Scott Rigell: Pays 15% of Salary to Pay Down Debt: Buffoon Buffet Challenge

Congressman Scott Rigell (R-VA-2nd) contributes 15% of his salary to pay down the federal debt and has done so for the past two years, one year before being elected to office. Last year that contribution was $23,000, this year’s is $26,000. He declines every “Congressional benefit” he can, including: health insurance, the retirement program, and the 403B program. Rigell has self-imposed term limits of 6 terms (12 years), if reelected. He believes in the ‘George Washington’ strategy: serve and go home. This week on the Liberal side, Warren Buffet mocked the “American Spirit,” and legislation introduced to allow such contributions. It’s fairly simple: any person wanting to pay down the debt (get real – the money goes to the general fund) can do so, but Buffet’s All-American Liberal Spirit disdains and laughs at the idea. While not laughable, it is appalling that Buffet and his friends ignore the Congressional and Executive Suite spending binge. Why would Americans want to freely give the government more money to waste, because, friends, any money given NEVER goes to pay down the debt. Buffet wants tax increases, while repeatedly not paying his own IRS bill (estimated at about $1 Billion unpaid).

Scott Rigell

This week Warren Buffet challenged Republicans (he did not include Democrats) to pony-up to pay down the debt, saying for every $1 the GOP donates, he will match it, and he will triple every donation sent in by Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell.

Rigell has donated the total of $49,000 (and has done so without needing a challenge from the uber-wealthy, whining, disengenuous progressive partisan hack, Buffet) so we’ll see what Buffet does. If Buffet ponys-up, the administration will have almost another $100,000 to waste on yet another green initiative.

South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune introduced a bill called the “Buffett Rule Act” that would create a line on tax forms so that the rich could donate more than they owed.

“That is a tax policy only a Republican could come up with,” Buffett said to Time. “It’s kind of touching this faith he has in the American public, that with a $1.2-or-3 trillion deficit, that he thinks Americans are so wonderfully spirited they would just solve it all by contributions.”

Buffett emphasized that his commitment to matching all Republican donations to Treasury coffers is a “firm offer.”

McConnell spokesman Don Stewart reminded Time that Republicans want to keep government smaller.

“I look forward to Mr. Buffett matching a healthy batch of checks from those who actually want to pay higher taxes, including congressional Democrats, the president and the DNC,” he said. CBS News

For years there has been a law allowing citizens to contribute to pay down the federal debt. The money goes into the general fund. It’s a fraud.

How do you make a contribution to reduce the debt?
There are two ways for you to make a contribution to reduce the debt:

1. You can make a contribution online either by credit card, checking or savings account at

2. You can write a check payable to the Bureau of the Public Debt, and in the memo section, notate that it’s a Gift to reduce the Debt Held by the Public. Mail your check to:

Attn Dept G
Bureau of the Public Debt
P. O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

An ABC article reported in July 2011 that $2 Million had been donated to the Public Debt Reduction Fund for this year, and more than $65 Million since 1961. See a yearly accounting of fiscal donations from the American people here. Most of the individual donations have been very “tiny, tiny” amounts.That is likely because these ‘American-spirited’ donations are likely from average, everyday Americans who haven’t a clue that their hard-earned monies go into the general Treasury fund.

Congressman Rigell made his donations out of principle. It was something he wanted to do, and felt was right to do, before he ever entered Congress. It is his right to do so. It is also Warren Buffet’s right to use his considerable wealth to fight U.S. Tax code in court, costing the taxpayer millions to fight him, while he calls for higher tax rates. He’s a buffoon and a tax evader and knows nothing of the American spirit.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Fox News.

Scott Rigell Donates $49,000 to pay down federal debt (video)

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