Rick Perry: TinkleGate – Beheading Daniel Pearl

In last night’s debate, Fox News moderator Bret Baier asked Rick Perry about Marines urinating on dead Taliban. Perry had a strong, strong answer that drew huge applause. Video below. See my South Carolina GOP debate live-blog here.

Rick Perry

PERRY: Listen, as — you know, I volunteered to wear the uniform of our country. And what bothers me more than anything, is this administration and this administration’s disdain all too often for our men and women in uniform. Whether it was what they’ve said about the Marines — now these young men made a mistake. They obviously made a — a mistake.

BAIER: You’re talking about urinating on the corpses?

PERRY: They — they made a — a mistake that the military needs to deal with. And they need to be punished. But the fact of the matter — the fact of the matter is this, when the Secretary of Defense calls that a despicable act, when he calls that utterly despicable. Let me tell you what’s utterly despicable, cutting Danny Pearl’s head off and showing the video of it.

PERRY: Hanging our contractors from bridges. That’s utterly despicable. For our president for the Secretary of State, for the Department of Defense secretary to make those kinds of statements about those young Marines — yes, they need to be punished, but when you see this president with that type of disdain for our country, taking a trillion dollars out of our defense budget, 100,000 of our military off of our front lines, and a reduction of forces, I lived through a reduction of force once and I saw the result of it in the sands of Iran in 1979. Never again.

Thanks to Fox News. If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.

Rick Perry South Carolina GOP Debate: TinkleGate and Beheading Daniel Pearl (video)

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  • How easily does the Democrats forget those these animals murdered and why.

    We must hammer this home each and every day.

  • I was part of that reduction of force military too and my unit was involved in Operation Eagle Claw. Rick Perry is right….Never Again!

  • Rick Perry is a stand up guy … My perfect GOP ticket would be … Rick Perry and Allen West. Both are strong men who won’t back down.

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  • Perry nailed it last night on this subject. It is a shame he can’t articulate his ideas as well as Newt does. If he could, he’d win hands down because folks like his message.

    I too was around during the “reduction of force” and it was a huge mistake. But then Odummer doesn’t care what it does to the military or this country. It’s all part of his plan of destruction.

  • last conservative

    Rick Perry makes up for his complete stupidity by appealing to the worst in people.

    W.W.J.P.O = Who would Jesus Pee On?

    All the nonsense that Perry spews about his FAITH and being a christian, and then he turns around and tries to appeal to hostility that is most un-Christian.

    There is no political issue or story to this. These guys will be punished, and its up the to military to decide what that should consist of. These idiots did more damage to USA foreign policy through their stupid acts than a Trillion dollars in weapons and troops could counter-act.

    They were wrong, and no one should be trying to make this a issue concerning all american armed forces, or use it to defend the idiots who did this.

    The core issue here is, a giant army of a million men is not worth as much as a small military of COMPETENT, SENSIBLE, MORAL men, who are well-trained and well led. Sending idiots into the army, and turning them loose, does more damage to our interests and relations in the long run than can be overcome by massive numbers of troops.