Obama Signing Statement: Can Use Omnibus Funding for Gun Control Ads

In the Omnibus spending bill passed and signed in December 2011 (which contained the NDAA), Congress explicitly told Obama he cannot use any of the allocated funds to advocate for gun control. According to the NRA, Obama issued a signing statement over-riding the will of Congress. I’m asking Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn what they plan to say/do about the lawlessness. Please Senators, get to a microphone and start talking, start writing op-eds…please.

Cam Edwards interviews John Frazer, NRA-ILA Director of Research and Information:

He will “not construe these measures as preventing him from fulfilling his responsibility to recommend such measures as he deems necessary and expedient.” So, in other words Congress says you can’t use this money to advocate for gun control. Obama says I’m going to use it to promote gun control if that’s necessary and expedient.

BlueGrassPundit says there were 20-such over-rides of the bill by Obama. There is plenty of outrage about some of the language in the  National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which many believe allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens. Read those details here.

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Cam Edwards Interviews John Frazer, NRA About Obama Signing Statement (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I sure do miss our Constitution. Anybody seen it lately?

    • I think the lying, alien, un-documented, African born Communist Muslim traitor who inhabits the White House … flushed it down the toilet after he wiped his butt with it.

      • Yep, that’s he does with the Rule of Law too

      • Carl: Obama is scared not to enforce gun control because he is worried the American people will start shooting and not stop till the insane Washington DC idiots are all dead and gone. It’s going to happen, Obama better quit pushing ‘We The People’s’ buttons.
        Obama is treading on all of us and on thinner & thinner ice. Can’t you hear it cracking and it has nothing to do with global warming.

    • Steven, the Tea Party found it and are working on cleaning up the trash heaped on it over the last few decades.

      • I’m counting on that, Maggie!

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  • This guy thumbs his nose at Congress, Federal Courts, and the Constitution. Unless SCOTUS steps in soon, we’re going to be under a dictatorship.

  • Boehner should man up, head to the nearest camera and relate the situation to the American people…no more mincing words. Then, he should publicly put the President on notice that as soon as the first penny is spent in any unauthorized fashion, the House will IMMEDIATELY cut off 30% of the President’s funding. He should also let the President know that each week he persists in unconstitutional power grabs, an additional 5% will be cut.

    All funds gathered by this process would be immediately applied to retiring the national debt. If the President insists on being an egomanical narcissist, we might as well figure out how to make that work FOR America, right?

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