Rush Limbaugh Likes The Five: Bob Beckel on Angela Tantaros

Rush Limbaugh loves The Five. No surprise. I predicted the FNC show replacing Glenn Beck’s at 5 pm EST, would fail, but it was a daily favorite with me from the beginning. I love Greg Gutfeld. He is one funny conservative guy. I’ve always liked Angela Tantaros, who Rush referred to as Angela “Tarantula.” In the video, Bob Beckel has a great line about that moniker. I have a new appreciation for Kimberly Giuilfoyle – she has a foxy and quick sense of wit. I wanted Eric Bolling to have his own show to replace Beck but instead got him as one of The Five, so I’ve settled. He’s my Number 1 favorite on the show. Dana Perino is the token moderate, often tagged as “being too nice,” but really, she’s just a establishment middle-roader, with Bob Beckel bringing his far-left opinions to the spot where Beck once whipped up a conservative frenzy. Beckel has had a successful career of being a paid progressive, but I bet he doesn’t believe everything he says.

Tantaros, Beckel, Bolling, Perino, Gutfeld

Kimberly Guilfoyle

If the video disappears or does not work, view it at Fox News.

Rush Limbaugh Likes The Five (video)

Photo Credit: Richard Perry/The New York Times

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  • I like the Five. I like Guttfield, Tantaros, Bolling and Perino. I guess I’m supposed to love to hate Beckel, and I suppose I do. He’s really annoying unless he talks about campaigning, which is something he’s obviously knowledgeable about. Otherwise I feel like he’s spewing talking points, and his voice is louder than his co-hosts’.
    I’m a bit puzzled by Guilfoyle. He was married to the former SF mayor and now CA Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. They were supposed to be the new Kennedies — until she made suggestive remarks about his anatomy, that is.

    • edge of the sandbox, bet he took it as a complement. She’s a bit randy, even as SF’s First Lady.

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  • I love listening to the five. I live with Beckel. He’s a great view into the mind of a liberal. Basically they are from another planet. Guttfield, he’s an enigma.. but I really enjoy him on The 5 and Red Eye. Love that show to. Love all of them. Beckel.. man I had to see him at 6 am this morning in this video.. geeze

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