Rob Port Say Anything Blog: New Position as Govt Transparency Accountability for North Dakota Policy Council

This is good news. Rob Port at Say Anything Blog has accepted a position as Government Transparency and Accountability Policy Fellow for North Dakota’s Policy Council (NDPC). Don’t worry, it’s a part time position. Rob will continue at Say Anything blog as usual.

North Dakota is thriving in the success of their huge fossil fuel reserves – so huge those reserves are rendering existing pipelines incapable of transporting their bounty. My data from February 2011 shows that North Dakota’s Bakken formation and Texas’ Eagle Ford will produce 4 billion barrels of oil, making them the fifth- and sixth-biggest oil fields ever discovered in the United States. The EPA is all over these states, as well as local newspapers – here’s just one example, exposed at Say Anything, of alleged plagiarizing of an unconfirmed anti-oil email, used in a North Dakota paper. 

No doubt you are hearing about ‘fracking,’ probably the negatives of it, with none of the positives. See how fracking works here. Congratulations Rob (read about his appointment).

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook