Obama Debates Romney – The Dream Nominee Video

Winning our Future, Newt’s SuperPac nailed this one with a video that represents what we can look forward to if we put Mitt Romney in a position to debate Barack Obama. Enjoy. Thanks to Always on Watch.

Obama Debates Romney – The Dream Nominee (video)

Thanks to The Desk of Lady Liberty for Linking in her Election Coverage

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • BINGO!!!!! But now Obama’s had that ability to say these things taken away from him by this ad. If he even tries to say any of these things, he will be seen as a plagiarist. lol
    One of the good things about all this stuff being brought up in the debates is that it’s taken the gotcha out of Obama’s sails. Romney, though he isn’t my choice, will have his comebacks down and people, who have heard of most of this, will be bored with just another, over done, raking of old coals.. that is most people, will have heard of this, the ones that can’t tell you who the Vice President is, well that’s the sad part, they vote un-informed.
    I’d much rather see a Newt debate the Disaster in Chief. LOL

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