Romney Adviser Norm Coleman: ObamaCare Will NOT Be Repealed in Total

Former Republican Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who is now a Romney adviser, says ObamaCare will never be repealed in total. Hello! He’s ADVISING Mitt Romney. In this discussion there is no discussion of full Repeal. It doesn’t even come up.

HOST: What elements [of ObamaCare] can realistically be repealed”

COLEMAN: Two that come to mind: The Independent Payment Advisement Board…Resistance to the 2.3% medical device tax.

If this doesn’t make you think more than twice about Mitt Romney and his ABILITY, I’ll say it again, his ABILITY to repeal ObamaCare, then nothing short of taking an extra wife or two will turn you off.

ObamaCare, as Gingrich said, can be repealed with a committed House, Senate and White House. If you have given up on that idea, you’ve given up on America. We have to go after the Senate with the same fervor we go after the Oval Office. Anything less is to concede legislative defeat.

Now it’s clear why Coleman rolled over when Al Franken took his Senate seat. Read additional commentary at Hot Air.

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Romney Adviser Norm Coleman on Not Repealing ObamaCare (video)

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