Obama: Reinstate Authority of Presidents Before Me: Merging Commerce USTR – Tale of DHS

In the video below Obama is asking Congress to “reinstate” the authority other Presidents before him have had, but he didn’t say how he lost the same power or who took it from him. He is asking for authority to close the Department of Commerce, and create a new export agency including Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). He promises to use the power to only make government leaner. It will save taxpayers $3 Billion dollars over ten years, he says, creating a cabinet position for the Small Business Association. Remember the tale of the Department of Homeland Security, creating it, gobbling-up smaller and already huge agencies across the country, leaving us with a government behemoth? Maybe that’s not a good comparison, but when has Barack Obama ever been truthful about smaller government? Do fewer agency names mean a step toward a more limited government?

White House budget official Jeffrey Zients told reporters the reorganization would fold together the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and other trade bodies now spread across Washington, giving businesses a single point of contact and ensuring federal spending goes further to boost exports. Source Chicago Tribune

The Hill characterizes this move by Obama as “putting his own small-government plan forward:”

One of Obama’s proposals would be to merge six major operations that focus on business and trade: Commerce Department’s core business and trade functions, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investments and the Trade and Development Agency. Obama is looking to have all of those operations merge into one agency.

As an example of how “merging” works, after September 11, 2001 we merged law enforcement, border security/immigrations and many other agencies into the Department of Homeland Security, which didn’t exist before the terrorist attacks. Today taxpayers are funding the $3.4 BILLION building and renovation of a 176-acre site ‘across the river’ in Washington, D.C. Nationwide, DHS has 240,000 federal employees AND 200,000 CONTRACTORS. It’s not clear how many of the federal employees will move into the  gargantuan D.C. complex when completed after many starts, pauses and all-out-stops, in 2012. The federal budget included $42.7 BILLION for DHS operations in 2009. The actual expenditure was $85 BILLION. The 2012 budget is $98 BILLION, with the additional $3.4 BILLION construction costs climbing.

“It will help us hold meetings,” Secretary Janet Napolitano said. “It will help us build that culture of ‘One DHS.'”

The Federal Budget took a direct blow in the amount of $85 BILLION in expenditures for DHS in 2009; budgeted was a mere $42.7 BILLION.

John Boehner says perhaps Obama’s new agency might be for “appearance[s],” but he welcomes more information and the opportunity of “eliminating duplicative programs and making the federal government more simple, streamlined and business-friendly…”

At a press conference on Friday where Obama formally announced his plan, he said part of it would mean elevating the Small Business Administration to a Cabinet-level department. Another part of his proposal would combine the central business and trade operations in the Commerce Department, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Small Business and the Trade and Development Agency into one agency. Source The Hill

Another thought: Is it possible any proposed change to the Department of Commerce can render a change in favor of ObamaCare? With the elimination of the Department of Commerce, surely new language will be needed for how commerce is conducted across state lines. Isn’t it sad to be so pessimistic and so distrusting of our own government.

Obama Asking Congress for Additional Power (video)

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  • Outsourcing 101

    “Another thought: Is it possible any proposed change to the Department of Commerce can render a change in favor of ObamaCare? With the elimination of the Department of Commerce, surely new language will be needed for how commerce is conducted”

    Probably less than 5% of the USA population understands even in part the economics and financial interests that are really behind this move, and no trans-national corporate media will tell the truth about what is really going on here..

    Obama is looking to raise 1 billion $$ for re-election. The republicans also had promised the Global Chamber of Commerce that they would subordinate or entirely close the US dept of commerce when if they can take control of the govt.
    Obama just did exactly what the Republicans had promised these gigantic donors and in the process he sold out all working class americans who want a job.

    The entities most of his money came from last time were global fixed trade speculators in particular Goldman Sachs, and
    The HC actuarial companies that take a 30% cut of all HC money spent for doing absolutely nothing.

    The Commerce Dept is run by non-political career staff.
    The Trade Negotiator is run by political appointees. The Obama trade negotiator is a black republican from Texas who was first appointe by George W. Bush, and is a fixed-trade scammer that both repub and democrat elite love.

    By turning the commerce dept over to Goldman Sachs, you get americans out of the way of restricting or assessing compliance with trade scams. The trade negotiators for the USA are from Global financial speculators and Global companies who pay their taxes out of a carribean post office box at tax time,

    but the rest of the time want to be given cost-free access to the USA consumer market like they were a american company.

    By obama subordinating the commerce dept itself to the (fixed) trade-scam negotiators who come from the Global chamber of commerce, he is giving a very valuable prize to trans-national stateless companies that even Bush did not give them.
    They would be likely to see this is a very valuable prize that they would be inclined to “donate” a lot of money to him for giving them. Problem is, if you want to see any jobs in the USA, this is a major sell out to USA workers and manufacturers.

    Obama knows that it is very hard for the republicans to oppose this too vocally, because they would love to give just this gift to trans-national global businesses themselves.
    Obama also intends to try to sell this in the media as strictly a responsible ‘cost-cutting’ move, inspite of the fact that ZERO govt employees will lose their job(s) in this merger. All will stay employed, and no cash will be saved,

    but what will happen is non-american companies based out of china or a carribean post office box will be in a position to literally run USA commerce dept intself for their own profits and financial gain, and US workers and citizens will have a govt that is in control of Chinese outsourcers.

    Basically you have two corrupt and bribed parties that are trying to please and court the same huge trans-national donors and give them what they want, and they come up with marketing to use to sell this to the american people who really do not understand or often care what this is really about.

  • If the past 3 years has taught me anything, it is that NOTHING which issues forth from Obama can be anything but a bad and dangerous idea. I don’t like it. I caught some of the speech today, although I try to avoid watching him speak because he never does anything but rash talk people who don’t push his agenda, and all I heard was him bitching about Republicans in Congress – like he didn’t control both houses for the first 2 years of his miserable administration and couldn’t have gotten anything done then if he weren’t so hell bent on ramming Obamacare down our throats and rolling over for our enemies while screwing over our allies.

    • Zilla, my sense as well…has to be dangerous and unAmerican.

  • Outsourcing 101

    Problem is Zilla, the House Republicans planned to do exactly the same thing.

    There is no good guy here in this situation. Both parties sold america for cash, and Obama merely beat the Republicans to what they had intended and promised the Global Chamber of Commerce already to deny the Repubs the use of the issue in seeking cash or preventing Obama from raising cash.

    Unless you get around the two corrupted parties of traitors who do what they are paid off to do, and know that most americans have no understanding of what entities the technical details of their actions are really set up to benefit (not you, unless you have the ability to give them a six figure check) this type of outright open treason cannot be stopped by putting either mainstream party back in power.
    Thats the real truth, and with the exception of some of Ron Pauls ideas
    (he refuses the bribes and sends money back to the treasury each year from his office, while most others make sure to spend it all-this year he gave taxpayers half a million back that was budgeted for his office, and no other lawmaker did that)
    No one getting TV time running for office has any intent but to keep this treason going and hope people will vote for what they see as the lesser of two evils.

    • Outsourcing 101 – very interesting, both comments. I don’t know how to sort it out, but I do know the Global/Transnational goals of both parties are evil. How do you see Goldman Sachs in this?

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  • Outsourcing 101

    G.S. has appointed one of their alumni to run the Federal Reserve, the globalist money printing operation in every administration, repub or democat, going back for decades now.

    Geither at Treasury is one as well, in that he became president of the Federal Reserve, which is neither ‘federal’ or an ‘reserve’, without any experience at all, which was governed by Goldman Sachs alumni.

    The basic issue is not G.S.,
    its SPECULATORS= who do not produce or create ANYTHING, they merely ‘gamble’. While G.S. does this, so do a lot of other entities, and they have simply bought elected officials in both parties to make certain that they get the legislation that allows their operations to continue.
    When a speculator buys Oil futures, using money that is Fed backstopped, they are in fact causing a ‘shortage’ at least on paper, because with all the gamblers purchasing oil futures contracts it creates a scarcity of product for which contracts are available to purchase,
    which drives up their cost, and this gambling drives up the cost to legit consumers who need to go to work in a car. In the end, the markets gamblers did not bring one ounce of product out of the ground, they did not build, or create, or even go to work, they simply took the lions share of value for other peoples work and inflated the end cost to consumers.

    While ending business taxes on AMERICAN manufacturers is a great idea, as long as the employ americans in america, creating massive taxes on PURE SPECULATORS like G.S. and outsourcing trans-national entities who have no loyalty to americans or the nation, and simply seek to profit off of it is also a good idea- that is in fact what Thomas Jefferson did as our second president = created massive tarrifs on goods from overseas, meaning if you wanted to access the USA consumer market you built factories inside the usa or you paid the usa to offset not being a corporate citizen.

    Today, both parties have been paid by trans-national and speculatory interests to NOT differentiate between legitimate USA businesses who produce products,

    and pure gambling speculators who seek to buy or option something of value that someone else created and produced at as low a price as possible, drive up its market cost as high as possible, and reap billions by bleeding american consumers dry.

    G.S. is a step above the corrupt practices of run of the mill speculators who do not produce any goods, in that they have exclusively gotten one of their own put in charge of americas money supply/money printing operations for as long as I have been alive.


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