Sarah McKinley Kills Intruder Justin Martin: Husband Dies on Christmas Day of Cancer: Dustin Dusty Stewart Charged with First Degree Murder

Sarah McKinley is another Oklahoma woman who refused to be a victim in her own home. The 18 year old had two men breaking into her home when she put a bottle in her three-month-old baby’s mouth, got her 12-guage and a pistol and called 911. With 911 on the phone line, she shot Justin Martin as he entered her house and charged her with a 12″ hunting knife. He’s dead. The second intruder, Dustin Stewart, turned himself into police and is charged with only burglary. Attempted murder would be more appropriate. Update: Dustin Stewart is now charged with first degree murder. Sarah McKinley’s husband died of lung cancer on Christmas Day, one week before the break-in. Update: a niece of Mr. McKinley (Kenneth ‘Kenny’ McKinley) is questioning the whole truth of Sarah Shepard McKinley’s story. Read it here.

Sarah McKinley

Mrs. McKinley recognized Martin as a man who showed up at her door the day of her husband’s funeral. She did not open the door.

Daily Mail:

The attack, as new reports reveal, may have been premeditated. Ms McKinley’s mother told that Martin stalked her daughter at a rodeo two years ago.

The two have since bumped into each other at a nearby convenience store. Ms McKinley said she didn’t know who he was until after the shooting, when she pieced everything together. 

In addition, two of her dogs were recently found dead.

Since news has spread, members of the Blanchard community are eager to help the young widow, donating clothes and gifts, as well as starting long-term funds for her son.

Ms McKinley is touched by the kindness. She told KFOR-TV: ‘You don’t realise how many good people there are until tragedy happens and then they step forward.

‘Kinda lose faith in the human race, but when people help, it puts that back in.’

Justin Martin (L), Dustin Stewart (R)

Most of the media headlines I see, say “911 Operater says Okay to Shoot,” or something similar, as if that’s the story. In the 911 call Sarah asked if it was okay to shoot the intruder if he comes through the door. The operater said she could only tell her to do what she must to protect her child.

This report of the murder charges against the accomplice says that Justin Martin knew McKinley’s 58-old-husband had just died and thought there would be prescription medicine in the house. Keep in mind that Mr. McKinley may not have been 40 years Sarah’s senior. Stories have a way of morphing out of control. Example: The LA arson suspect now in custody was said to be 55. He was 24.

This is the second story I recall of an Oklahoma woman put in this terrible situation. Remember Donna Jackson? Her story made headlines around the world.

Interview with Sarah McKinley (video)

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  • EBL I am going to link your story (if that is okay). Great post.

    • EBL, of course it’s fine and thank you. You may want to take a look at my update – another post. Should be top on my homepage.

  • Sarah McKinley’s 58-year-old husband recently died of cancer and expected to find prescription pain pills in the home. oxycontin should be free for everyone. so sad she didnt give the pills to Justin Martin. btw an 18 yo girl with a 56 yo husband….GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL

  • Nick

    Did anyone see that 70’s old ass picture of her “husband”? He should have been arrested for impregnating such a young girl. I can guarantee she was 17 and got hemmed up with some nasty old guy. There was no love there. That’s a rape baby. Sickening.

    • this is ridic

      Well Sarah Shepherd’s mother already had Mr.McKinley’s family member arrested for dating Sarah Shephed. Do NOT accuse Mr.McKinley of raping this gold digging young adult. They were married less than two weeks. He was on his death bed. Have some respect. I do agree with one thing you said, there was no love there… I just believe the lack of love was on Sarah’s part.

    • Hey Nick you slime ball…MY wife is 22 years younger than I am.
      Shes 10 times the wife you will EVER marry.

      • Sorry…shes 18 years younger than I am…we married when she was 22.
        Anyone with a problem with it needs to go talk to ten thousand other marriages where there is an age difference…and can kiss my ass as well.

  • Squid

    Right, because every cradle robber goes to great lengths to make sure his child bride is well-armed and capable.

    Get a grip, man.

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  • Byron

    Nick, your point of view is brutal and very sad.

  • Byron

    And, yeah, Nick, if the newborn is, as you say, “a rape baby”, he’s the cutest, jolliest little “rape baby” ever!

  • bjohn

    I had a friend who knew he was dying and married a young woman friend (though not THIS young)so she could have his insurance benefits, pension, and (someday) even his social security. Perhaps that’s what was going on here.

  • Nils Martins

    Greetings from Stockholm-Sweden.

    This story, like the Donna Jackson case back in 2009 (also Oklahoma-resident who shot an alleged intruder) has fascinated us over here.
    We are amazed how the media, for the past days, have described and raised the poor young widow to a national hero over there. We are stunned over hearing and reading about all Sarah Shepard McKinley and the praise of her character. Is she really that great? Is she really that innocent? Is she?

    Me and my fellow colleagues who work within the Swedish judicial system can’t really understand the American mentality in this particular case. It’s got nothing to to with the American’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms according to the Second Amendment. That we understand and respect.

    Rather it’s the way media has handled the the whole thing. We are amazed over how fast the the media and the public have come up with their verdict; “Not guilty”

    The most remarkable is that even the police department, the sheriff and authorities seem to share  the same view; “Not Guilty, and they shout this before any official investigation is done; interviews? crime scene investigation? technical evidens/analysis and forensics?

    The most enthusiastic of all appears to be the arms maniac of “H & H  Gun Range” Miles Hall. 

    The interview can be viewed at:

    Mr Hall draws unscientific conclusions and accelerates the glorification of the “poor widow” and at the same time describes the victim (Justin Martin) as a bad person.

    We are not saying that 
    Justin Martin was all good, nor his accomplice Dustin Stewart. BUT we are asking for a justice from the justice system – not from TV, from newspapers and definitely not from armsdealers.

    Here in Sweden, we think of the United States as great nation and  democracy. Swedes are big fans of American TV- documentaries such as “Forensic Files” “Medical Detectives” and others. We believe American police officers, investigators, prosecutors and judges are the world’s best. We hope that our belief in the US judicial system will remain on a high level and keep earning our respect. Therefore this story must be investigated or be presented in another way. According to the avalable information in the case, we think it’s not legally secure to draw conclusions from the 911-call with the dispatcher.

    This story has been discussed for a couple of days in my network here in Sweden. And after the niece Sara McKinley ”dropped a bomb” on the internet, we think it’s more necessary and urgent than ever to have an unbiased investigation. All the information available in story seems to have all the components to qualify as an episode of the television program “snapped”. The TV program is very popular in Sweden and why not contact Oxygen Network about this case.

    Sara McKinley… If you read this, we would love to watch an episode on “Snapped” with the “sobbing widow” Sarah Shepard McKinley so we can se real and final justice. 
    There are many doubts and circumstances that don’t add up.

    For example, sobbing widow Sarah Shepard McKinley
    is posting “happy” Facebook posts and giving interviews that raise doubts. Her mother gave information about 2-year history with victim. And 3-month baby Justin’s biological father? Who is he? etc. We think that you, Sara McKinley, the niece, “Jenster” and police “Gareth F.” with 19 years in the force, could do a favor for justice by making this case to be investigated thoroughly. We want to see real American justice -free from corruption and prejudice.
    Here in Sweden we follow this case and hope to see it ad a future production in “Snapped”

    (Snapped: TV documentary that features FEMALE KILLERS WHO Have Committed Murder, most commonly their spouse) 

    Mr. Nilz Martins Stockholm-Sweden

    Link to other article and comments made by signatures: “Jenster” and “Gareth F.” (19 yrs police detective veteran)

  • Wolfgang H

    Grüßen aus Deutschland!
    Greetings from Germany!

    This is a freaking case! Awesome plot!!!
    Please, consider my suggestion below for a new episode of “Snapped”…AWESOME-OKLAHOMA!

    Snapped is an American true crime television series that airs on the Oxygen Network. Snapped debuted on August 6, 2004 and is produced in conjunction with Jupiter Entertainment. (Wikipedia)

    This TV-series is a documentary style program that features women of all ages and backgrounds who have committed murder or attempted murder. Often the target is the women’s spouse or (secret) lover.
    The women/murderess have different socio-economic status and backgrounds, but most often the motive is financial (greed; life-insurance or/and assets). 

    These high-quality documentaries are done in a highly professional manner. Research in each case is performed intimately and exhaustively while the interviews with people in possession of first-hand knowledge of the case are carried out with expert skills by the “Snapped” reporters. The interviewees include law-enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists, prosecutors, judges, friends and family members of both the victims and the accused, and at times the criminals themselves.

    • Snapped Official website
    • Snapped Official UK website at Crime & Investigation Network (UK)
    • Snapped at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
    • Snapped at
    • Snapped at

    …for a new “Snapped” episode (N.B. This is just pure  freely thinking and should NOT be considered as absolute fact nor is it applicable in this case at this time)

    •Sarah Shepard McKinley, 18.

    →Justin Martin, 24.

    •HUSBAND (deceased Dec 2011. CoD: Lungcancer. Archive footage)
    →Kenneth McKinley, 58.

    •BABY of Sarah Shepard McKinley
    →”Baby” Justin, 3 months. (Footage)

    •ACCOMPLICE of VICTIM JUSTIN MARTIN/In custody, charged with murder 1;
    →Dustin Stewart, 29.

    •NIECE of Kenneth McKinley
    →Sara McKinley

    Auf Wiedersehen

    Wolfgang Hansen, Kreusberg -Germany
    friend of Nilz Martin, Stockholm -Sweden

  • “Dustin Dusty Stewart Charged with First Degree Murder”

    Second best detail of the whole story….the first being that she took the main slimeball out entirely.
    None of my tax dollars will go to house the dirtbag.

  • Nilz Martin

    Justice is not surved until a full investigation is done. It’s embarrassing that law officials go public and justify the shooting based on a 911-call. More digging must be dine. Investigate the time prior to the shooting. Bank transactions, telephone lists, life insurance etc. Also: who is the bio dad of baby Justin? Kenner McKinleybor Justin Martin?

    Nilz M -Stockholm – Sweden

  • Nilz Martin

    Hello America! 
    Hello Oklahoma!

    According to studies regarding this matter performed by my respected friend and colleague Wolfgang Hansen (German resident) and myself (Nilz Martin Swedish Resident) – we’ve come to some conclusions. Our works and analysis are strictly hypothetical and based upon available and accessible facts obtained from media coverage. 

    Let’s start…

    (1) – Sarah Shepard McKinley, 18, DID NOT brake the law when she shot and killed the (for her unknown at the scene) intruder Travis Martin, 24.
    (2) – No investigator in the world CAN NOT -and SHOULD NOT, draw any conclusions in a case like this where a person is shot to death (killed)
    (3) – Any kind of statement must be done in a US courtroom, not in media or by a sheriff or an arms dealer (Miles Hall, “H & H”)
    (4) – No matter what “judge-wannabe” gun maniac Miles Hall of “H & H” in Oklahoma praises the shooting act done by Sarah Shepard McKinley in this interview;

    (5) – Sarah Shepard McKinley may have done it “by the book” but this doesn’t answer whether
       (A)-She knew the intruder/victim Travis Martin.
       (B)-She had a relationship with intruder/victim Travis Martin.
       (C)-The biological father of baby-boy Travis (3 moths) is Travis Martin, 24 or the deceased Kenneth McKinley, 58.
    (6)-There is a (financial) motive?
    (7)-She will benefit from Justin Martin’s death?
    (8)-There is a life insurance where she is the beneficiary?
    (9)-There was a situation, such as blackmailing scenario? Maybe there were facts  -if unveiled -would unfold an uncomfortable reality to Sara Shepard McKinley?

    Kenneth McKinley’s niece, Sara McKinley has expressed some suspicions, facts and theories regarding the relationship circumstances between Sarah Sheperd McKinley, 18 and Kenneth McKinley, 58, which raise questions and doubts. We must say that the niece’s statement raises questions and doubts whether there is foul play here.

    In all cases where the outcome is deadly, there should be an thorough investigation including witness interviews, consideration of technical and forensic evidence and background check of the shooter, victim and the relationship between them.

    All professional investigators and law enforcement personnel should first investigate the circumstances BEFORE shouting out the question of guilt or draw conclusions. It seems that all statements and judgements are done within hours-days and are based upon the shooters statement and the 911-call with the dispatcher. The handling of the case can’t be said to be of high quality police work neither a conventional method of investigation.

    According to the given facts in the case, there are plenty of circumstances that raises questions and doubts.

    Both I and and my colleague, the forensic detective Wolfgang Hansen from Kreusberg-Germany, have studied the case in detail and would like to see a professional and non-bias investigation of the case.

    We are both big fans of forensic techniques and murder investigations. We consider US law enforcement officials and judicial system members to be the world’s best. Therefore we look forward to see a thorough investigation of this case.

    Is the “sobbing widow” a victim or is she a manipulative, greedy, gold-digging and cold-hearted murderess? This question can only be answered after a professional and thorough investigation.

    At last: both I and my dear friend and colleague Wolfgang Hansen of Kreuaberg, Germany, have high trust and confidence in the American judicial system and supporters of the second amendment in the American Constitution which establishes and guarantees Americans the right to bear arms and protect themselves, their family, their property and their little ones.
    The Sarah Shepard McKinley shooting may well be an episode of the TV documentary ‘snapped’? Or what do you think?

    Wikipedia-link to “Snapped”

    “Snapped” features women who have committed murder or attempted murder. Often the target is the individual’s spouse who almost always has a life insurance and the wife is the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Thus, the motive in nearly all cases is money/greed where the woman/killer is planning to cash in insurance money from the insurance company. 

    Mr. Nilz Martin,
    21-year veteran within Swedish, German and Danish judicial system and 18-year experience in murder investigations, forensic analysis, technical analysis and psychological profiling.

  • Nilz Martin

    We are following this case from Sweden and Germany.

    There is another article on this page with 70+ comments at:

    There is a rocket-scientist calling himself/herself “Occam’s Razor”

    Please reed and draw your own conclusion. The Occam’s Razor character tries to cover up the shooting and seems to get upset when we are discussing that the shooting should be investigated. Now we really wonder if there’s foul play? In our mind the US has got the world’s most professional and fair judicial system with great investigators and state of the art forensic science.

    To the US to maintain it’s good reputation we would like to se real justice served.

    ✓ We want a thorough, professional investigation of the shooting.

    ✓ We want a non-bias, non-prejudice and scientific investigation.

    ✓ We hope the DA and police investigate the shooting as a homicide.

    ✓ We hope the police department in the county where the shooting took place have bright brains such our beloved LA  Homicide detective, Lieutenant Columbo of the LAPD, so all “the loose ends are tied up” and no murder is on the loose!

    KEEP DIGGIN’ We love the great nation of the United States of America

    Nilz Martin, Stockholm, Sweden

    Wolfgang Hansen, Kreuzberg, Germany