Right Reading 1-16-12: Slight Edge to Education: Rand Paul Gives Back Office Budget

It’s so easy to miss so much, including the important and the fun. Here are some things I almost missed, with a slight edge to education and a great story about Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

American Perspective: Horrifying Reality of Iowa Caucus

American Power Blog: OMG! Media Matters Writes Book-Length Blog Post Looking to Get Dana Loesch Fired

Bunkerville: Next Generation, dumb as dumb can be (complete with stats)

Conservatives on Fire: Free Market Capitalism Yearns to be Free and Union Stiffs Stiffing Union Stiffs.  Jim Gourdie is one of the finest conservative bloggers – His news here. Continuing prayers are welcome.

Edge of the Sandbox: Portlandia: Stuff White People Like on Cable

Grumpy Opinions: Florida: The Parent Trigger – Parent Empowerment Act

Pirate’s Cove: American’s Overwhelmingly Fear an Obama Re-election

POH Diaries: A Little Perspective on PissGate

Reaganite Republican: Gingrich: ‘[Obama] has $240M in Bank – Plans Billion Dollar Overwhelmingly Negative Campaign

Saber Point: In Spite of U.S. Air Support Tebow Loses (great photo – you have to see it. It will stir your heart)

Sentry Journal: The Kentucky Contrast and Mr. Massie

The Lonely Conservative: OMG! Single Dad Wants to Get Occupiers Out of His Home.

The Other McCain: My Son, the C-SPAN Star

Theo Spark: Hell Yes for Texas?

Zilla of the Resistance: Take Your “Outrage” and Shove It – Victory Tinkle Edition

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