Obamas Jobs Council for Drilling: Obama for Regulations: Obama Too Intelligent, Bored: Oil Gas Industry Scared Workless

A story that I didn’t get to last week was Obama’s Jobs Council calling for drilling and fracking and mining and pumping and piping, and on with the jobs man! I believe it called for making more public land and area available to do all the above – maybe some of those lands the Bush and Obama administrations bought up or confiscated to “protect” it. Everything a person with an ounce of common sense wants, Obama’s jobs council wants. Yes, safety and environmental concerns were addressed, and only an idiot can think that these companies, so deeply invested in energy, would be reckless. In researching this story, I discovered how incredibly intelligent Obama is – far beyond what we’ve already been told or believed. I discovered how important it is keep our President from growing bored, and that he spoke to an environmental group before the State of the Union (SOTU) making promises that only a West Coast publication can see reflected in the SOTU.

The San Francisco Chronicle reads some real positives into the SOTU address regarding drilling and fracking.  I’ve scoured it. I don’t see it. That’s because it wasn’t it wasn’t there. However, in comments to The National Resources Defense Council, and relayed in a column titled Obama Pushes Natural-Gas Fracking to create 600,000 Jobs, he is said to be pushing “drilling for gas in shale rock….”

There’s a catch. Right? Ah, here it is – those dratted regs:

President Barack Obama’s energy policy is on the “wrong track” by promoting natural gas while drafting restrictions on the hydraulic fracturing process that produces the fuel, the biggest energy industry group said.

“We are on the wrong track,” Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, the largest energy trade group in Washington, said in remarks prepared for a speech today. “We see it in an incoherent approach to natural gas development: lauding it’s obvious benefits while ratcheting up pressure for new layers of duplicative regulations that could stop energy development dead in its tracks.”

The issue of contaminating ground water has already been dealt with. Next on the horizon is the claim that fracking is responsible for the uncommon earthquakes we’ve seen in the U.S.

In Obama’s comments were the notation of “regulations to ensure safe drilling practices.” The National Resources Defense Council give us a preview:

“That’s very, very important, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg,” Beinecke said. “There are huge air quality impacts. These huge industrial operations are coming to small towns.”

The Promise Everything American, Do Nothing American President detailed nothing of 600,000 jobs in the State of the Union.

As to the current proclamation by the Obama Job Council, after this video at The Lonely Conservative, we know The Won is entirely too intelligent to be submitted to the drudge of wrangling jobs or being intrigued at what his own Council recommends. About the fracking – don’t hold your breath.

Indulge me, please, as I think back on Obama lawlessness in the Gulf – still lawless – still stifling drilling and exploration, still lying about it: after the Gulf BP oil spill a judge ruled that Obama’s moratorium on drilling was illegal, and particularly so when it was learned that he and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar changed the testimony of a panel of experts, without their knowledge, from positive to negative on drilling. Within days, maybe the next day, the Obama administration simply issued another moratorium. Obama, Salazar and I believe, the Department of Justice, are still in contempt of a federal court in Louisiana.

The moratorium has cost the U.S. more than $24 BILLION in lost oil and natural gas. Hard to come by rigs have left the Gulf region and moved on to more profitable and appreciative countries. Jobs lost in 2010 and 2011 – 162,000 with no end in sight – just in the Gulf. The following report is dated January 11, 2012.

Since April 2010, 11 drilling rigs left the Gulf for Brazil, Egypt or Angola, generating more than an estimated $21 billion in investments in those countries.

More than 130 offshore drilling projects have been delayed by almost a year and half, since the moratorium, compared with 46 projects being delayed pre-moratorium.

“A regulatory environment that eliminates unnecessary permitting delays and maintains competitiveness with development opportunities in other regions of the world would provide a first step to revitalizing the offshore oil and gas industry,” the report said. “Additional access to offshore areas currently off‐limits remains a key missing component of U.S. energy policy, and would provide substantial additional gains to the nation in terms of energy security, employment and government revenue.”

I can find nothing indicating the latest moratorium has been lifted.  This from February 3, 2011:

“President Obama claims to have lifted the Gulf moratorium, yet not a single deepwater permit has been issued in nine months,” Jim Adams, the association’s president, said in a release after the ruling. “As a result, thousands of workers are out of jobs, Americans are paying more for gasoline and heating oil, and our nation is becoming even more dependent on unstable nations for our energy needs.”

Feldman also ordered the government to pay the legal fees of Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC, which filed the initial lawsuit. The company had described the fees as “significant.”

Hornbeck “was put to considerable expense, after Judge Feldman issued the injunction, contending with the government’s litigation posturing and defiance of the court’s order,” Sam Giberga, the company’s general counsel, said today in an e-mail.

“The government was not at liberty to impose its own will after the court struck down the policy,” Giberga said. “The government, like any citizen, had to obey the ruling, even if it didn’t like it.”

Drillers have the cover of the court, but apparently are scared workless by this administration.

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