Newt Gingrich South Carolina After Primary Speech Video

Yesterday, before the polls closed in South Carolina, Fox News’ Brit Hume said “Gingrich is angry, he is angry….” He said it twice in the same sentence but I may have paraphrased. I remember saying the same thing, but that was way-back when he was talking about Bain Capital, Romney and the misinformation Romney put out about his own record – you know, way-back a few weeks ago – AFTER Romney had made the first strike. Newt is a fighter, and he learned a painful lesson when he didn’t fight fiercely against a Democrat assault on his Conservatism and his leadership when he was Speaker. He has shown us now that he will fight, even if he has to get angry to do it. After he was harangued about Romeny and Bain, he moved on. That anger is no longer on display, but I can tell you I’m looking forward to a president who can get angry and express it on the stump. I’m looking forward to a nominee who will not keep repeating that Obama is a “nice guy,” and just doesn’t “get it,” as Romney has said several times. Anger is Romney sending Newt a cake on the anniversary of his House reprimand. That’s anger, that viscious. In the video below of Gingrich’s after South Carolina primary speech, Newt gives credit to his fellow candidates and indicates a couple of times what “we” can do, meaning whomever wins, everyone on the stage can do better than Barack Obama.

Newt Gingrich South Carolina After Primary Speech (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook