Off to Sunday Morning Church: Now It’s Time to Fix Myself

Blogger Carl Middleton has discussed “Fixing Yourself” the past two weeks. I think we think more about what needs “fixing” as we prepare to go to church. After, maybe not so much until we go to bed at night. A person with a Christian background has to be fairly disciplined to not let thoughts wander to the wrongs we’ve done this day, or throughout our lives. It’s hard to learn to take it to the Lord in prayer and leave it there, rather than thinking about what we can do about it…rather than understanding “you can’t fix yourself.”

Carl, who blogs at GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus sent a video my way this week. A young man, in a modified rapping style, talks about religiosity. In the end, it comes down to how we “fix” ourselves, and “religion” isn’t the “fix.”

Jesus is the “fix,” of course. Both Carl and the young man agree on this.

From Carl (short excerpts):

Because You Can’t Fix Yourself … Part I 

You need Jesus.Trying harder might do it … if you could live long enough … which you won’t. Even living ninety years following a self-help program won’t completely fix what is wrong with man. Why is that? The problem is this …man is completely fallen.

When Paul says … “what you desire to do” … he is speaking about yourself will and your spirit man, the real you … which really wants to follow the leading of the Lord rather than following the carnal natural fleshly appetites of fallen man.Paul continues his instruction with two results we will gain from allowing God’s Spirit to help fix what’s wrong with our fleshly nature.

Religion might preach grace, but another thing they practice. Tends to ridicule God’s people; they did it to John the Baptist. They can’t fix their problems, so they just mask it, not realizing religion is like spraying perfume on a casket.
I hope you’ll visit the links above. Jesus made our “fixing” easy for us. The links above will help you think about it. Carl, as always, is so genuinely thoughtful and Biblical in his writing. You will be gratified by taking a few minutes to read him each week.
  • Maggie, so glad to see you post your insight into the Word once again on your blog. I know you have been busy with all the headlines and life in general, but it does me good to hear your take on things of faith. I know your readers also hold your opinion in high regards as I do.

    Blessings dear one.

  • It’s by faith I get through every day. Each morning the first words out of my mouth are a prayer of thanks for my bad times and my good times. I look at life as an amazing gift that was given to me. Am I perfect.. No. I will be judged for the struggle and the fight against myself. I believe Jesus, who became flesh, not only died for us, but he also showed us, that we humans, can overcome evil. It’s the struggle to that goal that is tough. I’m thankful for the challenge and the lifelong quest. I’m a devoted enemy of those who would trash my faith and my freedom to live it.

    • David … Peg and I count it an honor to call you our brother in Christ. We are both in the same club … sinners saved by grace. This is why I posted “Because you can’t fix yourself” … to show that we all need Jesus.

      Thank you for your friendship. Blessings …

      • We may belong to different churches.. but in reality, the basics are the same.