what you think of him.

    Blog owner has edited-out a telephone phone number left by this commenter.

  • Chris Kyle has been back tracking on his statement. He has claimed witnesses would come forward and they have not. The only thing for sure is Chris Kyle admitted to assaulting an elderly man and then fled the scene. He is not a hero. Chris Kyle is a criminal and should be treated as such.

    Blog owner has edited-out a phone number left in this comment.

    • Jon Humphrey, I don’t allow phone numbers of private citizens in my comments section.

      • This number is to Craft International LLC. It is not a private number. Has this site been told otherwise? Please check the Craft International LLC. Contact page. Please stop censoring blogs comments that you do no agree with on false grounds.

        • At the very least, use some journalistic integrity and find out for yourself.

  • Pete

    When Kyle first told this story Jesse was getting loud and upsetting people in the bar, later after Jesse had encouraged radio listeners to phone the owner of McT’s bar and ask him kyle suggests that it happened on or near the sidewalk outside the bar (presumably to explane why the owner saw nothing?) If I was at a wake and somebody was saying what he alledged Jesse said I’d have thrown them out so as not to make a seen or taken them outside away from view of family members and then maybe punch them but why run away? surely you’d want to return to the wake? What about the police he allegedly ran from where’s their report? Where’s the witnesses coming forward? Why has nobody heard about it before now? Why does it come out shortly after another false story about Jesse tailgating someone?

  • Jon Humphrey, my policy is that I do not allow telephone numbers leading to anyone not a politician. I have the right to make the policy. If you want to say that I have edited your comments in some specious way, I’ll remind you that my commenting service sends a copy of all comments to my inbox. I have the entire comment before I removed the telephone number, or your call to contact his business. If you want to sue, go right ahead.

    I assume you are the person who sent an email to me today under another name and referring to a church. I’ve never mentioned a church, know nothing about a/your church, or the name you emailed under today.

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  • Carla Corman

    Proof says it all. Where is the police report. And will the alleged witnesses go under oath at a deposition and agree to be crossed examined? Lie detector tests also.