Sarah Shepard McKinley: More to the Story? Kenny McKinley Family Member Suspects So

The story of 18-year-old Sarah Shepard McKinley is all over the news. With a 911 emergency operator on the line with her, she shot and killed Justin Martin when he broke into her home. She has a three-month-old son, Justin McKinley. He was in the house with her when the intruder came in. She married Kenneth ‘Kenny’ McKinley, 58, on November 28th, 2011 according to a photo on her Facebook page. A niece in Mr. McKinley’s family is upset. The short story is, niece Sara McKinley believes/thinks/guesses? Sarah’s son is really the son of the intruder, Justin Martin. Clearly Sara does not have a high opinion of Sarah, but she loved her Uncle Kenny.

Sarah and Kenny McKinley and son, Justin

Sarah Shepard McKinley’s mother was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying Justin Martin had stalked her daughter at a rodeo two years ago, and the two had run into each other occasionally over the years. She also said Sarah did not realize the man who tried to get her to open the door to her home on Christmas Day, the day her husband Kenny died of lung and brain cancer, was Justin Martin. And she didn’t realize it was Justin Martin as he was breaking in to her home, which sits far back off of a road.

A tipster who I do not know pointed me to a photo on Sarah’s Facebook page which probably would not be controversial without the news of the intruder and the shooting. Rather than controversial, I’ll say it is odd.

Sarah McKinley is young. She lives in rural Oklahoma. Most have guns out in our boonies. She loves animals. Maybe she hunts. I don’t know.

It’s none of my business who the father of baby Justin is or was, and it’s none of my business whether the family of a 58-year-old man is unhappy with his choice of a bride. Whatever the relationship, or no relationship, Sarah McKinley had or didn’t have with Justin Martin, he did not have the right to enter her home without her permission, even if he is baby Justin’s father (and I am making no claims that he is).

Daily Mail:

The attack, as new reports reveal, may have been premeditated. Ms McKinley’s mother told that Martin stalked her daughter at a rodeo two years ago.

The two have since bumped into each other at a nearby convenience store. Ms McKinley said she didn’t know who he was until after the shooting, when she pieced everything together.

In addition, two of her dogs were recently found dead.

On Sarah McKinley’s Facebook page she says she had to shoot one her German Shepherds which was having a seizure. She thinks he was poisoned.

Facebook can be both revealing and deceptive when a profile is open to the public, as is Sarah Shepard McKinley’s under her maiden name, Sarah Shepard, and as is the woman saying she is Kenneth McKinley’s niece, Sara McKinley. You will see a lot of Sarah McKinley as it seems she is booked to appear on about every high profile interview show on television. (The photo of the McKinley’s is from Sarah’s Facebook photo album) The original report of the break-in and 911 call is here.

UPDATE 1-6-12: You might want to browse through the comments below this article. There’s some interesting things there – none of which I can vouch for, but it appears a reader or readers know Sara McKinley (the niece) and others have been digging deeper.

Thanks to Politicus USA for linking!

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  • She sounds like a Gold-digger. A simple blood test will show who the child’s father is. I suggest her late husband do so.

    • findalis, they may not care, either way. The baby had a father that didn’t live long. I don’t think she can be forced to prove anything to anyone.

  • Pat

    Whether she knew or didn’t know it was Justin breaking in, he DID break in. He broke the law and with knife in hand, her life and her baby’s life were in danger. The police dispatcher heard the entire thing. Good for Sarah for protecting her child and herself. As to the blood test which ‘findalis’ suggested….don’t think the late husband can do that.

    • Pat, that’s my position as well. She had the right to keep anyone but her husband out of the home. No one has the right to break into a home with a 12″ hunting knife.

      • erin

        problem is many around town are saying that she whispered on 911 so he didn’t think she was there but knew he’d eventually enter (he’d heard baby cry at the beginning) she never said “go away” and what if someone you knew wouldn’t answer 20 minutes plus . If you used your knife to jack open the trailer door should you be shot dead? Just sayin’

        • Erin.

          1. She’s not required to give a speech to anyone busting in her home. Nor does not doing so make HER guilty of ANYTHING.

          2. It doesnt matter WHY the man had the knife…he was shot and killed during the commission of a CRIME…this is ALL on HIS head, not hers.

          3. Are you actually trying to assert here that he was just going in to ‘help’, friend…because we have a CONFESSION from the other guy now that proves that wasnt the case.

          4. Any more nutty theories?

  • Guy Bertram

    And a Niece, also Sarah, is going on talk shows talking about how Sarah Shepherd has brought all this pain to her family, this from her expert platform of being a fat cafeteria high school worker.

    These white trash may make the Palins look good. God Bless.

    • Guy, the niece is Sara. The Palins always look good.

    • this is ridic

      You have no proof that the niece is going on talk shows. I have seen the niece in person, and I promise you- she is in no way fat. Also, you have no room to slam someone based on their occupation. At least the real Sarah McKinley has a job. MAYBE Sarah Shepherd should get a job instead of relying on the death of her husband (why don’t you ask her just how long they were actually married) and the STORY of the intruder to make money. Please state your sources as you sound moronic. Since you seem to know Sarah Shepherd so well… you MUST know that the whole situation is fishy. I am sick of the attention this is getting. This girl is dividing a family. If you don’t believe this- please look into the issue of her having one of her husband’s nephews locked up as she was in a sexual relationship with him while she was under age. She LOVES the older men.

      • Guy Bertram

        ridic, maybe you are pressed by the free 10 minutes they give you at the library/laundramat, but the niece that YOU know that isn’t fat cafeteria worker is SARA (I didn’t know that) but I saw her picture, and goddess bless her, unlike her beautiful passed uncle and Sarah, she’s fat.

        • Guy Bertram

          since you don’t know how to spell your new Aunt’s name either, maybe you are unaware of the alleged gay relationship between your beloved deceased uncle and the newly diseased Justin, “dutt-do me again big boy”, Shane?
          Oh Yeah, brokeback mountain baby. “I wish I could QUIT you”.

          Otherwise your family sounds really nice? Anybody else single? Hugs.

      • erin

        well said… very well said

      • “This girl is dividing a family. If you don’t believe this- please look into the issue of her having one of her husband’s nephews locked up as she was in a sexual relationship with him while she was under age. She LOVES the older men.”


        which..even IF any of it is true…is UTTERLY IRRELEVANT to the issue at hand..which is an armed criminal being shot and killed during the commission of a crime, namely breaking and entering and attempted assault.

        I dont give a rats rear if she was lining up the family members outside her bedroom door..there is NO LAW against it.
        There IS a law against breaking into someones home UNWELCOMED with a knife, however, and THAT is at the core of this.

        IF she was turning that family against each other then that is on THEM for being stupid enough to let her. Same thing has happened in my own family before. WE were the idiots who allowed it.

        The ONLY relevant matter here is an ARMED MAN who BROKE INTO a womans home and her being forced to defend her child and herself from that felon.

        Frankly we dont care about your gossip.

  • Penny

    I dont know but i fanned Sarah McKinley page on facebook said all pos. things and then came across this page to real facebook profile and copy and pasted it to the Sarah McKinley profile and got kicked off it hmmmmm wonder whyyyyy

    • Because some of the posts here are nothing but baseless slander?

  • Penny, I don’t think the Sarah McKinley page was up at the time I wrote my first story, and I didn’t know here maiden name then. There seems to be some bad blood between the families. It happens.

  • jenster

    Let me see if I have this straight….

    Somewhere is a 17 year old girl. Probably a bit of a screwup, but then again who isn’t at that age? Probably didn’t graduate from HS, few skills but is not lazy. Loves horses/animals and knows how to hunt and shoot. A retro in her taste of music and culture. Probably doesn’t fit in with her family OR with youngsters her age. Starting to get a bit religious.

    Somewhere there is a decent 56 year old man. He is alone now. widowed or divorced. Doesn’t have much money, but can get by. Has a nice big trailer, a bit of land, horses and/or a donkey. He DOES have a loving extended family. but they live miles away. Probably don’t visit that often. Into country music, conservative and a bit religious. Has lived a full life but now a bit lonely.

    Somehow or other they meet. They immediately get along. She get a place to stay. a place where she can raise her dogs and ride horses They both now have company they like and neither are lonely. Probably even discuss the bible. Whether they actually fall in love is another matter. They both fulfill each other’s needs and arent all that demanding otherwise. They fool around a few times. He isn’t bad looking and at least looks fit. not a fattie. Probably knows how to please her. She is a young girl that old men can usually only dream about. Might be his last chance before he can’t anymore.

    They start living together. Of course both families have issues with the relationship. The girls mother knows he is way too old for her. But at least keeps her out of trouble and isn’t out smoking meth with her contemporaries. And she might actually get something out of it. And now she works and is taking some responsibility!

    Some of the man’s relatives don’t like this one bit. See her as as just another “golddigger” even though he actually doesn’t have much to lose. Some of the others take a more live-and-let-live attitude. This creates friction and contention. This infighting is all blamed on the girl.

    She gets pregnant. Whom is the father, only she can say. Point is the baby needs a father’s name and she needs support. The man is thrilled he can be a father again. Or at least willing to play the part..

    He gets sick and might die.. There is hope, but only a fleeting one. All his family is far away. He needs help.

    A month before he finally heads to the hospital, they get married. Her baby now has a name.

    When he finally has to go to the hospital, it’s all bad. Incurable. He is in a lot of pain, the chemo effects are awful. Nothing works for long. he loses his mind occasionally. Most of his family is far, Yet he is not alone. She is there with him for many days.

    She is there when he dies.

    Love or not, seems like a fair bargain to me.

    In any case, I hope it all comes out. The good, the bad the drama. So it will extend her fleeting fame a little bit longer and she can get some cash out it.

    After-all the baby could use it. She isn’t doing all that well in her dog business.

    • Jenster, that sounds about right. As far as I can see, her family had no problem with it, or at least her mother.

      • jenster

        You are right. I was merely projecting what my own feelings would be if it was my own daughter or sister. However looking further through all the Facebook links there actually WERE concerns among her family though didn’t see judgment at all. As far as the mother, It’s clear they vanished the instant she held her grandchild for the first time. She is using a photo of it herself.

        I am not sure Sarah actually knew there was some negativity on Ken’s side of the family. Seems to have been hidden from her. I think it inadvertently came out after this incident and the torrent of media descending. The “negative” threads on Facebook are apparently now deleted.

    • Wow! I love this post. Not only did the poster nail the situation, but did so in pretty much story form.

    • Michael

      Well said, Jenster. I grew up not far from Blanchard, and I have followed the story pretty closely. After reading this post, I went and checked out the Facebook profiles, and I chalk up Niece Sara’s comments to female cattiness. I also agree that self-defense is self-defense, regardless of any other facts.

      I think this story really struck a chord with a lot of people, because it’s such a classic poster-child justification for the Castle Doctrine and Second Amendment. Once you dig a little into the story, some of the other details aren’t as picture-perfect as we’d expect in a story-book world, but that’s just life. Sarah didn’t ask to have her life turned into a media circus, and from what I’ve seen she’s just a simple country girl who’s trying to deal with the sudden fact that she’s under a media microscope. Bless her heart.

    • I was 40 years old when I married my wife of 22.
      I have been married to two women my own age who cheated constantly and did some things too sick and perverse to post on an open forum.
      After giving up a lot of my life trying to change them, I gave up trying with the first…and then the second.

      My wife now is 18 years or so my junior…and she is the most perfect wife a man could ask for. And I do everything I can to make her life what every wifes should be.
      Age is irrelevant assuming both are adults and mentally capable of making these decisions.

      Odds are I’ll die first one day…but my wife will live on knowing that she had a love that few ever have in their entire lives.
      Im pretty sure we’d both rather have it this way than for us to be hung up about the age thing and each of us having gotten into yet another horrible relationship.

      • Daniel

        Interesting. In this case we must add 22 years of age difference yet. A little too, huh?

        • Is it any of your business what the age differences are?
          None that I can tell.

          Things typically go best when nosey gossips keep their noses where they belong instead of up someone elses ass.
          And uh…I said my wife is 18 years younger.

          • Daniel

            I refer to the age difference between Sarah Mckinley and her late husband. Her husband was 18 years older than you when he married a girl 4 years younger than yours. This adds 22 years .. Is that clear?

  • One thing that’s not being pointed out is that this young woman was on the phone with the police dispatcher for 21 minutes. It took law enforcement over 20 minutes to respond to her home. Being in rural Oklahoma, they were far away from her; that’s the way it is in most rural areas in America. That’s why people in the country have firearms and know how to use them.

    • BobF, hubby and I talked about that and I intended to add it to the story then forgot about it. The same thing happened in Donna Jackson case in Lincoln, OK. She had to shoot the guy before the police got there and the 911 call was long and agonizing.

      • Maggie, I have a family member who’s a 911 dispatcher in upstate NY. They know where every patrol car is at every minute and she’ll tell you that there are times where the nearest car is at least 30 minutes away from people. You toss in snow on hilly windy roads and you’re talking well over 45 minutes for assistance to arrive.

  • Shawnda05

    This young mother did what any mother would do to protect her child. Thank goodness she wasnt afraid to pull the trigger! Fact: The intruder had no rights what so ever entering her home. He obviously had bad intentions along with his friend. Her family could have been burying her and her baby if she hadn’t been strong enough to handle this situation. And for what!? Drugs that her dead husband had to help ease his pain somewhat from the cancer that took his life fairly early. And to say he wasn’t the father…seriously! I don’t know anyone involved in this case, but what I do know is I have read lots of reports, news articles, and I have looked at pictures of him and the baby. And it appears to me that he loved that baby and would probably be disappointed in his family for their bad behavior. What a tragic..TRAGIC thing to happen, and to have your family that are more than likely the gossips of the family to run their mouths. Shame on you! That baby is a part of the late Kenneth Mckinley and I hope and pray that one day you can get past this for baby Justins sake. The man/intruder got what he deserved…but that baby did nothing and is innocent! What would your uncle have to say about this?

  • Travis

    I completely agree with Jensters post. Maybe they each provided something good that the other needed and both parties benefit from the relationship. Maybe they really were in love. Doesn’t matter. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I do carry. I believe in the 2nd ammendment and think the country would be a much safer place if criminals knew or thought everyone owned and knew how to use a firearm. They may think twice about attempting to victimize others. The intruder, regardless of wether he knew Sarah Mckinley or not DID NOT have the right to enter her home through force and deserved to be shot. That being said, if she is deceiving the nation by claiming to not know him and he really was the father of her baby and she is attempting to profit from the whole situation that is wrong. It appears she may not be telling the whole truth here. She stated in an interview that they knew she was home because the baby was crying. Obviously they would have assumed she called 911 UNLESS they had some sort of relationship I would think, why would they have stuck around for 21 minutes unless they didnt think she would call the cops. Also, seems like a big coincidence that the deceased hubbies family wonders if the gunshot victim is the babies father and the victim and the baby are both named Justin. When I first heard the story I felt bad for her and started looking for where I could send her some money to help her out. I thought she was an incredibly strong person to have been able to go through all of that. Losing your husband, having an infant baby, and then having to shoot an intruder! Wow, that would weigh on anyone. I agree with this article though. The more I see and read the more I am questioning what the rest of the story really is.

  • Anna

    What a story….I also think that for people in rural regions is normal to have a weapon and obviously they do not hesitate to use it…if this case is such, I suppose the judge will decide…

  • Byron

    One thing you can guarantee is that the media will have gotten many of the facts wrong. They always do.

    This article is terrific. We want so much to find a hero–someone with superhuman courage who does the right thing in a pinch. We want this hero so badly that we’ll overlook numerous oddities in their story. Unfortunately, the discord sounds all too real. Reality is complex, and the ‘newsworthy’ heroes are never as pure as they first seem.

    Humans are not elemental like gold and lead. But, jenster’s compassionate comment, above, makes so much sense–we’re not pure, but we need warmth and companionship–something to keep us going. My favorite lines of jenster’s are, “They both now have company they like and neither are lonely.”, and, “Love or not, seems like a fair bargain to me.” jenster, you wise old soul, thanks so much for this beautiful comment on life.


  • jennnci

    Even if she had a relationship with Justin Martin, and even if he is the father of the baby, two facts remain. 1. He broke into her home with a large knife (pretty violent, maybe why she didn’t claim him as baby daddy?). 2. Both Kenneth McKinley and Justin Martin are now dead and the child is without a father.
    No matter who bio daddy was, Kenneth McKinley died without believing himself betrayed and abandoned and Justin Martin died from his own choice to break the law. Sarah’s priority appears to have been to do what was best for her child from conception on. If she would kill to protect her child, it’s completely reasonable to believe she would lie to protect him, too. Sometimes parents do that…

    • Well said.
      It doesnt matter IF the perp were the father at all.
      The confession of the second guy CONFIRMS that this is a self defense shooting so all the theories and gossip are inconsequential at this point.

  • Byron

    Thought about this a bit more. Maybe Sarah flirted off and on with Justin Martin (without necessarily knowing his name), and then pulled back, causing him to get pissed and start stalking her. That kind of thing happens ALL the time.

    The dispatcher could sometimes hear the banging on Sarah’s door during the breakin, but didn’t hear anyone shouting, “Sarah!” If Justin Martin had fathered the newborn, don’t you think he’d have been shouting Sarah’s name while banging on the door?

  • this is ridic

    I also would like to throw out the fact that just about EVERY single male in the state of Oklahoma carries a knife on him. Hello!! If he was dead set on hurting the girl, I am sure both men would have been armed and he probably would have had a gun. Sheesh

    • Yeah…too bad we have a CONFESSION from the second perp, pal.
      Sinking in?

  • These postings are so refreshing. None really trying to hurt another. I admire Sarah’s courage to do whatever it takes to protect HER SON. Kenneth’s family, if they really LOVED him, should be INTELLIGENT enough to honor his choice of a loving partner whom he MARRIED without a gun being held to his head.

  • Gareth F.

    The first thing that occurred to me when I heard this story after 19 years as a cop, is that there is a lot being left out of it. When something sounds unlikely it usually is.

    If she has a prior dating relationship with this guy, and DEFINATELY if the allegations that this was Justin Martins’ child,
    (the baby has the same first name as the man she shot, and the man her husbands family says was the babys father)
    I would not be surprised if-
    1) she was continuing a affair with him while hiding it from the older husband,
    2)and once the Husband passed away, Martin wanted to come over and see his kid and “share” all the stuff that his baby-mamma had now inherited.

    It seems pretty unlikely that someone you definitely know, and who allegedly fathered your child was banging on your door for 20 minutes and you had absolutely NO idea who it was- that is simply not credible.

    This girl may have had really ominous and cynical reason to want to find a excuse to shoot martin dead under these circumstances,

    If he is poor and chose to sue for joint custody of ‘their’ child, he could also then pursue HER for child support, cash, or a share of the goodies she inherited from the older man she had been married to.

    If he is dead, and the incident is reported as some sort of unexplainable home invasion, then no one is alive to extort money from her, child-support or confirm her secret about who really fathered the child- she walks away scott-free- I have no knowledge at all of the family or those involved, only a history as working a lot of cases as a cop and the allegations related on this web site,
    but frankly my version above makes a lot more sense – unfortunately – than the version given in the media.

    • Joe

      Yeah, I always carry a 12″ hunting knife and bring along a burly friend when I visit my baby.

    • Marsha

      They lived in a rented trailer. He was sick from cancer. She had to sell some of their things to pay for the funeral. What goodies was anyone going to share in? I’m sorry your years as a police officer has caused you to believe the worst of a young mother and the best of a drug user with a 12 inch hunting knife.

      • Travis

        wealth is relative. Perhaps to you and I he had nothing but to some people what he had was still alot. He still had a truck and trailer to pull those horses around. Living in a rented trailer on over 2,000 acres of land is something equivelant to wealth to many people (rented or not). There were horses that some people may think are of value (although that is not really true these days). They obviously had at least 3 guns (her 911 call mentioned a 12 gauge and a hand gun and the photo of her holding a gun over the mule is a photo of a bolt action rifle). Those things alone would be “wealth” to some people.
        Additionaly, maybe the hunting knife was going to be used to help pry open the door if she was not there or wouldnt let him in and was not intended as a weapon. The friend may not have known the whole story. Perhaps the friend was lured to come along under the promise of drugs being in the house so that he wouldn’t have to go alone. Like Gareth, I have a background in law enforcement and look at things a bit differently than most people.

      • Gareth F.

        Does he have a disability pension?
        Does he have a S.S.I. payment?
        Does he have a military pension?
        Does he have a ownership interest on the land in whole or in part that the trailer is sited upon?
        Is he entitled to share of a family trust, or family lands?

        For all the above and a lot of other potential income sources, the surviving spouse and minor child may be entitled to significant income streams, in particular given the avg. rural income and cost of living in a agricultural county. A share of a pension benefit that passed in part to Justin Jr, would be a attractive thing to a biological father who had joint custody of the child who as guardian he would be entitled to collect on behalf of, and the party (mother) who had the greater income (a surviving spouse) could be forced to pay child-support to the joint-custodial father if he had no income or very little income.

        This simply is not a believable situation as it is being reported. I am not saying that my opinions are the only possible explanation(s) I am just saying that I have taken many, many reports and I can tell you that this is not the whole or complete truth. Its possible for really strange events to occur in series, but this situation is simply not credible as related.

        I own everything from a variety of glocks, AR-15’s, several AK’s, to ruger 10/22’s, markIII’s, a 1944 K98.. a lot of personal arms.. I have carried a pistol on the job and in some cases a Ruger LCP or FEG .380 in a ankle holster as a backup.. I have the bad back to prove it from the sam brown belt cutting into me.
        There is a S&W M&P .40 cal under my bed right now with a 15 round mag locked in, in case I need it quickly during the night.

        All that said,….
        you would be unable to produce even one photo of me at any point during this MANY years in which my primary career REQUIRED being in possession of one or more pistol(s) on my person at all times, and possessing a shotgun and assault rifle locked into squad mounts in my vehicle during every shift at work..
        showing me holding, pointing, wearing, displaying or depicted with ANY sort of firearm of any kind.. there is not ONE picture of me with any sort of gun or weapon, even when out at dinner on hunting trips. This is not because I would not do so for some anti-gun reason, its because I never had any desire or need to get my picture taked pointing or screwing around with guns, even though I own quite a number of personal firearms and ammo. The reason is, it is a utilitarian tool to me and not a gadget or plaything.

        This very young girl has pictures all over the internet with various different weapons on her person, and in at least two I have seen she is pointing the muzzle end of the weapon AT ANOTHER PERSON. In one pic she points it at the cameraman, and in the other she is pointing it at the mule with a boy laying on top of it playing dead.

        This is unusual for women as my wife does not want any guns in the house at all, and refuses to even come to the range anymore to keep her skills up.
        Its very possible that someone can find themselves under attack by a intruder and need to genuinely shoot a intruder under circumstances that are entirely random and out of the hands of the shooter,
        but when you are still a teen, have pics all over the internet of you pointing guns at various people,
        and it just happens to be you claiming you had to shoot someone in what you claim is a random attack on you with no other back-story involved,
        this is simply beyond suspension of disbelief to me when you consider the other screwy, strange or unusual facts in this particular matter. There is simply something else that is going on here..

    • Hey Gareth…all your conspiracy theories are irrelevant.
      We have a CONFESSION by the second guy and a woman whos home was BROKEN INTO by an ARMED man.
      It DOES NOT MATTER what you want to believe…ALL that matters is that an ARMED MAN FORCED his way in and the TENANT SHOT his worthless ass.

    • “This girl may have had really ominous and cynical reason to want to find a excuse to shoot martin dead under these circumstances,”


      Let me say real quick that I dont give rats rear about your CLAIM of being a cop. Ive met a LOT of great cops…and Ive met some who didnt know their ass from a hole in a tree. You seem to be the second sort given the fact that you have somehow missed that we have a CONFESSION from the second perp that pretty much makes ALL your theories irrelevant.
      It wouldnt matter if she was gangbanging BOTH of them in the off hours…ALL that matters is that two men, one armed, went to her home for drugs (so its claimed) and forced their way into her home uninvited.

      Lets pray to God that our wives are never put in the position this young woman was…especially with YOUR sort of ex ‘cop’ running around making slanderous innuendo about cases like this one.

  • ava

    this is ridic–when 2 men come pounding on your doors and eventually break in, and you see that one of them is armed with a large knife, I want you to go and make him a cup of tea, and invite him to have a seat ok? Because I’m sure he will not be there to do you any harm. Isn’t that the way most people gain entry into homes? Sheesh!

  • Gareth F.

    you dont come from these rural areas.

    having a knife on you is not unusual. It would not be remotely unusual in 95% of rural america for justin martin to have a concealed-carry glock 19 on his person.

    If you are in a large city or the northeast, cali, etc.. this makes no sense, but in rural oklahoma or the rest of the south, midwest (minus Il/Wi), Mountain states, going to your baby-mamma’s house with your buddy is not really unusual. In a lot of these places, its a long, long drive to get to any restaurant or entertainment. Even a bar may be a long distance away.

    People go to others homes.

    What I am suspecting is, she probably had already had some discussions with him to keep him at bay while she was married to the other man, and he had probably agreed to go along with staying away / “out of the picture” with some sort of promise that after her husband had succumbed, they would be together, or she would share what she was inheriting from her husband.

    He may have outright told her that he would extort her- she will either PAY him to keep quiet, and refrain from seeking joint custody of the baby, or he will take her to court for a settlement, custody, child support, and embarrass her by revealing their discussions and the childs real paternity.

    She was put on the spot when He came to seek a payday, to collect on his demands, so she makes up a tale that she has no idea who was at her door during this long encounter, and she literally calls the police asking them to authorize her to shoot the mystery intruder.

    To a wordly, knowledgeable person, this would not occur to be way to indemnify yourself for a shooting, but to a 20 year old in rural Ok, who is not exactly educated or sensible, she probably thought that if she calls the cops and tells them a scenario of a mystery intruder, and they will ‘tell her’ she can shoot him,
    then even if portions of the truth later come out about her relationships/baby, the cops wont be able to do anything to her since she got them to “tell her” to shoot the scary bad buy, who ‘accidentally’ turns out to be her baby-daddy coming to collect on the payout she promised or to be with his child that she promised to allow once the husband passed away.

    To you or I this would not be a sensible tactic, but to a desperate girl with no education in small town OK, this may have seemed like her best option –

    (misrepresent the situation over the phone to the cops and get the police to ‘give her permission’ to kill the baby-daddy she wants to get rid of, and does not want to get a piece of her money/inheritance)

    and who will embarrass her and take her to court if she backs-out of her promises to pay him or be with him.

    • ElvenPhoenix

      You seem to be ignoring the fact that the 911 operator could HEAR him banging on the windows and doors. And he brought along a male friend – not likely under your scenario. Besides, if your scenario were plausible or real, wouldn’t said friend be shouting it to the world? After all, the accomplice is still very much alive and currently in jail. Wouldn’t he want to make sure that “truth” was out there in order to protect and exonerate himself?

      • eo

        maybe the friend didn’t know. do you think guys all tell their guy friends “I was having sex with this girl who is married to an old man and i am the baby’s daddy”

        Also she whispered. why not yell GO AWAY ?! Because he knocked and knocked (robbers do NOT do that) and probably after a while wondered if she was there, heard baby crying and finally used his knife to open the trailer door and boom she got him just like she wanted

        • Actually EO…yeah …guys DO tell when they’re banging some hot young girl. Thats what guys do. Sorry to burst your balloon.

          Lets just say she whispered as you claim. All that needs to mean is she heard someone banging on the door originally, didnt want her child woke up and was trying to make sure it wasnt by doing it that way.
          The guys know her husband is dead, get more aggressive and finally bust in a door.

          It doesnt take an affair for all of this to work, Im afraid.

      • Gareth F.

        The dispatch tape begins where she called the police. The dispatch tape did not record anything before that, it does not tell us how long the two men were present before the call was placed, and there is a limit to what would be audible to the operator even after the call was initiated.

        I think to clear the entire investigation in basically one day, and announce ANY shooting was entirely investigated within that time is emblematic of a small agency that is not accustomed to shootings or major crimes in their jurisdiction. They do not have the exp to handle this sort of occurrence to professional standards.

        I know none of the parties involved, and do not pretend to have any inside info, but you find that almost all the time, when you do interviews, there are three VERSIONS of events- the two conflicting parties involved, and the truth.

        Anytime you jump to a immed conclusion in a investigation, you are not doing due-dilligence, and that is what parties who give you only their version of events want you to do.

        This is probably not going to get investigated until the accomplice is prepping for trial, and assuming he will likely have a P.D. who may not really care to dig too deeply, the P.D. may try to simply plea this out quickly. The most important factor, IF the dead husbands family members claims have factual basis to them, may be how much Martin told his friend who was with him at the scene-

        If you were attempting to exort someone over the baby,

        and your ONLY leverage to get the money/stuff/relationship that you want is the fact that you alone can reveal the secret that the person you are extorting wants to keep secret, Martin would likely not be stupid enough to trust the details to a local fat meth-head he consorts with.
        If Martin had told his fat buddy all the facts about why he.. say.. needed a ride out to McKinley’s trailer, then the fat buddy could ruin all his plans by blabbing about it to someone else, at which point his ability to extort McKinley for whatever he wanted would be ruined.

        From a police standpoint, it does not take 20 minutes to break into a home or trailer you want into. 99% of homes that do not have a alarm system will take a 200+ lb man in good shape about 5 seconds to break into,
        either by a swift kick or two splitting the door frame, or by breaking out some glass and reaching in to open the door.

        To a civilian without exp, the notion of someone lurking and shouting for half an hour before finally breaking through into a trailer sounds reasonable and dramatic like they have seen on TV,

        but that is not how it happens in real life- It takes very little time to forcibly enter a home, unless you have a brick structure with steel doors and bars on the windows, along with a alarm system that has to be disabled. The claims the woman was making to her mother about finding things moved around inside the trailer, and suggestion people were poisoning her animals and entering her unlocked home while she was out, do mot point to a well secured home,
        and they are also things that raise red flags for cops who go out on a lot of calls, since these are not criminal tactics normally encountered in real life. They make sense if you are scripting a scary movie, or a hitchcock novel, but actual street criminals with a motivation to get money, drugs, sex.. etc.. do not actually do these SUBTLE things.

        Predatory crack heads come when you are not home, your pickup truck is not in the driveway, and throw a rock into your window and loot all your stuff. They do not engage in masterminding many months of a rising crescendo of subterfuge involving moving your salt and pepper shakers from their usual location.

        If the allegations that she had a physical relationship with Martin are in fact true, (I am not EVEN considering the familys’ baby claims at this point) that alone means this is serious police misconduct to suppress or fail to investigate the situation thoroughly if they have been made aware of this fact.

        Esp, if she earlier claimed she had no prior contact or relationship with Martin.

        I have no personal dog in this fight, and if this was a meth-head randomly targeting a vulnerable woman, then I would be happy to see the worst possible outcome for the surviving party.. the problem is, I cannot jump to such a conclusion until a actual complete and unbiased investigation takes place, and that cannot be done in 24 hours the way the local police closed-out the whole case.

        Did they go around and interview the families and friends of all these parties?
        Did they speak to co-workers of all parties?
        Did they check cell records of all these parties? (if this woman does not know Martin, there is no reason any calls would have been placed between them or their landlines)

        I am sure the dead husbands extended family would prefer to inherit his estate instead of a woman he married shortly before his death, and there is a motive for them to make up false claims or raise allegations that are not true.. But, it is extremely easy to either confirm or dispel such allegations if you bother to do so..

        you cannot do any investigation in the short time the local PD announced the entire case closed and justified.

        If the local PD tries to bury this at this point, what is eventually going to happen is, some investigative journalist writing a for-profit book is going to take this up, and the end result will probably go to the states attorneys office for a investigation of both the shooting participants relationships’, and the conduct of the local PD staff.
        If they were advised that a prior relationship existed between the shooter and Martin, and were told by the shooter that she did not know/have any past relationship with Martin, then that is official misconduct and the local PD that buried pertinent information can face prosecution of its staff and investigators at that point.

        • Marsha

          And now the police department is engaged in misconduct! Justin Martin is engaged in an extortion plot which he carefully keeps from his buddy, staying silent and never ever having bragged about his ‘conquest’ because he is such a gentleman! Sarah McKinley sets him up in a diabolical plot and murders him with impunity! The police are engaged in misconduct! Of course YOU would investigate thoroughly but not these incompetent officers. But wait, an investigative journalist will write a book and expose all this wrong doing! Then the states attorney will punish all the wrong doers!!! Or uh maybe it’s just exactly what the accomplish said, they thought a cancer patient would have painkillers there to steal.

          Are you really a cop or do you write fiction?

          • “Are you really a cop or do you write fiction?”

            I think I saw his little rant above in an old Mattlock rerun.

          • sluether

            Far from fiction. This crap happens in real life. The truth will come out.

        • “you dont come from these rural areas.

          having a knife on you is not unusual. It would not be remotely unusual in 95% of rural america for justin martin to have a concealed-carry glock 19 on his person.”

          Let me ask Barney Fife this, cowboy…since y’all carry knives in these rural areas.
          Is is commonplace for you back woods ‘rural’ types who carry Crocodile Dundee machetes to also BUST INTO young womans homes at night?

          You’ve put forth a LOT of bullshit theories that are based ENTIRELY on one bad assumption after another from what I see.

          Frankly I think you spent far too much time concocting these wild fantasies when you were a cop instead of doing your job and NOT trying to find some way to pin a bullshit rap on some innocent young woman.

          Put the Detective Magazines away, get out to a golf course and stop overanalyzing every damned detail to death.

          Its OVER now except to bury the dead, send the other felon to trial and get on with our lives.

    • sluether

      GarethF…you are right on!

  • Lori M

    The Blanchard police set up a donation account for Sarah McKinley at the Chickasha Bank & Trust Company. Those interested in donating can send checks to P.O. Box 548 Blanchard, OK 73010 made payable to Sarah McKinley.

    Read more:

  • AllRise

    Perhaps it’s not a huge coincidence that Sarah and Kenny named their son Justin, after all, his other 3 sons ALSO have names that begin with “J”. Having worked side by side with police, it doesn’t surprise me Gareth made the comments he did, I have yet to meet a cop who doesn’t think “there’s more to the story”. “Baby-mamma” does that paint the picture of a 1 bullet, back woods, Barney Fife or what? It sounds as though the McKinley family is more concerned with the “gold digging” than their desire for Kenny to be happy in his last days. As has been pointed out, there was no gun pointed at his head in the marriage photos. How many of his loving family members were present at the ceremony to express their best wishes? I can only assume he was an intelligent man who knew his life was coming to an end when he married Sarah and claimed Justin as his son. Whatever the circumstances that led to conception of this beautiful baby, the fact remains that he chose to be the “baby-daddy”. To think that she set this all up intentionally is expecting a lot from an “uneducated, desperate, small town OK girl”. She would have to be a master-mind to plan the timing of such events so perfectly. Alledged dad or not, he had to go to a lot of trouble to get to the door where he was shot. What is the accomplice saying? FYI-hydrocodone pills sell for about $5 a pill, here was a chance to score!

  • Nils Martins

    Greetings from Stockholm-Sweden.

    This story, like the Donna Jackson case back in 2009 (also Oklahoma-resident who shot an alleged intruder) has fascinated us over here.
    We are amazed how the media, for the past days, have described and raised the poor young widow to a national hero over there. We are stunned over hearing and reading about all Sarah Shepard McKinley and the praise of her character. Is she really that great? Is she really that innocent? Is she?

    Me and my fellow colleagues who work within the Swedish judicial system can’t really understand the American mentality in this particular case. It’s got nothing to to with the American’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms according to the Second Amendment. That we understand and respect.

    Rather it’s the way media has handled the the whole thing. We are amazed over how fast the the media and the public have come up with their verdict; “Not guilty”

    The most remarkable is that even the police department, the sheriff and authorities seem to share  the same view; “Not Guilty, and they shout this before any official investigation is done; interviews? crime scene investigation? technical evidens/analysis and forensics?

    The most enthusiastic of all appears to be the arms maniac of “H & H  Gun Range” Miles Hall. 

    The interview can be viewed at:

    Mr Hall draws unscientific conclusions and accelerates the glorification of the “poor widow” and at the same time describes the victim (Justin Martin) as a bad person.

    We are not saying that 
    Justin Martin was all good, nor his accomplice Dustin Stewart. BUT we are asking for a justice from the justice system – not from TV, from newspapers and definitely not from armsdealers.

    Here in Sweden, we think of the United States as great nation and  democracy. Swedes are big fans of American TV- documentaries such as “Forensic Files” “Medical Detectives” and others. We believe American police officers, investigators, prosecutors and judges are the world’s best. We hope that our belief in the US judicial system will remain on a high level and keep earning our respect. Therefore this story must be investigated or be presented in another way. According to the avalable information in the case, we think it’s not legally secure to draw conclusions from the 911-call with the dispatcher.

    This story has been discussed for a couple of days in my network here in Sweden. And after the niece Sara McKinley “dropped a bomb” on the internet, we think it’s more necessary and urgent than ever to have an unbiased investigation. All the information available in story seems to have all the components to qualify as an episode of the television program “snapped”. The TV program is very popular in Sweden and why not contact Oxygen Network about this case.

    Sara McKinley… If you read this, we would love to watch an episode on “Snapped” with the “sobbing widow” Sarah Shepard McKinley so we can se real and final justice. 
    There are many doubts and circumstances that don’t add up.

    For example, sobbing widow Sarah Shepard McKinley
    is posting “happy” Facebook posts and giving interviews that raise doubts. Her mother gave information about 2-year history with victim. And 3-month baby Justin’s biological father? Who is he? etc. We think that you, Sara McKinley, the niece, “Jenster” and police “Gareth F.” with 19 years in the force, could do a favor for justice by making this case to be investigated thoroughly. We want to see real American justice -free from corruption and prejudice.
    Here in Sweden we follow this case and hope to see it ad a future production in “Snapped”

    (Snapped: TV documentary that features FEMALE KILLERS WHO Have Committed Murder, most commonly their spouse) 

    Mr. Nilz Martins Stockholm-Sweden

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  • This is PATHETIC !

    She shot the bastard and its good damned thing that she did !

    • Daniel

      Don’t be simplistic. You don’t know what really happened.

      • Occam’s Razor

        What really happened is Justin Marting thought Sarah was an easy mark. He was dead wrong. He had seen her around, (if the rumors are true) he had a little fancy for her and felt she was wasted on Kenny McKinley. He watched her, stalked her and saw her vulnerability. Not much of a pot to piss in. Broken down cars, dead dogs, dead husband, tiny baby at home. He felt he had the right to take from her and mistook her for someone who could not defend herself. Arrogant piece of fecal matter! When he went to her house the day of the funeral he assumed he could introduce himself to her and be invited in and he could help himself to whatever pills he could steal under the guise of going to the bathroom. He left when he realized she wasn’t going to invite him in and she was not alone so he couldn’t force his way in. He went back two days later when he knew she was alone. Again… regardless of any other circumstances of if they knew each other, were only slightly aware of each other, or complete strangers… the law allows for her to use deadly force when someone is not authorized to enter your residence. Justin Martin assumed that he could get away with it because he just saw her as a vulnerable 18 year old girl. How’s that workin’ for you, dumbass? In some ways he was right. This was an 18 year old girl that for 3 years of her life found the most stability with a man who was more like her grandfather’s age. What does that tell you about where she had come from? When her husband was diagnosed as terminal just a few months back why was she ever left alone? Her family didn’t even think to be supportive 24/7 at that time? Seriously, a teenager with a new baby and now her husband dying? Clearly she was not surrounded by people who cared for her very well. She called her mother when she felt she was being watched, and someone was going in her house and moving things around while she was running back and forth between a hospital and a trailer and caring for a dying man and a brand new baby… and yet this girl was left alone. Her husband died on Christmas, for cryin’ out loud. Who would leave this girl alone for a minute? Why wasn’t she surrounded by people who loved her and cared for her? I am so thankful that this would NEVER happen in my family. But does this tell you why a couple of dirtbag’s would feel she wasn’t worthy of any kind of respect or manners? She had nobody looking out for her. Her own people somehow provided less stability than a man 40 years her senior that she later married. That is sayin’ something. Perhaps the two dirtbags as low as they are somehow viewed Sarah as even more trashy than themselves… makes no nevermind as it was not for them to decide. But all of these things it makes it easy to see that they viewed her as someone lower than themselves and an easy mark and they felt that they COULD take from her and she was no threat. So glad that this time, a completely vulnerable girl, who didn’t have a pot to piss in, and clearly had nobody looking after her was not a victim. Somehow she has learned to look out for herself because nobody else will. Good for her. May she find some real good people who will love her and show her a path open to her to better her life and the life of her son and get her some counseling for all she has gone through. She deserves to have a better life. No child should have to live through as much as she has in her short life. Shame, Shame on the kind of people who raised those two boys who were comfortable saying OUT LOUD that they planned to rob the house of an 18 year old girl who’s husband had just died of cancer. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

        • Daniel

          You are more simplistic yet.

  • Gareth F.

    “Justin Martin is engaged in an extortion plot which he carefully keeps from his buddy, staying silent and never ever having bragged about his ‘conquest’ because he is such a gentleman!”

    No, he really had no reason to tell the other man any more than necessary. If he is the father, his only leverage against the mother may be NOT telling anyone else what she does not want disclosed. The baby in this case is three months old, and the mother married McKinley one month ago, when he was already terminally ill. While its potentially possible the girl really fell romantically in love with a 58 year old stage-4 cancer patient, its more likely that she was attracted to his trailer, property and animals, as well as other assets, and he enjoyed the companionship of a teen girl in his last days alive.
    It seems very likely that the biological father of this child is probably not McKinley given that he was probably undergoing chemotherapy at nearly 60 years old at the time the baby would have been conceived, and he did not marry the childs’ mother until the baby was several months old and he knew death was coming soon.
    A woman denying a sexual or dating relationship to family or friends with a man she is sexually involved with is hardly a rare occurrence relegated to a science fiction writer. Esp, if that woman is in a short-term relationship with a cancer patient who will leave her a lot of stuff and a home if she can get him to marry her. This is someone who would have more than the usual incentive to keep quiet to everyone about who fathered her baby, and to tell others when that person showed up at her place that he is some crazy stalker she does not even know. I have dated two women at workplaces who specifically warned me that no one else in the workplace had better find out about our interactions away from work if I wanted the interactions to continue, and these co-workers had no monetary incentive like this woman did. I would be surprised if there is any environment/workplace that this does not take place.


    “Or uh maybe it’s just exactly what the accomplish said, they thought a cancer patient would have painkillers there to steal.”

    According to court records, Martin had no criminal or arrest record at all,
    he heard the baby inside, and he would have heard the noise of someone trying to drag a sofa inside against the front of the door inside the trailer. It also would take a home-invader/bandit a second to cut the TX line to a trailer at this isolated home site, which would disable the occupants ability to call for help unless they can get a cell signal in the area.
    The notion that a guy who has no criminal record would for his first crime be willing to enter a occupied, remote trailer leaving the phone line intact,and would take 20+ minutes to do so..(Trailers are made out of aluminum sheet and some studs), and would have had been willing to kill the occupant after leaving his first such crime, since the woman knows him as a local resident, is simply not sensible in its totality.
    I would check all the cell / landline records before anything else, to see if these two had prior contact. I would also be curious if Martin has a car, or which man drove the two to the trailer site. If Martin brought the other man to the scene out of necessity because he needed a ride from him, that lessens the likelihood that the other man was told any more than he needed to be told to give him a incentive to drive Martin out there.

    THE FOLLOWING IS simply pure speculation on my part- but I would be curious of ANY call to Martin within a few hours of this situation and would check any cell-towers they may have pinged for location(s) in the area of the trailer, since it would be very easy to call Martin from the trailer or a pre-paid 20 dollar cell phone and tell him that someone was outside stalking her or attempting to breaking-in, his child was in danger, and they needed help.

    Martin gets fatso to drive him to the scene thinking he will help the mother of his child and get to share ‘their’ new homestead afterward,
    he tells fatso that they have pain pills in the trailer since that will get fatso to drive him out there. He does not tell Fatso about his relationship/baby with this woman since she has threatened to cut him off if he tell anyone else, and this is his leverage to get into a relationship with her, their baby and her new inheritance.
    Fatso watches while Martin spends half a hour checking the trailer exterior for signs of a home invasion or stalker, and trying to make contact with someone inside of the trailer, and all they can hear is a baby. Martin eventually hears his baby crying inside and getting no response for 30 minutes or so, uses his hunting knife to pry open the (probably aluminum) trailer door, (which he could have done in seconds at any time he wanted to), and he is then blasted with a 12 gauge by the occupant as soon as he pops the door open.
    Fatso who saw this thinks his buddy was going in after those pain pills Martin told him about, and Fatso who is also not a career criminal runs away after the shooting out of fright, and immed goes to the police to turn himself in.
    Any problems with Martin interfering financially, or seeking custody of his newborn are now over.


    “The police are engaged in misconduct! Of course YOU would investigate thoroughly but not these incompetent officers.”
    ““Are you really a cop or do you write fiction?””

    Within days of the shooting the local P.D. that is supposed to be investigating the case is actually running the charity that is raising money for the woman who did the shooting.
    For the police dept to simultaneously be investigating the criminal case, while it is running the charity to raise money for one of the parties involved in the investigation pretty much rules out that this is a well-run or professional agency that is acting according to professional standards.

    While its more than fair to err on the side of the benefit of the doubt and for individual officers to donate money privately to the woman through some sort of trust/account, the agency itself and the specific investigators involved cannot be involved in collecting or disbursing funds to a party that is subject to a investigation they are charged with carrying out.
    This is probably why 24 hours later they announced the entire case closed, which is not remotely possible to do in a professional way.
    I doubt the police are deliberately corrupt, but I do think their sympathy was entirely toward the story they were told by this woman, and they closed a major crime that they are not accustomed to handling in a time-frame that is impossible to do a complete and competent investigation within.

    Once you have begun collecting charity money for one of the parties involved in a case, you are no longer able to impartially investigate that persons role. That sort of relief fund should be arranged by a private party, a church, the extended family, or set up by a local bank. In this case where the local police have taken it upon themselves to act in that role, any remotely competent attorney will take this CASE APART and have a mis-trial when this goes to court. There isnt any appeals court that will let a verdict stand in a case like this even if the local trial court lets it go.


    Now, I know I have relied on the known facts, field experience and logic instead of emotion, but that is the responsibility of a fair and impartial investigation.

    • Occam’s Razor

      The facts are clear. She was in her home that she shared with her husband, therefore within her legal rights to be occupying the residence. He had been to her house 2 days prior to the break in so he was AWARE she was living there. He was attempting to gain access to a house that did not belong to him that was occupied by another and against the resident’s will. She owes him NOTHING at that point. Whether he has known her all her life or only in his twisted mind he had NO LEGAL RIGHT to enter her residence uninvited. He was not invited to the property she was occupying. There is a news report with comments that also indicate that the landlord of the property is horrifed at what happened and is 100% on her side. This guy broke into HER residence and he earned the consequences of his actions under the law. The police do NOT even need to investigate if there was a prior relationship to put this situation to rest. The accomplice has confessed. The dead dirtbag was found GLOVED and holding a knife after having kicked in her front door. CASE CLOSED. He had no business being there at all and she was well within her legal rights to shoot him.

      If there turns out to be a prior relationship and even if it was a seedy and duplicitous relationship, it doesn’t change the fact that for whatever reason he had in his head, he expected to be capable of taking advantage of her. He was aware that she was home, and he was aware that she was refusing to grant him entry to her home. He felt entitled to break in anyway. He is dead because he was stupid and an ahole. Who knows why it took him so long to break in. His accomplice admits that they took some oxycontin together. Who knows what this dead dirtbag took in addition to that, or how much. Being he took a painkiller set to peak in his system about the time he arrived at her property, perhaps he was already not the sharpest tool in the shed, and now his congnitive faculties are diminished all the more by his little courage in a pill action.

      So to those cooking up your conspiracy theories… So the PHUCK WHAT?!?!?

      He told someone he intended to break in to her house. He showed up at her house, and he was gloved and had a knife in his hands, when he kicked in her door. KICKED IN HER DOOR, PEOPLE!!!! It doesn’t matter who he thought he was… He was wrong and he is dead. Good riddance.

      It also doesn’t matter what her past is or if she likes them old or young, or what have you. None of it matters as nothing nullifies her right to keep out someone who wants to enter her residence without her permission. Period. AMEN!

      • themostlikelymoron

        A) we don’t actually know if he brought the knife. It could have been planted by her or anyone else there before the cops finally arrived.

        B) Blanchard is a small town, I could run across it in 20 min. For a squadcar officer to take that long is suspicious.

        C) Assumed assailant is 5′ tall. Supposedly, there was a couch against the door. Assailant was found draped over the couch. He was shot before entering the house. And damned good aim on her part. Means she was ready to shoot the instant the door opened.

        D) OK, so the guy deserved to get shot for entering. Question is, was it self defense if she gave him a reason to attempt forcible entry, like say, threaten to kill the baby? Would you stand outside if you thought your child was about to be hurt by a woman that seems to have a history with guns? That would make her just as guilty in my estimation. Doesn’t excuse him, but she isn’t innocent either.

  • Nilz Martin

    Justice is not surved until a full investigation is done. It’s embarrassing that law officials go public and justify the shooting based on a 911-call. More digging must be dine. Investigate the time prior to the shooting. Bank transactions, telephone lists, life insurance etc. Also: who is the bio dad of baby Justin? Kenner McKinleybor Justin Martin?

    Nilz M -Stockholm – Sweden

  • Travis

    Bill (Americansforguns), no one here has disagreed with the fact that Sarah had the right to shoot Justin. He entered her home without her permission and deserved to be shot. I would have done the same. She was justified in doing so. That doesnt mean that she did not know him or that there was no relationship between them. Look at the facts. Dont lose sight of them (the facts) by simply trying to argue and defend your 2nd ammendment rights as no one here has questioned the right to carry or bear arms. Sarah Mckinley has lied. She lied about the fact that someone shot her dog and she admitted to shooting it herself on her Dec. 23rd facebook post, she also stated on FB that the dispatcher TOLD her to shoot the intruder. We have all heard the tape and know that was not true. She also said the police told her that these men were suspected of being involved in the disappearance of a woman that went missing near her home at 2 AM the morning she shot Justin (taken from HER FB post at 936 pm Dec 31st after shooting Justin). There is no record of a missing woman and this was another lie. The point is, we are not saying she did not have the right to shoot him but it does appear there is more to the story and perhaps it was partially a matter of “convenience” to her that she was given the excuse to shoot him and now she is looking to benefit from it through the donations she is receiving from people all around the country. Perhaps it is acceptable in Columbus Ohio to insult people for looking at a story from a different angle as Gareth and I have but many of the facts in this story came from people with inside knowledge of the families and people involved. I’m just saying, don’t close your mind to the facts and don’t insult people who have a different opinion. It just makes you look bad. Additionaly, ANY time a person is shot, killed, and the investigation is cleared and closed in 12 hours the investigation has not been very thorough.

    • Occam’s Razor

      She is an 18 year old girl that doesn’t have much of an education, AND has just been through some harrowing experiences. She just had a baby, and her husband and companion who has provided the only stability she has known since she was 15 has died, on XMAS no less. Someone did POISON her dogs. She found the body of one of them already dead, and she found the other one days later in convulsions after having been poisoned and she had to shoot it. This girl’s mind is probably a bit fragile and all of the things she has gone through in a matter of 3 months are more tragic and mind rattling that they were all happening at the same time. From what I had read that their vehicles had both broken down while her husband was going through the last ditch cancer treatments, so add that now she is having to beg for rides for the most basic things and is caring for a baby, and a terminally ill person that matters to her, and her animals are poisoned and killed and she has to shoot one herself, and she feels like someone is watching her and a strange guy tries to get into her house the day her husband is buried… then he comes back 2 days later and is trying to break in… LORD have MERCY! If her mind isn’t rattled by all that, it should be. I think some of her comments should be chalked up to a poor human being who has been through far too much trauma at the same time and is having a hard time making sense of it herself. Shock is a powerful mental defense mechanism. This girl is in shock. There also is a woman missing in Blanchard County and she is believed to have been running a prostitution business on Craigs List. Her vehicle has been found but she hasn’t. The police probably mentioned it and she is so addled by her own experience she can’t keep the details straight. Bless her heart. You may not know her whole life, or every conversation she has had with everyone. You may not know who the father of her baby is, hell it would be perfectly fine if SHE didn’t know, as it makes no nevermind that she had the right to shoot anyone who tried to gain entry into her residence without her permission. PERIOD. Even if the landlord is really a crooked “sumbitch” and told this dirtbag to go out there and make sure she was out by new years eve. I assure you that if this were the case, that kind of guy would not be treated too kindly by local folks. Get it, people? Only a complete dirtbag not worth the salt in his body would decide that upon his tenant dying on xmas day that he would need to send out a complete hairball to make sure the trailer was empty. It did not happen that way. No matter what kind of lies people want to tell themselves. The dirtbags had no legitimate reason to be on the property. The accomplice stated that his friend INTENDED to BREAK IN and relieve the resident of any left over painkillers that her dead husband may have left behind. If in fact this guy had any legitimate reason to be there, he certainly would not have told his phatphuck buddy that they were breaking in to get drugs. Nobody MAKES that $hit up unless you are as dumb as a bag of hair.

      For cryin’ out loud, again… her whole story is irrelevent to the facts of this situation. Even if some of the ridiculous far fetched fantasies were true… and in that ridiculous far fetched world she knew him and suggested he come over…. at the point that she chose to not let him in meant she had changed her mind. At that point he was uninvited. When he felt he had the right to break in to her house he was in the wrong. That was not in fact the case, as the accomplice certainly could have said, “hey… he knew this girl and she invited us over, and then her front door was stuck and so we kicked it in to help her out and she shot him! I don’t know what happened man, but I freaked out and ran.”

      But… that didn’t happen. He matter of factly said that his buddy was addicted to painkillers and that he had taken oxycontin with him 30 minutes before they arrived at her house. He stated that his buddy had a plan to BREAK IN and rob the place of leftover pain meds from a cancer patient that had died. These are things he chose to share with his buddy. These things tell you what kind of person he really was. I don’t expect the birds of a feather to admit that they too are dirtbags not worthy of sharing the air with decent people. I expect them to think far too highly of themselves and likewise their dirtbag buddy. Thankfully this time stupid was not just painful, but fatal.

  • The real thing is not whether the deceased was the baby’s birth father but he went to Sarah’s house uninvited and probably unwanted. He scared her enough for her to barricade the doors, get the guns out, and call 911 for help. She was terrified (for what ever reason). The dispatcher did not say that she should kill him, but she MUST do what is best to protect her baby. She also told Sarah that help was on the way.

    No matter what, breaking into a home with the intent to do harm is reasonable provocation to use deadly force. I do believe most of us would have done the same.

    Sarah did the right thing to protect her child.

    End of story.

    • Occam’s Razor

      I believe the Prosecutor and a couple of town attorneys have belabored this point as well. In multiple articles pertaining to this story they have said that REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES A PERSON IS WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS TO USE DEADLY FORCE TO STOP SOMEONE WHO IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO ENTER THEIR RESIDENCE.

      Get it, people? Justin Martin was not authorized to enter her residence by her. She was terrified and called police. Had they gotten there the two dirtbags would have been told they were NOT authorized to be there, but they already knew that. Justin Martin DID kick in her front door. He was breaking and entering and went to the trouble to shut the door behind him even. He was well inside a residence where he was NOT wanted. His relationship to Sarah is IRRELEVANT according to the authorities. HE BROKE IN. She was within her rights to shoot him. The rest of her life story is NOT YOUR BUSINESS! YOU have no rights to pronounce judgement on her and you don’t get to nullify the law that is on her side just because you don’t like how she has lived, or your don’t like the looks of her. Get over yourselves.

      Sarah was well within her rights and she did the right thing. She was able to protect herself and for goodness sakes, an 18 year old girl should never have been in such a position in the first place. One thing is for sure, is she now knows she can protect herself and hopefully she will only get stronger from here.

  • Nilz Martin

    According to one week studies on the news flow regarding this matter, there are some circumstances worth enlightening;

    (1) – Sarah Shepard McKinley, 18, DID NOT brake the law egen she shot the intruder Travis Martin, 24.
    (2) – No investigator in the world could not -and should not, draw any conclusions in a case where a person is shot to death.
    (3) – Any kind of judgement must be done in a US courtroom, not in media or by a sheriff.
    (4) – No matter what gun maniacs like Miles Hall of “H & H” in Oklahoma in this interview;

    (5) – Sarah Shepard McKinley may have done it “by the book” but this doesn’t answer whether
    (A)-She knew the intruder/victim Travis Martin.
    (B)-She had a relationship with intruder/victim Travis Martin.
    (C)-The biological father of babyboy Travis is intruder/victim Travis Martin or deceased Kenneth McKinley.

    Kenneth McKinley’s niece, Sara McKinley has expressed some facts and circumstances that raise questions and we mist say that there in fact are “reasonable doubt” whether there is foul play here or not.

    In all cases where the outcome is deadly, there should be an investigation including witness interviews, consideration of technical and forensic evidence and background check of relationship between shooter and victim.

    All professional investigators and law inforcement personnel perform a professional and non-bias investigation before drawing any conclusions. No one have the right nor the authorities to shout out the question of guilt only only based upon a te order 911-call.

    I am a

    • Occam’s Razor


      None of your questions are relevant. You may want the answers to these questions, but they are none of your business.

      This situation was a resident of a mobile home who was alone IN HER LEGAL RESIDENCE and who had called police to report that multiple people were trying to gain access to her residence.

      At the point that someone entered her residence she was within her LEGAL RIGHTS to use deadly force to stop them.

      All the police need to evaluate is if she was the resident and if the person dead was authorized to enter her residence. The facts are clear. That is all that is necessary. Not only was the dead criminal dead proof of having kicked in a barricaded door of HER residence, but he was found gloved and armed. Boom. That is all. But… just to add whip cream and cherry on top of this nightmare sundae- his buddy admitted that they got drugged up on their pain pills before heading to the residence that they PLANNED to break into and rob for more pills. Ta Da! Case closed.

      You don’t need to know anything more about the players involved, or their relationship to each other. In this case it was resident and unauthorized person committing a crime against the resident. That is all.

      The police don’t need to care about the individuals involved. They don’t need to like them to be able to ascertain who was the criminal and who was the intended victim. The law is really clear on this.

      Resident home when two thugs attempt to enter her home. Thug #1 kicks in door and is armed. She shoots. Was this reasonable and allowable under the law? Yes! That’s all, folks. Like it or not.

      She did not own anyone a verbal warning, or to tell them she is calling the police and has a gun. They went to the trouble to violate her home and sense of safety on that day, no reason for her to value them above her own life and give them reason to return with bigger and better weapons. They are not deserving of being deprived of the consequences of their actions. If Justin wanted to avoid being killed, then he should not have broken in to someone else’s residence. Period. There was no reason whatsoever that he should have felt that was within his right. His foolishness cost him his life.

      • KT

        Occam’s, thank you for so forcefully defending what should be common sense. Mrs. McKinley had every right to shoot that man dead, whether they were in a torrid affair and he was the father of the baby or not. If he wanted to see his child, or attempt to establish paternity, the correct place to do that would be via the court system. Not coming to harass the mother with gloves, a weapon, and another huge friend. There is no circumstance that I can think of, no matter all the theories being bandied about here, that he would have needed to enter a locked home. I don’t buy the abandoned baby crying excuse. And even if that was his motive, the baby wouldnt have died from crying before he could contact the police. Any justification he may have given, had he not died, to enter the house is not a legal justification, nor a moral one IMO, and he deserved what he got.

        Oh, and by the way, I’m from the boonies, and most of my male friends and family are hunters, and never have I ever seen them use a knife or other weapon to enter a residence uninvited. If the owner is not home, they leave or enter with keys because they have permission. If they suspect something afoul while the homeowner is away, we call other relatives or enter with the appropriate keys, or dial 911. We do not kick peoples’ doors in. Give me a break. “Cops” like the one above are why women dont bother to turn in abusive men even when they have 2 black eyes and a broken arm.

  • Nilz Martin

    Hello America! 
    Hello Oklahoma!

    According to studies regarding this matter performed by my respected friend and colleague Wolfgang Hansen (German resident) and myself (Nilz Martin Swedish Resident) – we’ve come to some conclusions. Our works and analysis are strictly hypothetical and based upon available and accessible facts obtained from media coverage. 

    Let’s start…

    (1) – Sarah Shepard McKinley, 18, DID NOT brake the law when she shot and killed the (for her unknown at the scene) intruder Travis Martin, 24.
    (2) – No investigator in the world CAN NOT -and SHOULD NOT, draw any conclusions in a case like this where a person is shot to death (killed)
    (3) – Any kind of statement must be done in a US courtroom, not in media or by a sheriff or an arms dealer (Miles Hall, “H & H”)
    (4) – No matter what “judge-wannabe” gun maniac Miles Hall of “H & H” in Oklahoma praises the shooting act done by Sarah Shepard McKinley in this interview;

    (5) – Sarah Shepard McKinley may have done it “by the book” but this doesn’t answer whether
       (A)-She knew the intruder/victim Travis Martin.
       (B)-She had a relationship with intruder/victim Travis Martin.
       (C)-The biological father of baby-boy Travis (3 moths) is Travis Martin, 24 or the deceased Kenneth McKinley, 58.
    (6)-There is a (financial) motive?
    (7)-She will benefit from Justin Martin’s death?
    (8)-There is a life insurance where she is the beneficiary?
    (9)-There was a situation, such as blackmailing scenario? Maybe there were facts  -if unveiled -would unfold an uncomfortable reality to Sara Shepard McKinley?

    Kenneth McKinley’s niece, Sara McKinley has expressed some suspicions, facts and theories regarding the relationship circumstances between Sarah Sheperd McKinley, 18 and Kenneth McKinley, 58, which raise questions and doubts. We must say that the niece’s statement raises questions and doubts whether there is foul play here.

    In all cases where the outcome is deadly, there should be an thorough investigation including witness interviews, consideration of technical and forensic evidence and background check of the shooter, victim and the relationship between them.

    All professional investigators and law enforcement personnel should first investigate the circumstances BEFORE shouting out the question of guilt or draw conclusions. It seems that all statements and judgements are done within hours-days and are based upon the shooters statement and the 911-call with the dispatcher. The handling of the case can’t be said to be of high quality police work neither a conventional method of investigation.

    According to the given facts in the case, there are plenty of circumstances that raises questions and doubts.

    Both I and and my colleague, the forensic detective Wolfgang Hansen from Kreusberg-Germany, have studied the case in detail and would like to see a professional and non-bias investigation of the case.

    We are both big fans of forensic techniques and murder investigations. We consider US law enforcement officials and judicial system members to be the world’s best. Therefore we look forward to see a thorough investigation of this case.

    Is the “sobbing widow” a victim or is she a manipulative, greedy, gold-digging and cold-hearted murderess? This question can only be answered after a professional and thorough investigation.

    At last: both I and my dear friend and colleague Wolfgang Hansen of Kreuaberg, Germany, have high trust and confidence in the American judicial system and supporters of the second amendment in the American Constitution which establishes and guarantees Americans the right to bear arms and protect themselves, their family, their property and their little ones.
    The Sarah Shepard McKinley shooting may well be an episode of the TV documentary ‘snapped’? Or what do you think?

    Wikipedia-link to “Snapped”

    “Snapped” features women who have committed murder or attempted murder. Often the target is the individual’s spouse who almost always has a life insurance and the wife is the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Thus, the motive in nearly all cases is money/greed where the woman/killer is planning to cash in insurance money from the insurance company. 

    Mr. Nilz Martin,
    21-year veteran within Swedish, German and Danish judicial system and 18-year experience in murder investigations, forensic analysis, technical analysis and psychological profiling.

  • Nilz Martin

    Occam’s Razor

    Thank you for posting.

    I am not the investigator nor the judge in this case. I don’t think you are in charge of this investigation either.

    Let’s play a mindgame:
    There is a toddler named Justin, in media called “baby Justin” and was born some 3 minths ago. There are no doughts whatsoever the mother if this toddler is Sarah Shepard McKinley. The child grew inside of her for about 9 months and was delivered at a Oklahoma obstetric clinic.

    The father however could be any man who has had sexual intercourse with Sarah Shepard McKinley approximately 9 months prior to the birth of baby Justin.

    As far I am concerned there is a possibility that the sperm that penetrated the the egg of ovulating Sarah Shepard McKinley could have come from the ejaculation of Justin Martin during a supposed vaginal penetration during the sexual intercourse between Justin and Sarah.

    Sarah might -because of natural causes, not have wanted this to be revealed. Thus keeping it a secret. When Kenneth McKinley passed away, Justin saw no threat to visit Sarah to see his 3-months baby. When Sarah didn’t want to let Justin in he banged on the door and got angry (normal psychological reaction maybe based on Sarah’s betrayal and refusal) Justin even might have had late Christmas gifts to hand over to Sarah to give baby Justin? We don’t know.

    Regarding the “knife” Justin supposedly was carrying, is not confirmed, it’s something that’s been circulating. It will be very refreshing to read the report and se crime scene photos. Maybe that will answer questions whether there was a knife or if it’s made up?!

    Not forget all other facts, comments and circumstances! Sarah’s mother said in an interview that Justin was known already 2 years ago. We don’t know the relationship between Sarah Shepard age 18 and Justin Martin age 24. And we don’t know if Kenneth age 58 is the father of baby Justin or if Jistin is??

    DNA testing should be done in this case to confirm the fatherhood of baby Justin since we don’t think Sarah would do that.

    Nilz Martin, Stickholm, Sweden
    Wolfgang Hansen, Kreuzberg, Germany

    baby Justin would you

  • Missing

    Justin, there was a missing pregnant mother from Blanchard. Her body was found Sunday Janurary 8th and her husband and mother-in-law are the only suspects in the case you can look the case up on or you can also google “missing blanchard mother”

  • Occam’s Razor


    None of this is any of your business. You choose to troll around playing mind games, but nobody else needs to play with you. See, you are inconsequential in this case, and what you think actually doesn’t mean diddley squat. You have no impact. None. While you clearly have an overinflated sense of self importance, you are quite simply, a big nobody in this situation. The investigators don’t care what you think. The D.A. doesn’t care what you think. The lawmakers who drafted the Castle Doctrine (Make My Day Law)don’t care what you think. Nobody consulted you at any point, and nobody is going to consult you. Yes, you have all these ideas and questions and you feel compelled to judge this girl and ask questions that are none of your business. So what? You have no rights here. End of Story.

  • Have heard that man that died of cancer and young man who was killed were co workers? Young man should not break in to house. If young lady is lieing about not knowing young man it should raise red flag.

  • Nilz Martin

    Occam’s Razor (2)

    Once again,
    Thank you again for posting.

    We could easily figure out – by reading your posts, that you are a person with a “lazy” characters.

    Please do not het upset but what you are saying is not trustworthy at all. Your opinion and beliefs is not based upon “science and proven experience”

    Just like the “Occam’s Razor” principle, you are making shortcuts and live by a non-scientific rules. Your nickname “Occam’s Razor” tells it all! According to the principle of “Occam’s Razor” (“Law of parsimony”) we assume that your mind is stuck in pre-historic time, from the era with dinosaurs 😉
    Have you graduated from high school? Just wondering;))
    Your philosophy is nothing but garbage! You seem extremely reluctant to see and accept reality. We bet you still think the Earth is flat as a pancake;))

    Justin Travis was shot to death and nobody should feel sorry. We don’t. And Sarah Shepard McKinley exercised her legal right to shot him. We don’t have any complaints in that matter.

    But we have to consider ALL the facts and circumstances by performing an investigation to rule out any doubts. You’ll have to agree that there are some doubts!!  
    We have to respect and listen to Travis family and Kenneth’s relatives, especially the niece Sara McKinley!

    We want justice served!
    We want a thorough, professional investigation of the shooting.
    We want a non-bias, non-prejudice and scientific investigation.

    We hope the DA and police investigate the shooting as a homicide.

    I hope the police department in the county where the shooting took place have a have bright brains such our beloved LA  Homicide detective, Liutenant Columbo of the LAPD, so all “the loose ends are tied up”

    Nilz Martin, Stickholm, Sweden
    Wolfgang Hansen, Kreuzberg, Germany

  • Occam’s Razor


    You clearly are nuttier than a pecan tree and apparently can’t even get the name of the deceased criminal correct. Occam’s Razor- the simplest explanation will be the most plausible until evidence is presented to prove it false.

    And no, YOU don’t have to consider any additional information about the relationship of those involved in the break-in and shooting, because YOU are a NOBODY.

    Her relationship to Justin MARTIN or his accomplice is completely irrelevent to the case at hand. He broke in to HER residence and he is dead because of his actions. Regardless of if he knew her since birth and visited her every day or if he is exactly as his accomplice as told the police… a guy addicted to painkillers who had a plan to break in to her home to steal drugs that might have been left behind by her husband who died of cancer… he broke in to her house and she did not want him there and it was within her legal rights to shoot him and kill him. End of story.

    What you want to consider is irrelevant. What you want to know is irrelevant. What you think the police or anyone else should care about is irrelevant. You are a NOBODY. Your opinion means nothing. Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch. Nilz = Null

  • Nilz Martin

    Ockam’s Razor (3$

    Thank you for your comments!

    We agree almost everything you write.
    What we don’t understand is why you are so defensive.

    Don’t you think it’s good to perform a professional investigation? No matter how obvious the shooting might occur?

    We have follow every episode of the TV-documentary “Snapped” innthe befinnig the majority of the people including the law officials didn’t suspect foul play, BUT the investigation showes differently!
    All women in the “Snapped” series were sentenced to life or given death sentence.

    Without investigation there is a chance we get a murderer on the loose. No matter if she is a woman and age 18 with a newly born kid. There are relatives and fosterparents that can raise baby Justin if Sara Shepard McKinley is found guilty of murder or death.

    We like the US and US laws and believe the policr and court are descent smart people and will proceed invesrigation assuming it was a MURDER ONE=PLANNED MURDER.

    It seems a little odd how you try to “cover up and protect” Sarah Shepard McKinley???

    Two our junior lawyers have already done a huge research on the case and contacted Oklahoma law personnel and also detective Dan Huff -Blanchard Police Department with their thoughts, questions and opinions in this case. They have also compared to similar incidents where the woman at first was assumed innocent but later on found guilty.

    You would change your stubborn opinion when you read and wats about murders where women pulled the trigger.

    Wikipedia-link to “Snapped”

    Also link to Lt. Columbo, Homicide detective of the Los Angeles Police Department;)
    Nilz Martin, Stockholm, Sweden
    Wolfgang Hansen, Kreuzberg, Germany

  • McClain informer

    “Stewart’s attorney, Stephen Buzin, told CNN he would not comment on specifics of the case against his client. “We will let the facts come out at trial and feel comfortable with his innocence,” the attorney said.”
    “A hearing for Stewart was held Thursday in the central Oklahoma city of Chickasha, five days after the incident. During that hearing,

    Stewart posted the $50,000 bond and was released,

    Grady County court clerk Jessica Pickle told CNN. Prosecutors recommended that $50,000 be set as the bail amount, according to a court document.”

    The accomplice is already of of jail on bail in this case. Prosecutors usually ask for a lot more than a 50k bond in a home invasion/murder that had national publicity. The fact that he or his family could raise 50k also seems to show its sort of unlikely that they are really hurting for cash, or will have to rely on a public defender who is not interested or incapable of getting to truth here.

    He is pleading ‘not guilty’, and his attorney says he is innocent. Although plenty of guilty people plead ‘not guilty’ and claim innocence, this sort of runs against these insane posters here who rant over and over with profanity-laced tirades about this second-hand claim of a ‘full confession’ making a full investigation unnecessary.

    It will be interesting how this plays out in court, and whether this guy has any sort of criminal record. Usually someone with any criminal record who is alleged to have been a participant in a home invasion/murder is not getting out of jail pre-trial, and definitely not on a mere 50k bond.

    I wonder if what this guy actually told the police was that Martin asked him for a ride to the trailer, and suggested to him that there were some more yummy prescription meds that the occupant, his pal, could provide them, and the local cops in order the close the case simply decided that this meant they had plans to burglarize the home for the drugs in advance.

    If it turns out Martin was merely going to see his former G-friend and newborn and Stewart was in no way involved in entering or planning to break into the trailer, then its impossible to hold stewart liable for what Martin did after their arrival.
    Also, although it would not necessarily be a problem for the girl who did the shooting, its possible Martin had no cellphone and after not getting his g-friend to come to the door after half a hour of knocking he went in to check on his baby. its still understandable that the girl could shoot in this cirumstance, but it would also not require any intent on Martins part to commit a crime inside.

    ALL THIS is why no matter any castle doctrine or self-defense issues involved the cops needed to do a complete and wide ranging investigation, and probably bring in some State Police or big city cops who have the experience to actually handle and delve into these big crimes.
    Because they did not dig into the matter after they simply decided to say it was all solved with no more details or background needed, they have now polluted the case and opened all the parties involved in this to a lot of RUMORS, INNUENDO, Hypotheticals, and suspicions, that would not be the case if they took their time and did a professional job.

  • This comment deleted by blog owner.

    • John Mason, if you want to denigrate Oklahoma and Oklahomas, do it elsewhere.

  • Nilz Martin

    “John Mason” -BEHAVE MAN!!

    Maggie… Great site;)

    What’s on the mind of two European followers?

    Obviously the shooting is an act where Sarah Shepard McKinkey performed an attack with deadly weapon resulting in death of Justin Martin.

    If case closed and law officials won’t investigate murder, the death will in our mind be considered as premeditated murder.

    The investigation must proceed. It must not be stalled because of the risk of getting cold.

    When considering and evaluating the available and accessible facts presented by media, there seem to be many loose ends and “these loose ends must be tied up”.. as Lieutenant Columbo, Homicide Detective io the LAPD would say…
    ☹ ✝✝ R.I.P. Peter Falk ✝✝☹

    If I would bet on the outcome of this case, I would put my Bejamin Franklin on the following scenario;

    (A) – There will be a murder investigation.

    (B) – The jury will be unanimously ruling GUILTY.

    (C) – The verdict will most probably be; INVOLONTARY MANSLAUGHTER or MURDER OF SECOND DEGREE.

    (D) – The most probable verdict; The judge will sentence her to 12-15 years in prison with possibility of parole after minimum 12 years served.

    (E) – If DNA paternity testing is done to and the outcome shows Travis Martin being the biological father, then Travis Martin’s family will get custody of baby Travis.

    My friend WOLFGANG HANSEN would pretty much bet on the same outcome as I do but with two exceptions.
    Mr Hansen believes Sarah Sheperd McKinley will be charged with; 



    On this outcome, Mr Hansen is willing to bet against me TEN-FOLD;)

    Sarah Shepard McKinley did nothing illegal -AS LONG AS THE INVESTIGATION DOESN’T COME WITH FACTS ABOUT FOUL PLAY. If the after investigators discover foul play… well then Sarah S. McKinley got to be prepared to change her postal address to a woman’s correctional center ☹

    ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 
    ※ Go Oklahoma!
    ※ Go USA -The Greatest Nation on the Universe!
    ※ God Bless America and the ※ second amendment!
    ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 
    Mr. Nilz Martin, Sweden.
    21-year veteran within Swedish, German and Danish judicial system and 18-year experience in murder investigations, forensic analysis, technical analysis and psychological profiling.

    Mr. Wolfgang Hansen, Germany.
    8 year DA experience at Kreuzberg courthouse and 14 year judge at Berlin (Germany) Superior Court 

  • Gareth F.


    “BLANCHARD, Oklahoma – Blanchard Police reveal they are now searching for two key pieces of evidence owned by the man shot dead in a December 31 home invasion.”
    “Investigators say they are searching for Justin Martin’s lap top in addition to his cell phone.”
    “Police were led to believe the phone and lap top were in the truck used during the home invasion, but were not found during a search of the vehicle.”

    HMMMMMMMM… Then you probably should not be announcing the case closed on Jan. 3rd, when you do not start to bother finding or checking the mans communications devices/call history until Jan. 9th- after others pointed out to you that your entire ‘investigation’ is woefully incomplete.

    Who “led police to believe that critical communications devices (i.e-cell phones) were in a impounded vehicle belonging to Martin”,
    as police suddenly allege today?..
    sure wasn’t the owner, Martin, the only person who would potentially know, because he was dead even since the 31st. This just proves as suspected that police closed out this case too fast without actual investigation, and announced premature conclusions without getting all communications information for the parties involved.

    Now suddenly on January 9th, after the police agency has started its own fundraising effort to benefit the shooter, and after announcing to the media that the investigation of fault was closed,
    they are going to re-start an “impartial” investigation (not trying to cover their own a** or anything) by checking the dead mans phone records, CELLULAR TELEPHONE and his Laptop computer..

    Someone QUICKLY needs to get the Oklahoma State Police or another unrelated competent Law Enforcement agency other than Blanchard P.D. into taking over this case now before this agency contaminates all the evidence and the entire case.
    Anything the Blanchard Police touch or claim to turn up at this point is going to contaminated.. and cannot be used as evidence after they have begun the charity to raise money for the shooter. This is exactly what I suspected.

  • jenster

    Alternate scenario:

    Much of the focus has been on Justin Martin and his relationship with Sarah. We almost totally ignore Dustin Stewart. I’m sure he likes that.

    What do we actually know about Justin as FACT? and what is rumour?

    Facts: Justin was 24, lived most of his life in Mustang, OK and moved to Blanchard to work as a ranch hand for the past couple of years or so. His folks are still in Mustang and a place on his own. We can logically assume he rents. It’s assertained he has a dog, a truck and keeps a couple cattle at the Clearwater ranch where he works. It’s hard to determine exactly where he lived. I actually figured it out a couple days ago but forgot where. I believe the Clearwater ranch area is about 15 miles away from the scene. Still in Blanchard.

    It certainly appears that those that knew him, liked and trusted him. Had no problem getting a girlfriend and staying friends afterwards. Even his EX-girlfriend’s mother liked him! How’s that for a twist?

    Never gets into trouble except for a couple traffic tickets. Frankly, it seems next to impossible NOT to get a ticket in this area occasionally.

    He seems like a normal 24 year old country boy.

    What do we know about Dustin/Dusty? Next to nothing. That’s actually kind of strange.

    The records I’ve seen about him indicate he either lives with his folks 3 miles away or near Kenneth’s brother, 4 miles awayfrom the scene. Definely walking distance. AND about 1 mile away from where Sarah works/ed at a malt shop

    No school history, work history, court history. At least that I can find out from afar. If he merely came to Blanchard from out of state to live with his folks, that means his records are elsewhere. Along with his past.

    Which means we know NOTHING of his character at all.

    a 29 year old blank slate. Possibly a criminal from out of state. Possibly a no’er do well without a job living in his dad’s basement. If so, he has good manipulation skills.

    We DO know he was close enough to the scene to know Kenneth had died and have an inkling of what was going on.

    Ok.. Here is *MY* Scenario, Entirely Conjecture. Have fun shooting it down……

    Justin And Dustin are drinking buddies. Justin usually pays since Dustin is older and tells a good story or two. Gotta give the sage his due!

    It’s New Year’s Eve, both are drunk and broke. Justin had money but he had to repair his truck which cost him his paycheck. His truck is still getting fixed at the garage near the malt shop so he is on foot till Monday.

    Dusty shares the last of the OXY he stole from his dad with Justin. Justin, whom never tried it before, gets really buzzed and likes it. Wants more.

    Dusty tells Justin he knows where to get more. Some old man died from cancer so he is sure to have some OXY at his isolated trailer nearby. His widow has a baby and for SURE won’t want to stay there alone over the New Year. After the funeral she is guaranteed to go to her mom’s house in Tuttle over the weekend. It’s been hours so she should be there already. They can break in, make as much noise as they want, and nobody would know.

    Justin has eyed Sarah every once in a while. Not quite as pretty as the girls he usually goes out with but not bad. However she is taller than him and kinda wierd. Likes older tall guys anyway.

    Justin has some misgivings but he is high as a kite. And Dustin is calling a scared pussy to boot! So off they go to the trailer..

    Dustin is actually a coward and lazy. He weighs twice as much as Justin but it’s all blubber. He manipulates Justin into doing the dirty work while standing by on watch.

    Dusty and Justin have taken about the same in OXY and alcohol but Justin is REALLY plastered. He is a small wirey guy so everything effects him more intensely. His concept of time and judgment is totally out the window. Not to mention morals.

    Justin knocks on the door. He doesn’t want to break in while somebody is there. that would be bad. (sic)He knocks harder just to be sure. He hesitates. thought he heard a baby cry for an instant. He tries knocking on the back door just to be sure. The back door is also locked, not to mention looks harder to break down.

    Dustin is frustrated. Sure he wants some drugs, but he is also interested in the guns and money the guy has stashed. How else was Ken able to get a young wife? And this fool won’t stop pussy footing around just knocking! Has he no concept of time? It’s gonna take a while to ransack the place and it’s dark already. Little does Dusty know Sarah has been nickel and dimeing for a month already. Not to mention mule-headed enough to tough it out alone on new years eve.

    Dustin finally badgers Justin into forcing down the front door. But Justin is having issues. He has never done ths before. And it’s dead bolted. He takes out his knife to help he pry/cut past that as he pushes in with his shoulder. Door starts giving way but there is a problem. Somebody put a couch in front of it. How strange! Now he is thinking he should have broken in through the back door instead. No matter, he is almost in and Dustin keeps on catcallin’ him. One last strong shove and he is all the way in now!


    Btw, I suspect one of the Mckinleys poisoned the dogs out of spite. But that’s just me. NO evidence.

    • Occam’s Razor

      Hmm… Jenster- there are some plausible details there. Definitely worthy of asking some questions for sure.

      One thing that you said, that he lived nearby to McKinley’s brother. There have been rumors that one of Kenneth McKinley’s nephews got into legal trouble over his relationship with Sarah when she was under aged. Also, we all know now that some of his family members felt she never belonged with him and had no right to be in his life, let alone living with him, having a baby with him or marrying him. Also, that little tidbit on Dr. Drew when Sarah said she believed these guys were there for her… I wonder if somehow she did feel threatened by people who were loyal to someone who felt wronged by her? Maybe there is a combination of thinking she was trash, being angry and glad that Ken McKinley was no longer there to protect her. Perhaps there were a couple of people who were #1 interested in the possible drugs or anything else they might want to help themselves to… and #2 didn’t mind scaring her at the very least, or worse?

      Also, the police cannot find the cell phone of Justin Martin, but Dusty said he called him but got no answer. Did that call ever happen? If it did, did Dusty find the phone and toss it so the full extent of their messages to each other wouldn’t be discovered? Maybe Dusty was the mastermind as he was very quick to paint Justin as just such a character. The affidavit states what Dusty told the police and he did say that Justin was the one with the plan to rob the place for drugs. Convenient now that Justin is dead and can’t defend himself.

      Also, from what I understand the investigation into Sarah being within her rights to use deadly force is closed. What is not closed is the crime that Dusty and Justin were committing, and they want all the evidence against Dusty that they can. The cell phone record has more of a chance of shedding light into what was communicated between those two than changing any circumstances into the shooting. The law is already clear… unauthorized entry = justification of deadly force… regardless of relationship.

      But… anyway, Jenster, you bring up some thought provoking ideas.

      • Gareth F.

        [“Also, the police cannot find the cell phone of Justin Martin”
        “from what I understand the investigation into Sarah being within her rights to use deadly force is closed. What is not closed is the crime that Dusty and Justin were committing, and they want all the evidence against Dusty that they can. The cell phone record has more of a chance of shedding light”]

        You are simply foolish. If you and I are friends, and I call you on your cell phone from a cheap, walmart 20 buck prepaid phone I just activated with a fake name.. I tell you I need you to come over to my home immediately and help me with some illness/emergency/injury/fear-
        You come over worried and find the entire home locked, you get no response at the door, and hear the newborn baby you know I had inside the home crying.
        After a long time of doing this, and taking into account you have no cell phone with you (which is the case here with Martin according to police admissions now), and you consider that I called asking you for emergency aid, reporting I was in distress and needing help,

        You then break into the front door to check on me and that infant you hear alone, and I am waiting inside for you to do so.. just as I had planned-
        when you do enter, I hit you with a 12 gauge rifled slug putting a fist sized hole through you..

        AM I STILL LEGALLY WITHIN MY RIGHT TO SHOOT YOU UNDER ‘CASTLE DOCTRINE’??.. Do you still say you deserved exactly what I did to you? In that situation, you definitely enter my home without any permission to do so, in fact I LURED YOU to do just that. So, are you still a low-life scumbag home-invader in that scenario, who got from me what you deserved??????????????????????????????????

        You dont know if something of that nature happened unless you first pull/assemble all evidence which this police agency did not do.
        If I lured you to the home for some reason and then played on you with lies in such a way as to entice you to enter, I never told police I made contact with you..etc..
        the Castle Doctrine does not automatically prevail in that case, because I deceived you with malicious criminal intent-

        its very easy to envision cases where a lot of people who want legal right to shoot and kill someone for a illegal reason or illegal gain simply use some RUSE to lure that person to your home reporting the need for emergency help, and if they can only get that person they lured to cross the threshold, they can legally shoot that person without fearing any legal repercussions.
        IF this happens to your loved one or family member do you want the police to do a full, impartial investigation relying only on evidence and collecting all data available to them before making any determinations,
        or do you want a agency to simply take the word automatically of the sympathetic-appearing shooter who claims they were only exercising their castle-doctrine and assert that-
        “DERP! -castle doctrine-DERP!..that dumb ole evidence cant make no diff’rence anyways so why bother with all dat stupid ole work?”

        THAT IS WHY YOU CANNOT CLOSE THIS SORT OF CASE with some low-intellect nonsensical story that you see these fools chanting= that anyone who crosses into a home under any circumstance automatically is free to be shot.
        Someone who wants a parent to die off so they can get a inheritance they want no longer needs to come up with a plan to kill of their parent and hide the crime,
        they only need to entice the parent to come over to their home, claiming they are sick/hurt/child is ill, not answer the door after making the parent fear for the safety of those in the home, or entice the parent to enter into the home using some ruse and then blast them with a shotgun.

        The Blanchard P.D., is not ‘looking’ for Martin’s cell phone out of their dilligence or concern for tying up loose ends, they are looking for Martin’s cell phone because they did not close out very basic investigatory functions before they closed the case, and they can face a lot of civil, criminal and employment problems for blowing a case this badly.
        You need to automatically trace all communications and interview anyone surrounding these parties involved, get a clear picture of all relationships involved, and NOT simply take the shooters word for everything.

        • Occam’s Razor


          You are correct. In such a set of circumstances of a person luring another with claims of distress it would change the scenario entirely.

          It seems though, that when Dustin turned himself in he made statements that are the basis for the affidavit (available on the news website) where he claimed that Justin had this plan to rob the place, since the husband had just died of cancer and there might be painkillers there.

          I realize there are other people claiming he said he didn’t know what Justin was doing there or why he was there, but in my opinion, it behooves him to act like the innocent guy as he is the one facing jail time. Both stories behooves him to point his finger at the dead guy.

          If in fact they were lured there, he would have come up with a story heading in that direction. I think the police felt that whatever was said when Dustin turned himself in satisfied them that there was no connection worth pursuing between the guys and Sarah. Now that is not to say there was no connection, just that whatever they heard from Dustin did not raise any flags about Sarah’s part in the situation. However, now they don’t know who really was the mastermind, and what the entire plan really was or why. The one who is dead can only testify from the records he left behind. I think Dustin knows that his way to a light or no conviction at all is to play nice, sweet country boy. Just along for a ride, and was just following along with a buddy.

          Either way… it is suspicious that the phone and laptop can’t be found as of yet. Police said they had an idea of what happened to them, but it certainly looks like someone knew there was information that was incriminating on them and disposed of them. My bet, now that Jenster opened my mind a bit on how this could be completely sideways from how we might be tempted to look at it, is that Dustin had the time to leave, and turn himself in, and he had an opportunity to ditch the laptop and the phone once he was believed the incriminating evidence was disposed of… operative word being “believed” as there are ways of restoring data from damaged devices.

          To play a litte on yours and Jenster’s scenarios and try something else on…

          What if Dustin had a personal connection to some unhappy McKinley’s… AND was interested in getting whatever drugs could be found, and what if HE told his friend Justin that he was worried about the girl and the baby and worried she might hurt herself or the baby? Let’s just say that people are right, and Justin was this great guy… and his friend has just told him he has reason to believe this distraught girl might hurt herself or the baby and they need to go check on them. I could see a scenario where the sounds within the trailer could sound ominous and like they must get in the door and make sure they are ok. I will even suspend disbelief long enough to assume that the knife in his hand was simply to jimmy the door when he grew worried and kicked it in.

          The story doesn’t really sit right with me, doesn’t explain why he was gloved, doesn’t really explain what they expected to happen once they got in. Certainly breaking in during broad daylight wasn’t going to go well unless there was going to be nobody alive to identify them.

          Anyway, I do think it is awful convenient that Dustin has claimed Justin was the mastermind and had all the details of a man dying of cancer and a plan to break in and steal the leftover drugs, but his cell phone and laptop that were believed to be in the vehicle used to drive out to the scene turn up missing. :-/

          I do think there are some details missing from why these guys did what they did and when they did, and how it all came to be.

      • jenster

        Unfortunately it *IS* true the Mckinley clan have some legitimate issues with her actions when she was 14 or 15. A life was changed and/or ruined as a consequence. But who was more at fault? Him or her? or both? I would say the gentleman and his judgment. He should have resisted.

        The age of consent is 16 in Oklahoma so of course Ken was safe. But I am sure it still seemed like a nightmare repeating itself to some of them. And so soon.

        Sarah(apparently) was abandoned by her father at birth. I don’t know all the details and certainly am not a Dr. Drew. But I do wonder if Sarah was looking for a father figure as a result. The first attempt was disastrous. I feel the second worked out well for both parties.

        So I totally understand now where some(but by no means all) in the Mckinley clan are coming from even though I disagree. And I don’t think any ever intend to physically hurt her.

        As you say, one must wonder If it occurred to Sarah when she heard that banging at the door if it was Mckinley comeuppance.

        It matters not to Justin if His laptop or phone is missing. He is dead. It only matters to Dusty and the potential consequences they may bring him. Actually it may not matter. At the very least email and phone record backups from servers WILL be available via subpoena. I don’t know about text message content though.

        As a side note, Dustin’s lawyer(Buzin) is quite a character in his own right. he is a VERY good, but shady lawyer in a county known for legal corruption. And VERY expensive. I expect the Stewart family to go broke. And for interesting things to happen. Incidentally Buzin was an attorney for a Mckinley once. Unfortunately the client was broke so he didn’t bother doing a good job for him.

        Btw, I have to acknowledge two small items missing from my scenario. The Truck not actually being in the shop. and the mysterious “condolence” visit by martin.I can stck that in between the getting drunk and the getting OXYed scene.

        Had to edit to fit in a 90 minute movie(BAHAHA)

        • Occam’s Razor

          I guess when it comes to why Sarah has been seeking security in some unfortunate and questionable places… I place the blame on her parents. It is sad that she didn’t have much of a childhood and that she sought through her sexuality the kind of security that will take her nowhere fast. Or living with a man 40 years older, and marrying him on his deathbed and being widowed by 18 years old. That is heartbreaking as she should have been able to be 14 and 15 and 16. Her sense of normal is a terrible nightmare for so many people. That is tragic. I blame her parents for failing to do their job and raise her in a secure home where she felt valued and safe. I get why Ken McKinley married her when he knew he was terminal. He was a parent and a grandparent and despite mistakes he may have had in his own life, he knew Sarah was just a child herself and that there would be nobody looking out for her when he was gone. He may have believed that the only thing that stood between her and nowhere was him. He was probably so worried about where she would go, how would she survive, who would help her with her baby. She lived with him for 3 years, and whatever they had together, he was still aware that she was just a child and he obviously felt protective of her and didn’t trust and rightfully so, that there was anyone else she would be able to count on. So very sad.

          In no way am I saying that Sarah is just a delicate flower who didn’t know any better. I am certain that considering the circumstances in her life, she developed tools that most people will recognize as not real healthy for adapting to the messed up world that was her own. She likely adapted some habits she thought would bring her the emotional security she needed, but were probably increasing her insecurities instead. Healing from the kind of life she lived prior to having to kill someone she believed was breaking into her home to get her, is hard enough. Hopefully, she takes the hand of the kind of people that can show her a whole different way of life and a better future.

  • Gareth F.

    I really didn’t read more than the first two paragraphs since no family statements, no court records, no media reports or police affidavits contributed to anything you said.
    Exp. Career criminals with priors do NOT call the police after they flee a shooting scene that no one can place them at. They keep their mouths shut and certainly don’t contact police dispatch.

    Lastly, Stewart is already out of jail on BOND, and given that murder/home invasion is potentially publishable by LIFE IN PRISON or the DEATH PENALTY in Oklahoma, it is pretty rare someone accused of capital offenses for which you can be executed would be released AT ALL, let alone released a fairly small bond like he was.
    *If any of your ramblings were accurate, the S/A and Judge would not let someone out of jail facing trial for a EXECUTABLE OFFENSE if that person had a criminal record. Your story is basically nonsensical on that ground alone.

    [“Stewart also called the Grady County dispatcher shortly after Martin was shot.
    “My name is Dusty Stewart and I think it was my friend that got shot,’ he said.”
    “He continued: ‘I don’t know what he was trying to do. I stood at the fence and told him to come on and I don’t know what he did.’”]

    This guy is in my exp nothing you are fantasizing. As I said from the beginning, and he told the police dispatcher himself now that the tape is out, I doubt he ever really knew why Martin wanted to go there.

    The police transcript of his call to 911 (to turn himself in!) is certainly anything but the ‘full confession’ police had promised. I think Martin basically told him that there were some meds in the place and he knew the occupant, which is why Martin knocked for half an hour instead of simply breaking in, which took him all of a couple seconds.

    Stewart tells police on tape he did not know what Martin was doing or why.
    The entire investigation into this became contaminated because with all the world media attention this little local police agency wanted to quickly give the world media a unvarnished hero that they wanted, and that is what they chose to do, before the bothered to actually investigate or clear the matter systematically.
    I can tell you from experience that anything the Blanchard PD turn up now will be easily challenged in court since they have already proclaimed the results of a investigation that they did not actually conduct. They cannot suggest they are impartial at this point after the police agency sponsorred the shooters fund raising effort.

    This whole thing needs to go to another more competent agency for complete review or they are going to get blown out in court. At this point, the agency is in full C.Y.A. mode, and probably are less concerned about losing the criminal case than they are about protecting their own jobs and their own potential liabilities here.

  • jenster

    I don’t know If you were referring to my *scenario* or not but let me quibble with a point or two. the rest I won’t bother.

    Dusty is NOT under threat of capital punishment. He can definitely be charged with 1st degree murder but does not meet the mitigating circumstances which would allow capital punishment. If you can name the mitigating circumstance that could apply in this case, name it.

    I have inferred that it is plausible that he *may* have a criminal history out of state. I have NOT inferred that he have a *violent* criminal history. If he did Of course he would not been able to bail out because mitigating circumstances would then apply. Merely forging checks in Texas(just an example) would not.

    I agree with you is the Grady legal system is problematic. It is very corrupt. And Dusty’s lawyer is deep in it. If it actually winds up helping or hurting Dustin, I haven’t the foggiest.

    One thing one can say about criminals, particularly petty unsuccessful ones, is that many believe they can talk their way out of things. They *think* they know the law. Police interrogators know this and encourage it. “It’s not so bad” “I just need to know the truth, thats all” “this is totally off the record”,”I know, I know, it’s not your fault. he made you do it right?” “Of course it was all his idea!” “In your shoes I would have done so and so… Did you?” Of course I believe you! Can you tell me again?” Police are not required to tell the truth when interrogating. It works too! Very few cases actually have to go to a jury trial.

    Why he called dispatch? who can say. Was he seen anyways? Or did he drive Justin’s truck? Did he have a twinge of conscience in his drug addled brain that his friend might need an ambulance? I would like to think so. Did he think he could talk his way out of it after he got home 3 miles away? Probably.

    Remember we are talking about somebody that already used poor judgment. Why should he stop?

    He’s on a roll!

    At least till his lawyer shows up 4 days later and tells him to finally shut the hell up.

    • Gareth F.

      [“Dusty is NOT under threat of capital punishment. He can definitely be charged with 1st degree murder but does not meet the mitigating circumstances which would allow capital punishment. If you can name the mitigating circumstance that could apply in this case, name it.”]


      1)The person committed the murder for remuneration or the promise of remuneration
      2)The defendant was previously convicted of a felony involving the use or threat of violence to the person.
      3)The defendant knowingly created a great risk of death to more than one person.
      4)The existence of a probability that the defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat

      First of all “MITIGATING” does not mean what you think it means. Mitigating would be something that defends Stewart from full punishment or entitles him to a REDUCED sentence, so you dont know what you are talking about.

      1)You alone are actually the one concluding out of your backside that Stewart is the criminal mastermind of this whole thing, and suspect he did everything but kill the Lindberg baby- you are the only who rambled at length about potential for shadowy out of state criminal history and other such nonsense.
      Now you are asserting confidently that no such history exists and he faces NO chance of any potential criminal history aggravation.
      You were totally ignorant of the fact he is already out of jail on the charges, which carry a potential life sentence or death penalty, when such a bail agreed to by the prosecutor BTW, would have a snowballs-chance-in-hell for someone had any criminal history or flight risk.

      2)SOME motivation is inducing him to go to the trailer under the prosecutors theory, and the theory that the prosecution has charged him under is that he wanted to get Drugs, and Martin promised him drugs for their actions.
      If that were the case, “Remuneration” does not require that you be promised payment for your acts only in US currency.. If he was promised -according to Police theory – a cut of the drugs from their actions, then he would potentially face a aggravating factor because of that.
      3)there were more than two people put at risk of death inside the trailer by his accomplice entering with a knife, per the police theory.. so that is a THIRD aggravating factor.
      4) given that he either denies his crimes without remorse, or has the criminal record you wasted a lot of time imagining, he could be assigned a aggravating factor of being a recidivist threat which would be a FOURTH agg factor.
      So, you dont know what you are talking about, you are wrong, and you wrong multiple times over given your own personal theories to say (instead of “Mitigating” – you should have used the term “Aggravating”) that Stewart is exempt in this case from the death penalty.


      [“One thing one can say about criminals, particularly petty unsuccessful ones, is that many believe they can talk their way out of things. They *think* they know the law. Police interrogators know this and encourage it..”
      “Police are not required to tell the truth when interrogating. It works too! Very few cases actually have to go to a jury trial.”]


      People who have meaningful priors and have ever been arrested, in contact with a PD or attorney before either do not speak to you at all or only lie to you. People who call the main dispatch number and give their version of events on tape to dispatch (minus the domestic violence calls) generally do that because they did not actually do anything.

      A really competent and experienced agency can get to the bottom of things in a lot of cases through artful interrogation tactics, but this is guaranteed NOT a hyper-competent or gifted police agency.

      In a major crimes case you want everything on a videotape before you even start with a interrogation, and this agency really needs that because they are very likely to lose admissibility of evidence they are collecting or trying to collect after their public pronouncements and charity fund for McKinley was initialized.

      I would not be surprised if, based on this agencies other actions, all they are going to have is a report written by a officer or detective who claims that Stewart made a verbal admission of burglary-for-drugs to the officer.

      Because the dept is easily impeachable now, it very possible that Stewart said basically “maybe he went in there looking for some pills?”,
      or had in the past bought pills at that trailer, but he never used the term burglary/break-in.
      The police simply used the ‘admission’ to mean what suited their theory, and they did not pull phone records of any other information to discover any of the motives except the one they had already decided upon.

      If Stewart never attempted to enter the trailer, and did not honestly know why Martin had entirely chose to go out there, his statement about Martin ‘maybe going in after pills’ may be a simpleton without street-smarts giving his best guess to the cops, not realizing he was viewed as more than a witness.

      • jenster

        I must admit I was completely wrong and I got mitigating and aggravating confused. I also admit I misinterpreted the list of aggravating circumstances and that at least one item in it does apply IF the prosecution CHOSE to do so.

        Whatever level of past criminality Dustin might have indulged in, if any, It certainly is clear the authorities felt safe letting him post bond.

        As far as my scenario, I am not saying beyond a doubt it happened that way, only that it is very plausible. In my wayward and distant youth the same thing happened to me. I was caught holding the bag(so to speak) and the actually instigator claimed innocence and that *I* was the instigator! Luckily the consequences were minor and I learned my lesson. In my life I have also observed it happening to others where the consequences were not so minor.

        So this does happen far often than one might think. The gullible and the street-smart.

  • Nilz Martin

    So far I think Gareth F. is the one who seem to be closest to the truth and also writes the most intelligent and fact-based comments using brains and common sense.

    Written by Gareth F.

    “You need to automatically trace all communications and interview anyone surrounding these parties involved, get a clear picture of all relationships involved, and NOT simply take the shooters word for everything.”

    “The Blanchard P.D., is not ‘looking’ for Martin’s cell phone out of their dilligence or concern for tying up loose ends, they are looking for Martin’s cell phone because they did not close out very basic investigatory functions before they closed the case, and they can face a lot of civil, criminal and employment problems for blowing a case this badly.”

    “its very easy to envision cases where a lot of people who want legal right to shoot and kill someone for a illegal reason or illegal gain simply use some RUSE to lure that person to your home reporting the need for emergency help, and if they can only get that person they lured to cross the threshold, they can legally shoot that person without fearing any legal repercussions.
    IF this happens to your loved one or family member do you want the police to do a full, impartial investigation relying only on evidence and collecting all data available to them before making any determinations,
    or do you want a agency to simply take the word automatically of the sympathetic-appearing shooter who claims they were only exercising their castle-doctrine and assert that-
    “DERP! -castle doctrine-DERP!..that dumb ole evidence cant make no diff’rence anyways so why bother with all dat stupid ole work?”

    I guess the case must now be thoroughly investigated. The best would be to ask another judicial district to perform the investigation since the stupidity of the Blanchard  has contaminated the case…

    Occam’s Razor seems to have pulled his brains out of his ass now and starts realize that there is room for reasonable doubt here.

    Occam’s shitty Razor FIRST he blamed Justin and NOW he’s seemed to change his little brains to blame it on Dustin.

    Occam’s Razor— STOP PROTECTING SARAH!!! either you are Sarah yourself or close to here OR you take her party because you think she will notice your “efforts” and invite you into her life and her bed. Please stop your pathetic theories. As Gareth F. wrote… Sarah might have lured him to the house… that manipulative gold-digging trash!!
    I see how she will be prosecuted and sentenced to a very loooooong jailsentence. We don’t need women like Sara Shepard McKinkey in our world. She won’t stop eith her criminal activities unless she is behind bars… and that we will se!

    Good Bless Anerica!

    Nilz Martin, Stockholm, Sweden

    • Marsha

      Nilz, you are an insane person. You are obsessed with a woman across the Atlantic Ocean, offering speculations, playing ‘mind games’ as you said, making bets and predictions, and calling her ‘gold digging trash’. You seem to be salivating over the prospect of her going to prison. Don’t you think you have gone over the top about this? What is wrong with you? How are you going to continue with your life when this woman is never prosecuted and a conviction is secured against Dustin Martin?

      No, I am not Sarah, no I don’t know her or live in that part of the country, and no I don’t want to meet her. I’m just a woman who is sick of the violence committed against women and glad that someone saved her own life since the police did not get there in time. I know of no facts to the contrary and neither do you.

      • Occam’s Razor

        Ya, Nilz is definitely ape$hit crazy about his own opinions. My expectation is that if he is anywhere close to the investigation as he claims, then it will be tripped up by his attitude.

  • Occam’s Razor

    Nilz, get over yourself. You are acting like a pompous ass. You are no expert in our legal system. You are a nobody when it comes to having any impact into our system. I don’t seek your approval or value your opinion as you have an overinflated sense of superiority.

  • Gareth F.

    BOTTOM LINE = there is no substitute for experience.
    The agency involved in this case and duty investigator probably had no history of handling these sort or matters professionally and were basically lost.

    When this first became public it was clear to me that this was not the entire story and given the time of year the LE could not possibly have done what they needed to do to fully investigate this case and make the public conclusions they were making based on a complete impartial investigation.
    When I then saw that the police agency, days after the case took place, starting their own fundraising effort for the shooter, my eyes bugged out of my head, as they have so contaminated their case now that they are not going to be able to successfully prosecute anyone, or will face being reversed very harshly upon appeal.

    I would not come to any of your workplaces/industries, in a position or occupation that I had never been trained to work in, and had not spent years gaining practical years of experience, and expect that I could do the job – It would end pretty quickly in a miserable failure for me and the businesses’ profits.

    I knew where I would immed need to go with this case if it were my case, and i knew from experience that it would be FREAKING impossible during the new years holiday to assemble all that I would need cover in detail relating to this case, in the time frame that this agency finalized their charging decisions. absolutely no way its possible to do.

    As soon as I heard of this story, and the agencies rapid conclusion, it was clear to me that this was in the process of being bungled. You cannot take a agency that spends all its time writing speeders, and taking some burglary to auto and shoplifting reports and get a competent, complete and professional investigation, unless they are accepting some aid and direction from agencies that can offer evidential and investigative expertise- in the case of Blanchard P.D. they have bungled this in some of the most obvious and brain-dead fashions I have ever heard of..

    Stewart has very little to fear now criminally at this point as long as he is competently represented and keeps his mouth shut, which is why the state is not bothering to contest his release.
    The police charity for McKinley is about the DUMBEST, MOST INCOMPETENT thing I literally have ever heard of being done by a agency because what a defense attorney does is try to impeach the agencies impartiality/fairness at trial..In this case the agency gave the defense attorney a get-out-of-jail-free card.
    Any police claims about statements that Stewart allegedly made to them better be on videotape and mirandized because his spontaneous exclamation to the police on the dispatch tape is the complete opposite of the Blanchard PD claims, and the Blanchard PD is going to be very hard pressed, because of its own conduct, to portray themselves as a disinterested third-party conducting a fair investigation. Once your word or your impartiality is impeached even once, your testimony alone is thereafter worthless in criminal court.

    Before I would have ever considered talking to any media about this case, LET ALONE give ANY sort of public statement-
    I would at a minimum call in every immed family member and friend for a taped interview and written statements, I would subpoena all cell and landline TX records, I would confiscate all communications devices for all the parties including the shooter and send them to a forensic unit,
    I would trace any cell tower pings during the few hours before and after the homicide for the towers closest to the trailer and find out where they came from,
    I would subpoena records from all online service providers and accounts for all parties,
    I would need full forensics on the crime scene,
    forensics on the weapon Martin allegedly had on his person,
    If the shooter has only lived in that home for a month or two I want to know where and with whom she lived for the past 12 months and I want any roommate, spouses, boyfriend, landlord in the station for a full interview and written statement.
    I want to talk to the shooter about the multiple photos on her social networking sites in which she enthusiastically poses pointing firearms at several people,
    and I want to interview and take written statements for all the parties involved or present when she took these multiple recent photos depicting her shooting someone.

    Now, Try to do that all in 24 hours over the New Years holiday. you cannot. This agency did not do any of this, they simply ASSUMED. If they had tried to START doing most of these things, they could not even begin until probably two weeks later, given the New years holiday.

  • Nilz Martin

    Any stupodos oin this Blog tralla think Sarah Shepeed McKinley is innocent. Well wait and see what will happen. Don’t forget where you reading first!

    I am closer to the crime scene than you think.
    Nilz Martin is an alias and does not exist. I know what I’m talking about. I have full insight into the investigation.

    But stupid ass Occam’s Razor mus wake up. I won’t tell you any more details..

    “Nilz Martin”

    • Gareth F.

      Listen ‘Nils’ etc..I appreciate your complement of my opinion, but lets not use profanity OK?

      I cannot say the girl is ‘guilty’ or not guilty of anything specifically.

      I can say there is more to this story, there are simply too many issues here, and I have no confidence the agency that bungled this could/would be able to resolve this now- Blanchard PD’s interest is to wrap this up and cover their own behinds’ now.
      There are a lot of potential motives that occur to me, and until you identify or exclude motives, based on a full investigation, and do it in a honest fashion without promising anyone they are ‘cleared’ in the first 24 hours, no one should trust the proclamations of this agency or its conclusions now.

      My grandfather was a Wehrmacht officer until 1945, so if you are in Germany best of luck.

    • Gladys Miller

      Why dont they kick all you turks out of europe?
      I hate encountering these turkish criminal louts when I have to travel to europe.

      • Occam’s Razor

        Rude, bigotry, and off-topic.

  • Nilz Martin

    This comment removed by blog owner.

    • Nilz Martin, I cannot allow languages I can’t read on my comments. I need to know what’s being said.

      • jenster

        Actually, I translated it using GoogleTranslate to english to see what he meant(i am very nosy). It came out perfect and unusually lucid for once.

  • MoFoMan
    • The birth certificate that she showed is not an official birth certificate. It is a hospital certificate and proves nothing but the name she supplied to the hospital. A DNA test would prove the father’s identity with certainty.

      It is nice to see Maggie’s Notebook get some recognition. This blog has done nothing more than post the viewpoints of various readers. Something akin as to a letter to the editor.

      I hope that this will bring some new readers to this site.

      • Thanks findalis! It’s a sad story for both sides of the McKinley family.

    • The author contacted me about an interview. I told her I knew nothing other than what she read in my two posts, and that I have no desire to hurt Sarah McKinley or Kenny McKinley’s family. I declined an interview or quote.

      I posted what Kenny McKinley’s niece posted on her Facebook page.

  • Travis

    Is this the only source/blog/media outlet printing anything to the possibility that Sarah may have more involvement in this case? I have not looked very hard but haven’t noticed these theories anywhere else. Has anyone else seen any other outlet discussing this angle? I am suprised that this discussion thread has continued for a week. I also find it interesting how reading some of the initial comments and the more current ones how many opinions have changed a bit. Initialy it seemed to be either you (A) felt there was more to the story OR (B) you just believed the ones who thought there was more to the story were anti 2nd ammendment and out to stop your right to defend yourself. Nice to see how things have evolved in peoples posts here and that some of the personal attacks have stopped. I’m also glad to see I wasn’t alone in believing there was more to this story than what was being reported, that someone found the facts to support that, and that there was a place to discuss it.

  • Nilz Martin

    Sorry for posting a Swedish text to this blog. It was supposed to be posted in a Swedish blog.

    Well there´s a reason to why this discussion has continued a bit longer than what´s usual in here. I think there are several factors to this.

    This case seem to have many ingredients that makes it interesting and exciting. This affects people all over the world, not only in Oklahoma.

    There´s a dysfunctional relationship between a man and a woman.
    The woman Sarah Shepard McKinley 18, according to my guesses, is a smart, calculating, greedy girl.

    The deceased Kenneth McKinley 58, was a sad case with brain metastases from his lungcancer. He was pretty well off -not a billionaire, but well enough so that Sarah would hook him up

    There´s Sarahs mother who has given contradicitve statements about the relationship between her daughter and Justin Martin. According to Sarah´s mother, Justin and Sarah knew each other from 2 years back.

    At first everybody praised Sarah because she had the courage to protect herself and her child. The Blanchard sheriff said “Case closed” and the Blanchard Police department contaminated the whole investigation by acting bias and started collecting money for her.

    Since there was a shooting with a victim, there is a certain procedure to be done. NO SHORTCUTS! The investigation must be done based on objective facts.

    When Sarah Shepard McKinley gets aware of that investigation will proceed, she gets very nervous. In an attempt to prove her innocence, she says that she can do a POLYGRAPH and refers to the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”

    If we concider evidence, both polygraph test /lie detector test and the birth certificate don´t have any value in a court.

    You can easily trick the polygraph and talking about the birth certificate -THAT DOESN´T prove Kenneth McKinley is the father. It only shows the name of the father GIVEN TO TO THE CLINIC where baby Justin was delivered.

    Sarah could put ANY NAME there.

    To prove paternity, there have to be a DNA-test…

    Looking forward to this investigation, and as I have mentioned before, this could be an episode to the TV-documentary “Snapped”

  • Occam’s Razor

    Interesting that in the text release of Dustin’s call to police to report the shooting he said he was in the car and driving back to “his” house. I realize there was probably some fog of trauma going on. Who’s car was he driving? Was it his car? Was it Justin’s car? In the article the police said they were looking for Justin’s cell phone and laptop that were expected to be in his car. They said they did not in fact find either of them, but they had an idea of what might have become of them. If it was Justin’s car that Dustin was driving and he had a fog of trauma and consciousness of wrong doing it is possible that he disposed of both the phone and the laptop, fearing that communication records in both could incriminate him further.

    I hope they find the communication records as that will indeed shed light on what really happened. Even if they only find a text message chain that shows who may have initiated contact for going to McKinley’s house.

    Something Gareth said about what career criminals do and do not do and comparing that to how these guys may have acted, and the 911 call from Dustin. I don’t think anyone has accused these guys of being career criminals. I don’t think either of them aspired to be criminals. If in fact there was a prescription pain killer addiction driving one of them or both of them, I am not certain either of them would consider that criminal behavior. If either of them had resorted to claiming false injuries to get them prescribed by doctors and emergency rooms, I doubt they viewed themselves as criminals. If in fact an addiction drove one or both of them to really think it worth their while to acquire the painkillers of a man who died of cancer, I don’t think they saw that as a real crime. Before getting to that point, they may have politely liberated pain killers from family members, friends, or even visiting real estate open houses. (heard a recent news story of a real estate agent prosecuted for liberating prescription meds from houses she would go view as an agent.) What I am saying is that if in fact these are two guys who may have gone off the rails using painkillers, well no, of course they are not going to think like career criminals. They would be thinking like a couple of guys trying to score their substance of choice. Using their substance of choice would further complicate their thinking and their ability to adequately forsee the consequences of their actions. The single mindedness of addiction (if that is indeed the motivation for their actions) is pretty powerful and you see people being dumb and making the papers all the time in their foolish attempts to get their fix.

    It does not surprise me that Dustin’s first call to 911 claims he didn’t know what his friend was doing, and that he was by the fence telling him to come on, and that they went to his house to check on something… Those things all look like trauma induced statements driven by probably a real concern for his friend. Maybe his friend could be helped and so he wanted someone to know he had been shot. The rest of his statement was to portray himself as innocent of doing anything wrong. They were attempts to say he was not “with” his friend, and didn’t know what he was doing, and was over by the fence. Why include that detail? Other than it was simply just part of his brain trying to work through what just happened while under the influence of oxycontin. His blood was rushing, his adrenaline was on overload, his fear reflexes were firing, and he knew he had to get out of there, but he had concern for his friend, but didn’t want to get in trouble. All those things firing at the same time can be overwhelming, hence why I read his first statement to 911 as simply being a combination of multiple motivations all at once. He was not a career criminal. He hadn’t really imagined the scenario he was at that time driving away from.

    However, at some point he told his parents something. Probably at that time came up with a “reason” why they went out there and said nobody was supposed to be there, he didn’t know there was anyone there etc. The parents probably felt so sorry for him. I bet he was a wreck and his friend was just killed. he told a story that he didn’t do anything wrong, but Justin did and he was just an innocent friend along for the ride and he was scared. His parents probably felt very bad for him, hence why they took him to the police to turn himself in.

    When he got to the police station he had a little time to work through the fog of trauma, and the oxy had worn off, and he had a story. His “friend” was addicted to pain meds and had a plan to rob the place because he knew that the man had died of cancer on christmas day. The police affidavit with what Dustin claimed is posted online. So Dustin has now told two stories. Both are filled with elements to blame the dead guy. He has the most to gain by portraying himself as not involved. He is charged, and charged with 1st degree murder, but probably just to make an example out of him. I imagine the police had enough information to figure out that there would be a process to shed light on just how involved this guy was.

    Notice, nowhere did he blame the girl in any of his stories or even mention her. If in fact there was any action on her part that lured them there he might have mentioned that, but he didn’t. He is not a career criminal and his statements seem simply the attempts of a person caught up in circumstances that they fear to have real punishment/consequences to distance themselves from the threat of punishment. He is an innocent guy. The other guy was addicted, planned, knew a guy had died and wanted to rob. Those are some pretty ugly things to say about someone. Everyone has an instant recoil to someone who could think such a way.

    My questions still remain… which one of them had those thoughts and to what degree? Both of them? Justin? Dustin? What was said between them in the days and weeks prior to the McKinley incident? Why would the laptop and phone be missing unless someone feared what they contained? Who had access to Justin’s car? If it is as I suspect that Dustin was driving Justin’s car… it seems the most likely direction to look for those answers would be Dusty’s direction.

    • jenster

      I don’t have answers but i got a few more details.

      The only gate to the property is clearly visible in both Google satellite(very recent) and local view(up to 4 years old). From the gate to the mobile home is a mile long curved gravel road. with many trees blocking the view from each point. This gate is open in both views though I could understand why Sarah might have locked it this time.

      In the latest released 911 recording Dustin claimed he stayed outside the gate. There is no way he would have been able to hear or observe someone breaking into a home. Much less knowing his friend got shot and not somebody else. And there is no way he was close enough to yell to his friend to hurry up and go.

      • jenster

        Correction. it’s more like half a mile. About 4-5 city blocks away from the gate.

        • Occam’s Razor

          They released a few more details of the 911 call that Dusty made. From the affidavit he told the cops that he climbed over a locked gate to gain access to the property with Justin and was with him the entire time, including seeing him gain entry to the house. In his 911 call he clearly states he didn’t even really know where he was and didn’t know what his friend was doing and he was at the fence yelling at him to “come on” and he didn’t know what happened.

          The first thing in the new release was him asking the dispatcher if anyone had called reporting shots fired, or a shooting or a breaking and entering.

          I would say consciousness of guilt is displayed right there. He gave the dispatcher his name, and he knew that he had just admitted to being with Justin during something that resulted in a shooting. Clearly it was no goodness of his innocent heart that made him turn himself in to police. He knew they were going to be coming for him. He did at least tell them that he was with Justin and following him around the trailer and saw him enter and heard the shot, so he didn’t try to stick to the story of he didn’t know anything. However, it is awful convenient that by the time he got to the police station it is all Justin’s fault. Maybe it was? Or maybe it wasn’t. As the case develops we will learn what evidence they have to support who did what.

  • Daniel

    Sarah (Shepard McKinley) had two facebook pages, as one Sarah Shepard and another as Sarah McKinley. The latter recently opened. Now the two have been erased.

    • jenster

      well Ken’s is still up. Pretty extensive too. Shows most of the relationships.

      Of course he is dead so he can’t maintain it. I’ll clone it before it gets taken down.

      Actually I am surprised it took this long for Sarah to shut down her Facebook pages.

      • sluether

        My feeling is Sarah had kept the Facebook pages up knowing people would be viewing them, read people’s messages, feel sorry for her and send more money. I viewed both of her FB pages. I read the posts(unfortunately I didn’t clone the pages). I found it interesting that on her Sarah Shepard FB page, someone had posted messages on there asking for people to help her out with money, etc. Another thing that caught my eye was the fact that Sarah had made a reply post to a friend’s comment stating she had lost her phone and was using her deceased husband’s phone. I’m thinking cell phone. So Sarah’s phone is missing also?? Now that’s interesting!

        • sluether

          The FB posts I am referring to were posted after her husband’s death and prior to the intruder shooting.

          • Occam’s Razor

            That is interesting? Do you remember when she posted about losing her phone?

            • Occam’s Razor

              sorry, one too many question marks above. Meant “That is interesting.” 🙂

              • sluether

                Sorry, I don’t remember a specific date. Her friends were making condolence posts on the death of her husband. One person posted that she was trying to get a hold of her, and Sarah replied that she had lost her phone at the hospital and was using her husband’s phone. I just thought that was weird to lose a phone at a hospital when so many people are around, and hospitals have a security department that handle lost and found items.

                • Occam’s Razor

                  I realize it could be completely innocent misplacement. Leaving it in the bathroom, or in the cafeteria or even having it in the bottom of a bag of personal items she may have had to bring home from the hospital. She may have ultimately found it, but still… in light of all the missing details we all want to have as armchair sleuthers it is at least of interest that her phone was missing. However, if it ends up being of interest to police they can get her phone records that will at least provide some information. I believe some text messages can be shared on some carriers and at least it will give detailed information of numbers called.

                  I suppose if it was lost and not returned, the number of people and the stress of the situation could have contributed to it getting lost. My little cousin recently was in the hospital and both she and her dad managed to lose their phones while never leaving their hospital room! One phone was found by the laundry service the next day but the other never turned up.

                  On the note of missing phones, the police in their search for Justin Martin’s missing phone should be able to get a record of the cell phone pings (provided it was turned on) and see where and when the last pings were made. Hopefully that gives them a close enough idea of where to look for it. Though perhaps it might not be able to pinpoint location unless he was using one of the google or gps apps for any directions systems or social networking applications. The cell phone towers usually have a pretty big area that is covered so that might not give as good of a pinpoint location, but definitely if he used any of the google location apps or social networking location apps they will have much more detailed information if he had them activated and his phone turned on. Same thing for Sarah’s phone I suppose… if either had iPhone there is an app to track the location of the phone.

  • Travis

    Ok, here is a REALLY off the wall theory. What if……
    Sarah was married to Ken but there are those who believe Justin was the real father of Sarahs baby. If she was sleeping with both of them, and we know there was some “trouble” created between Sarah Shepard Mckinley and Kens family due to “what she did to uncle (forgot his name, Bernie or Bennie maybe??)” as mentioned in the other Sara Mckinleys facebook post to her cousin Robbie. Was there a relationship there with the uncle also when he was an adult and she was a minor? Is there any possibility maybe she had some sort of a relationship or could have been sleeping with Dustin also??? No facts to support this, just total speculation and a quick thought I had but maybe a possibility????? Again, I know this is a REAL long shot but my mind is wandering and wondering.

  • Nilz Martin

    There are thousands of cases where women kill men. Typically is “the married wife kills her spouse” or “the mistress kills her lover´s wife”
    Many times “greed” and “money” is the motive. In other cases there could be “secrets” never to be revealed. There for killing is a safe way to guarantee that the secrets will never be told.

    A common M.O. is POISONING.

    Arsenic is a chemical used in many notable cases (in the US) where the wife killed her husband.

    “Snapped” documentaries tell about these horrific crimes where women commit one of the worst crimes: killing another human being.

    The sad part is that it takes severela years to put the perpetrator behind bars.

    Investigation takes time… then ot turns cold.. and then new facts.. then case cold… and ultimately the investigators get a match and go to trial.

    Usually the procedure take 5-10 years and I feel sorry for the victims family.

    Poor Martin-family. They have list there belived Justin at age 24, and really we don´t know if it was a premediated, planned murder committed by Sarah Shepard McKinley.


    Nilz Martin, Many years of experience on the field of crime.

    • jenster

      The man was dying of cancer PERIOD. He was in the hospital twice the last 3 weeks or so. with it spreading from the lungs to the brain. In no way would the doctors not know the difference between THIS cancer and arsenic poisoning.

      As for greed, well there doesn’t appear to be any record of Kenneth owning any property for at least 10 years in Blanchard/Grady/MClain. At least not paying any property taxes.

      Indeed the only propertied people of concern in this matter are Dusty’s and Sarah’s parents.

      • Wolfgang Hansen -Germany

        Dear jenster…

        I didn´t mean that Sarah “killed Kenneth McKinley”

        I´m trying to give some examples and draw paralells to Sarah McKinley and that women are able to kill.

        No, I absolutaley do not mean that Sarah did any harm to Kenneth. I mean come on, no one believes Sarah could “infect” Kenneth with lungcancer.

        My point is that Sarah could have carried out a murder on Justin but made it look as self defense shooting home intruder….

        Nilz Martin

  • Nilz Martin


    Thank you for understanding…

    According to police-documents, Sarah and Justin knew each other. Their “relationship” could easily resulöt in a baby Justin. We don´t know. Before protecting her, we must ask ourselves:
    1) Did Sarah at any time tell Justin he was the father of baby Justin?

    2) If Justin assumed it was his child and Sarah threatened to harm him (just like “Themostlikelymoron” writes) of course Justin would force entry to stop her from hurting baby Justin.

    3) She is calm and maximum concentration when she talk to 911 dispatcher. For me it sounds the only reason for her to call that phony phone call, was to establish and confirm her story and use it as evidence.

    4) In the phone-call, Sarah never warns the intruder. Not once. If she would, maybe Justin would have answered her and there we would hear that he was NOT an intruder. He might have said: “Please Sarah, I´m here, everything´s gonna be all right, take it easy, don´t heart the baby… and so on”

    No!!! Sarah didn´t warn nor speak to the “intruder” because she was afraid she would get caught with her lie..?!

    And the the knife

    6) It´s very easy to plant the knife in the victims hand. It´s not like a gun where there has to be gun powder on the hand if gun was used. In this case it´s much easier: ONLY Justins finger-prints on the knife…

    There are lots of ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Maybe the FBI must get into the match??

    Nulz Martin, Justice veteran

  • Nilz Martin


    I don´t think any theory is a long shot. According to my psychological profiling of this Sarah-girl, my conclusions are that she would do anything to please herself. She would sleep with any male in Kenneths family at any age and wouldn´t have a problem to carry Justins baby… since she knew Kenneth was dying…. slowly but for sure.

    Sarah must prove:
    -The identity of the biological father of baby Justin.

    Investigators must prove:
    -The origin and history of the knife? Did Justin bring the knife with him? fingerprints on knife? location of the knife at scene? Is the knife from Sarah´s kitchen?

    Sarah must prove:
    -She didn´t know Justin more than “seeing him 3 times”

    Investigators must prove:
    -The relationship between Sarah and Justin thru telephone, SMS, e-mail or other ways. Was there a contact and what kind of contact and for how long and how frequent?

    Sarah must prove:
    -Her mothers statement about knowing Justin 2 yrs ago to be false..

    and so on………………..

    There are hundreds of circumstances in this case…

    Time to get a lawyer 🙂
    Nilz Martin

  • Gareth F.

    [“When he got to the police station he had a little time to work through the fog of trauma, and the oxy had worn off”]

    You can ‘shake and bake’ a dose of meth for next to nothing. In that region, Meth can be bought even easier than shake n’ bake your own dose, and not much more expensively. If these guys were addicts, they can easily and cheaply cook all the meth their immediate needs can handle after a trip to the local stop n’ rob.
    As to the ‘oxy wearing off’ that is pretty laughable, and shows you have never popped anyone shoppng RX scripts for oxycontin.
    Oxycontin abusers/addicts do not ‘wear off’ like someone with a hangover who had too many Miller lites the night before. Oyxcontin addicts literally crap their pants in front of you because they lose control of their bowels, and they then fall asleep because that is the prime symptom I have seen in actual Oxycontin abusers.
    You are wrongly assuming for some unk reason that they come out of some stupor like a drunk, and that does not happen.

    [“It seems though, that when Dustin turned himself in he made statements that are the basis for the affidavit (available on the news website).”]

    [“I think the police felt that whatever was said when Dustin turned himself in satisfied them that there was no connection worth pursuing between the guys and Sarah.”]

    The police were ‘satisfied” to close out a case that they had done absolutely no investigation of, had made no effort to ascertain any details or background on the parties involved, had no forensics processed,
    they do not even know if the knife in the dead dudes hand came from a kitchen drawer or butcher block in the kitchen of the trailer to justify the shooting.

    They got caught my major global media interest that wanted a official assurance and statement that this girl was a confirmed hero, and they got calls from across the planet that they were not staffed to handle. They simply, and rapidly gave the stamp of authority that this was a good shooting, the girl was a hero, and they then acted as her personal entourage by ill-advisedly starting her fundraising effort, before anything with a semblance to a investigation was done.
    I feel sorry for them, because I can easily see how this went bad, but they should have called in more skilled agencies with a higher volume of major crimes, and used their experience to draft along and learn from. they did not, or at least did not listen to anyone.
    The police in this jurisdiction are not anymore psychic than I am. They have investigative tools at their disposal and they have to skillfully employ those powers and assets to draw conclusions, which are not possible to do during the holiday season within the time frame they gave their blessing to this shooting.

    [“I realize there are other people claiming he said he didn’t know what Justin was doing there or why he was there, but in my opinion, it behooves him to act like the innocent guy.”]

    “Other People” are not claiming the accomplice denied involvement, his spontaneous taped admissions to the Police Dispatcher that he himself contacted says that he did not do anything.
    A lot rides on if the local LE taped his interview(s)AND if the police description of the nature of his taped admission(s)accurately portray what they are calling a “admission”.
    I think what their affidavit is going to drawn from is that someone simply asked Stewart for potential motives of why Martin wanted to go to the trailer, and Stewart began offering them his guesses for Martins’ motives, and related that Martin knew the owners and had bought or gotten pills from them before.

    Did Stewart on tape actually say literally –
    “I went there with Martin to Burglarize the home for pills”,

    or was Stewart asked why Martin broke into the trailer and Stewart said, “maybe he wanted to steal some pills?”….
    Saying “maybe he went in to get pills?”, is not a admission of a crime on Stewart’s part, and not even on Martin’s part, because he is simply offering a potential theory that the police are asking him to offer. As far as Stewart is likely to see at that point, he is a witness who is trying to be as cooperative with Police as possible, and tell them what they want to know.

    A person with no criminal record who is in that sort of situation as Stewart describes during his taped spontaneous exclamation would not likely comprehend that they remotely could bear any sort of criminal liability and would want to keep it that way by ‘helping’ the cops.


    [“If in fact they were lured there, he would have come up with a story heading in that direction.”]

    As before, Not if Stewart did not know the entire story, and Stewarts’ brief but adamant call to the police dispatcher seems to lean toward supporting (but not confirming) a situation in which Stewart was not active participant or fully aware of what was going on. This is further supported by the fact Stewart was not in a position to get shot, and had been physically distant from Martin for some period of time, possibly 20-30 minutes.

    [“Either way… it is suspicious that the phone and laptop can’t be found as of yet. Police said they had an idea of what happened to them, but it certainly looks like someone knew there was information that was incriminating on them and disposed of them”]

    The shooter who say, called Martin for a 27 second phone call from the trailer summoning him, from her anonymous prepaid 20 dollar cell phone could have pulled his phone off of his corpse at the time the knife out of the trailers kitchen drawer was planted in Martins’ hand. I am not suggesting this is the case, but its as possible as any other, unless you fully investigate when you have a fresh scene, and don’t wait until the owner of these devices has been dead for nine days. Items of value belonging to dead man who may have left them in a shared home or apt dont stick around til police feel like it might be a good idea to cover their a## and go find them.

    There is nothing really suspicious about the police not finding a cell phone or computer – it is unusual that, in a case of this nature, police would officially/publicly announce who is cleared and who is criminally liable in the case unless you processed, or already exhausted all effort to locate these devices early on.

    The Police story about ‘being led to believe’ that Martins communications devices were in his personal car is such nonsense that it boggles the mind. They obviously did not care about any of these details until they feared that not covering these bases would or could come back to bite them later.

    It does not take 9 days to get a warrant for the search of a car, but you DO have to in the warrant describe the items that are expected to be found and where/what those specific things are expected to be. If the original search warrant does not include specifically a description of Martins’ computer and Phone, and possibly who informed them (what channels they learned that seizable evidence of a certain nature was in the car) the cops are potentially in serious trouble legally because they have asserted they had reason to expect those items in his car,
    and were “led to believe” by by some informant that they would find those specific items in a dead mans vehicle. The only person who could really tell you anything about where my computer or cell phone are (with the exception of the NSA) is ME..
    Once I am dead no one could conclusively beyond a mere guess tell you where those items could or should be, and I doubt the Blanchard PD did more than belatedly start looking for those items once they became worried about the lack of investigation, and when even a search of Martin’s car failed to produce the devices they are now at the end of their rope until someone can tell them where those devices are.

    The phone could be at the bottom of the old septic pit 1/2 a click east of the trailer for all the PD know along with the prepaid cell phone used to contact him prior to the shooting for all the Blanchard PD know.


    This thread has degenerated into a couple posters who are pretty much have no idea what they are talking about, and keep wasting verbage with total nonsense that contradicts what the said the previous post.
    If at the beginning of this thread YOU posted anything to the effect that “nothing matters because this girl shot him in her house..derp..castle doctrine”-
    STOP posting now. I already showed you how a person could easily exploit the castle-doctine as a means to legally murder if they can B.S. the LE charged with investigating the case into such a simplistic and nonsensical assumption.

    ASK YOURSELF THIS->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1)How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves on the internet?

    2) How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet handling a shotgun or other firearm?

    3) How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet holding a firearm that they are pointing at another person or pointing at the camera-man?

    4) Now.. how many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet play-acting murdering someone?

    5) How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet play-acting murdering someone with a FIREARM specifically?
    6) How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet play-acting murdering someone with a FIREARM.. that was photographed within THE PREVIOUS 60 DAYS?
    7) How many people who posted in this thread have a picture of themselves posted on the internet play-acting murdering someone with a FIREARM.. that was photographed within THE PREVIOUS 60 DAYS, WHO ACTUALLY ended up killing a attacker or another person within that time frame with a firearm?

    The ONLY person in the USA that would likely be able to answer ALL THE WAY UP TO QUESTION #7 in the affirmative are heavily tattoo-ed gang-banger career criminals.. and Sarah McKinley.

    Once I got beyond question #1, probably every single person in this thread started answering in the Negatron to each of my following questions.
    The reason for that is, it is uncommon for even most people who are gun owners to photograph themselves with fireams at all,
    its very strange for them to point the muzzle end of the firearm at the buddy taking the pic,
    and its outside any normal conduct for someone to arrange a murder scene in a personal photo and get their picture taken in basically a “murder-diorama”.

    Sarah McKinley did ALL those things, from #1 to #7. While this does not alone prove that Sarah committed any sort of crime,
    this is a white-phosphorous flare sent up to signal that this case needed to be hit with a F-ing microscope before you start making assumptions about who did what and why..

    • Occam’s Razor

      I think it is presumptious to assume the police did not check to see if the knife matched a missing slot in the butcher block in McKinley’s house. There are many details we do not have. Such as was Justin carrying a case for the knife on his body? Perhaps… or maybe not.

      The assumption that there was a 27 second call from a pre-paid phone that she disposed of… where is the evidence of this prepaid phone? Where is the evidence that Justin’s phone received any calls that can’t be identified? They will get his phone records as they will need them for their case against Justin. Being that there has been no evidence to support Sarah ever spoke to him let alone called him, it is over-reaching to say the least to be making accusations of such a thing.

      Dustin knew Justin for 4 years, and if he believed he and his friend had any legitimate reason to be there… ie the resident was a friend, a girlfriend, someone who invited them there, he would have offered that up rather than say that his buddy had a plan to burglarize the place.

      Even if he was trying to be helpful to the police, he did not make the claim that they had any possible legitimate reason for being there. It would have turned things on his head if he would have implied that they were there to check on the wellbeing of the resident and his friend was worried about someone and then got shot for his concern. He was miles and miles away from such a reason. I think in his mind, he was there to be “helpful” to the police and establish that he was just an innocent bystander.

      We don’t know all the reasons why he turned himself in. Could be multiple people knew he and Justin were together and obviously, Justin had been shot and he probably didn’t know for sure if he was even dead. He took off after the shot and knew that it was going to be a matter of time before he was implicated, so he went down voluntarily and implicated his buddy. There are a lot of details we don’t know.

      If it was Justin’s car they took to the place, then it may be completely likely that Justin’s phone and computer were in his car. If Dustin was concerned about what evidence might exist detailing any plans, well it is perfectly plausible for him to get rid of that evidence. He had motive and opportunity. It is perfectly possible that the guy who is considered the accomplice might want to make it harder to get convicted.

      Sarah is 18 and clearly has a very short life full of many questionable actions. However, she is the one who has suffered some massive tragedies in a short period of time. Foolish pictures she has on facebook does not equate that she had any need to set up a “really great guy” to look like a pill popping thug willing to violate her further to score his drugs.

      She was in her home. Someone that was not authorized entered her home. She called 911 fairly immediately and a problem with how the call got routed delayed getting an officer dispatched to her. There is enough that was going on in her life that to imagine she was somehow so conniving to be setting up poor innocent Justin 5 days after her husband died while caring for an infant and not having a pot to piss in… no working car, struggling for money, selling everything she could to pay for funeral expenses… Well frankly it just is ridiculously malicious to even feel a need to imagine that of course this must be all her fault. It says a lot about people who really need her to be the real bad guy.

      I am confident that there will be no evidence to support the malicious accusations. While she may not be a person everyone wants to be, or have made relationship decisions people envy, it doesn’t really give anyone the right to level such accusations on her.

      Nobody has the right to demand to know the father of her baby. Certainly not nameless faceless people on the internet that want to hide behind their computer and hurl accusations.

      Even if Justin Martin was the biological father, if that were the case it wouldn’t give him the right to enter her home. Further, if there was any consideration for this, I am sure that Dustin would have come up with that idea before claiming his buddy was a low enough person to target someone who was already swimming in tragedy. I am certain he would have loved to have a better reason for why they were there. The reason he didn’t come up with a better reason is because burglary was the intent.

      I do agree with posters that of course police should investigate who, what, where, when, why and how of a crime. However, once it can be established and likely confirmed that there was no reason to believe these guys were there for any legitimate reason, it is ok for them to determine that the home resident is within their reasonable rights under the law.

      It appears that they could confirm important details as who belonged in the home and who did not have any legitimate reason to be there.

      Now they are trying to determine who really had the plan and the intent and will be seeking evidence to support the hefty charges on Dustin Stewart.

      It will be sad for people who need Sarah to be the villain I am sure when none of their accusations ever bear fruit. What a waste of time and energy to spend so much effort on inventing a villain and ignoring the basic facts offered up by one of the criminals. No reason to disregard his own statements. No reason to ignore his own self interest. Focus on the facts in evidence. Accept the facts in evidence and be willing to modify your conclusions upon introduction of new evidence.

      Fervently held grudges and accusations and scenarios of possibility are not facts.

  • Occam’s Razor

    There is a problem that people are so determined to assume facts not in evidence when claiming that Sarah and Justin had a relationship and going so far as to assume he is the father of the baby. While it would be one thing so just wonder if these details might be part of a larger story, there is absolutely no evidence at this time that there was any significant relationship.

    Spending so much time making accusations and trying to find a way to blame her just sounds like someone or multiple someones with a grudge and a need to blame one of the victims.

    If either Justin or Dustin went to her house motivated by a relationship with her that likely would have been part of Dustin’s statements.

    Such as: in his 911 call to the police he might have mentioned that he and his friend had gone to the house of a friend, a girlfriend, former girlfriend … or someone KNOWN to them in some way.

    Instead this is part of what he said in his 911 call:

    “This is a portion of the 911 call made by Dustin Stewart:

    Dispatcher: “Sheriff’s office, this is Diane.”

    Stewart: “My name is Dusty Stewart and I think it was my friend got shot I don’t know. Ma’am I don’t know what he was trying to do I stood at the fence telling him to come on and I don’t know what he did. I was with him and I’m driving back to his house right now. We’re going up to his house to look at something.”

    He is definitely distancing himself from a situation that went terribly wrong. If he had gone to the McKinley house for a legitimate reason that would likely be part of his ramble of the situation. If his friend was there to check on the well being of a girlfriend/former girlfriend or friend, that would also likely play into his story. But no, he didn’t expect his friend to get shot, but he knew they were there for no good reasons so he claims he didn’t know. Distances himself physically making it seem like he wasn’t anywhere near whatever his friend did that got shot. His reflex to call 911 was made while he was driving away and there he was making in clear that he was with his friend, but far away from whatever happened and he didn’t even know anything and didn’t see anything.

    And then the part, of “I was with him and now I am driving to his house. We’re going up to his house to look at something.”

    If they had gone to the McKinley place because one of them had been lured there by Sarah, she would have come up in that call. If nothing more than to accuse her of being crazy or something. She does not factor in to that call because there was no relationship between either one of them being used as justification to be there.

    Here is the copy of the affadavit

    According to this when Dustin turned himself in and made statements to the police he stated:

    1. that Dustin and Justin each together and on foot climbed over the fence to gain entry to the property.

    2. Dustin claimed that Justin Martin had devised a plan to burglarize the residence. He further said that Justin told him that a resident of the home had recently died of cancer, and that Martin suspected narcotics might be located inside the residence.

    3. Dustin satated he knew Justin Martin for 4 years and that he believed Martin to be addicted to prescription medication such as hydrocodone. He admitted that 30 minutes prior to approaching the residence they both took hydrocodone.

    4. Dustin stated further that together they approached the residence. He claimed that Martin aggressively knocked on both the front and back door of the residence as the he himself followed and observed. He said he saw Justin Martin gain entry to the residence by hitting the door with his shoulder and then stepping inside. He said he heard a gunshot after Justin entered the residence and then he fled on foot.

    Notice at no time did he mention any legitimate reason for being there.
    If they were there to check on a friend, certainly that plays much better than depicting one and both of them to be the kind of people who will intentionally rob a residence of a man who had just died so they can score his drugs. That is just plain repugnant. It is a horrible realization that someone would look at someone else’s tragedy and seek an opportunity to take advantage of them. At the point that he got to the police station to tell them what happened, if this was a crazy girl who lured them there and then changed her mind and set them up, well he would have been squawking all about it.

    This case has so much national attention because of the ability for everyone to see the collection of tragedies Sarah McKinley has experienced. Having a husband or anyone die on or near xmas is something people can relate to as so tragic and emotionally wrenching. Holidays are supposed to be happy times, times to be with loved ones, so it is heartbreaking that this 18 year old girl lost her husband on xmas. That in itself is eye catching and heart gripping. Then you hear she has a small baby, and the heart strings are pulled tighter. Then add on that just 5 days later there are two guys who are willing to invade her home and add yet more tragedy all so they can score drugs? The normal person reacts to the break in as outrageous. In someone’s tragedy someone finds opportunity to make it even worse?

    If there was a better story indicating a legitimate reason Dusty and Justin had to be there he would likely have given a better story.

    His first story to 911 he claims to not know anything and to be far away from his friend who was shot.

    His second story is that Justin was an addict and had the plan.

    So why was he with him? Why did he go with him to burglarize the residence?
    What part did he play in that? Was it true that it was all Justin’s plan?

    He admitted enough wrong doing to show that they were not there to save a baby, or visit a girlfriend, or check on a distraught friend. They were not there on orders from the landlord. They were there to burglarize the place as that is what he admitted to the police. Now it remains to see what can be proved about who had the intent and the plan.

    I expect that he makes it out to be all the dead guy’s idea and fault and he didn’t think he was serious and was thinking he could talk him out of it. I think he will play it all off that he is the innocent friend who never meant no harm but Justin was the mastermind.

    Given that his own actions and words don’t implicate anyone but him and Justin, then absent evidence that proves someone else committed a crime, it is foolish to be grasping for how it could be entirely the home invasion victim’s fault.

    It is troubling the number of people who are hellbent to twist and contort the known facts to fit what they would rather believe. If you have evidence that would be one thing, but the defendant’s own statements contradict the stories you are working hard to contrive.

  • Occam’s Razorblade

    Who wouldn’t want a full investigation here?
    Something bothers me here… Something ain’t right……hmmm

  • Nilz Martin

    It’s been real nice to read the comments on this blog. I will take a brake now and return in about 2weeks to cheek up status.

    Until then, I recommend “Occam’s Razor” to do som research on police work, how investigators perform murder investigations, about forensic evidence and using common sense.

    One thing is for sure: CASE IS NOT CLOSED!

    I think Sarah Shepard McKinley WILL BE charged with first or second degree murder.

    Dustin “Dusty” Stewart MAY BE charged with first or second degree murder.

    Justin’s family will sue Sarah Shepard McKinley in a civil court for Justin’s “wrongful death” caused by Sarah. Problem is that Sarah won’t have a nickel to pay Justin’s family when the win the “wrongful death” case…. unless she cashes in a life insurance from Kenneth McKinley?

    Maggie you are the best!!

    “Gareth F.” and “Jenster” you both keep a high quality and your posts are substantiated and within the available facts and common sense.

    “Occam’s Razor” is the most illiterate and unpolished retard I have ever stumpled upon.
    Nilz Martin
    currently serving as a lawyer at the Swedish Supreme Court.
    Highly skilled within the field of murder investigations and forensic science.

    • Occam’s Razor


      An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure. Get over yourself. You have no influence on the investigators or prosecutors on the case and your pompous attitude and claims of being such an expert are laughable. Good luck to you. You can make your predictions all you want and wish really really hard that they will come true. However, the truth will still be the truth, and you will be nothing but wrong. Good luck to you.

    • Marsha

      And now this has degenerated into farce. This is sad.

  • Wolfgang Hansen

    Nilz Martin

    Hope you are right my friend. You are well respected within and one of top ten invesrigators in Europe. You are the recordholder of the “Medal of Honor” given annually by the Interpol.

    You have contributed a whole lot to the European stability. All agencies -historic and present- should consult your expertise. Many agencies ise your methods in their daily work, such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, NRO and lots of other worldwide national intelligence agencies.

    My highly respected friend and colleague, mr, Nilz Martin, you are simply the best!

    I wish you the best and hope we meet in the near future… maybe we could attend the trial of Sarah Shepard McKinley in Oklahoma. Please let me know when the head of investigation contact you if he hasn’t done it already. I know you will be needed in this kind of investigation because it’s too complicated for the Blanchard/US investigators to handle. This case needs big brains such as yours my friend.

    Kind Regards!

    Wolfgang Hansen
    Lawyer at German intelligence agency
    Kreuzberg, Germany

  • Nilz Martin

    Dear “Wolfie”

    Thank you for your fine words. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just doing my job. I’m doing what I’m predestined to do for humanity and our civilization.

    God equipped me with my skills and I’m immensely grateful. I just renewed my Intelligence Test, and it turned out higher than last. My current qoute is apprx. OQ=170.

    The Blanchard chief of police hasn’t contact me yet but it’s a little too early. Usually contact is established within 2 months. I sent a telegram thou to the State governor and offered my help and expertise. I also wrote I wouldn’t charge fully since I want to help The victim’s family (the Martins).

    I will do my best here since it’s been a while since my last job in rural areas such as Blanchard. Mostly I’m located on Mew York and Los Amgeles. More specific downtown Manhattan in the financial district and east Hollywood. This because I became influenced by my beloved friend (deceased) Mr Dominick Dunne back in the 90’s. The reason is that many of my cases were later on shot as documentaries in “Power, Privilege and Justice”

    Nowadays I work with Oxygen TV and their documentaries “Snapped”.

    Maybe when we are done with Saran Shepard McKinley and she’s convicted for murder (first- or second degree) and put behind bars whe wil do a episode for “Snapped”

    Regarding. Dustin “Dusty” Stewart I haven’t made up my mind. If I had to guess I would say the poor kid is completely innocent. But before I confirm all I’ll have to perform my State of The Art investigation.

    Remember: Not everyone can investigate murder cases. At first sight they seem easy… so easy that the Blanchard sheriff says “case closed” and the NRA want to give the shooter a souvenir rifle. But no no. That’s the amateur way to go. Professionals like me and you dear Wolfgang, we perform a thorough and, intelligent and precise investigation including crime scene photos, fingerprints, DNA, blood-splatter (including shape and velocity) and interviews. Other aspects of the investigation, such as knocking doors and retrieving CCTV-materials from nearby stores, are let to the local police officers so the feel they’re involved on the invesrigation.

    Live well and see you soon my highly skilled and respected friend and colleagur Wolfgang Hansen (German 5-star lawyer)

    I’m looking forward to include you in top pinnacle in the forensic field of “Professional collectors and examiners of physical and biological evidence”


    Nilz Martin
    Lawyer at the Swedish Supreme Court.
    Highly skilled within the field of murder investigations and forensic science.

  • Occam’s Razor

    More from the 911 call from Dustin Stewart.,0,6407205.story

    Stewart: “Have you had reports of someone firing shots? Getting shot? Or breaking or entering or anything?”

    Dispatcher: “Yes. Who is this?”

    Stewart: “My name is Dusty Stewart and I think it was my friend that got shot. I don’t know.”

    Confusion and fear as the dispatcher tries to pin down Stewart’s exact location during the call.

    Stewart: “Ma’am I don’t honestly even know the way back to his house. If I could find the way back to his house I will do whatever I need to do but I am scared to death right now.”

    Dispatcher: “OK, all right. Hang on with me.”

    Stewart: “Ma’am I don’t know what he was trying to do. I stood at the fence telling him to come on and I don’t know what he did. I was with him and I’m driving back to his house right now. We’re going up to this house to look at something.”

  • Wolfgang Hansen

    “Occam’s Razor”
    I’ve read some of your posts where you perform personal attacks on Mr Nilz. You refer to him as a “nobody”.
    Are you stupid or what’s wrong with you? I won’t accept such crap from a low life like you.
    Reading your posts is like swallowing razor blades. It hurts!
    You should be blocked from this blog. You don’t contribute to the development of this blog, so beat it Yankee-boy.

    You write nothing but irrelevant garbage, I’ll have to take a time-out for a couple of weeks.
    “Occam’s Razor” has turned the discussion into low-quality sandbox. It’s become like a Kindergarten playground.

    “Occams-Garbage-Razor” How dare you calling mr Nilz Martin names? Look at yourself and your inferior mind. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen. You are nothing but a cheap, hateful brainless FRAUD! Maybe you are a run-away hiding from justice. I bet you are. Keep hiding you lowlife, criminal, insignificant, moronic retard.
    Mr Nilz won’t get down to your low-life level. He won’t even bother to write back to meet your dumb, irrational and brainless smear. Mr Nulz is a great man. He is bigger than performing personal attacks. He uses his brain and pencil to break down any resistance and foolishness. He is a Great Man of the World! Mr Nilz is a very competent scientist equipped with a great ability to meet any situation in life. Within his judicial profession he is intelligent, powerful, smart and able to interpret findings in a crime scene and solve any problem. He is proven to be one if ten best forensic scientists in the world. He accomplishes any assignment he is given.
    Nobody with a little decency and self-respect wouldn’t stack mr Nilz’s, brilliant mind and character.
    He is efficient and open-minded. 
    His mastermind has made him a well respected man within all layers of society; among judges, presidents, police-officers, physicians, history professors and so forth.  

    So a piece of low-life garbage like “Occam’s Razor” doesn’t have the right to defame a great person like my dear friend and colleague, Mr Nilz Martin!

    I think I’ll follow Mr Nilz Martins intelligent example and leave this discussion before my mind gets screwed up. I really like Maggie and this blog is one of the best ones on the net.

    Wolfgang Hansen
    Kreuzberg Germany

    • Occam’s Razor

      Put a sock in it, Wolfgang.

  • Occam;s Razor

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    • Occam’s Razor

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      • Occam;s Razor

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        you are insulting the finest of people and their attempts to give caution with your untruth!.

        • Occam’s Razor

          Dear Maggie,

          Please note the email address in my posts and it would be appreciated if you would delete the posts of the imposters.

          Thank you,

          Occam’s Razor

          • Occam;s Razor

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      • Occam;s Razor

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  • atomic colon buster

    Nils and Wolfgang make some good points and I would like to see a full investigation. If not investigation, not peace!!!!