Newt Gingrich: Obama’s Alinsky Radicalism and Media: Can Newt Win Independents?

Newt, can you win Independent voters with your message about Obama and Saul Alinsky? Newt is asked that question in this video, and gives a definitive answer.

Speaking of the media, he says:

No one goes back and looks at what Saul Alinsky stands for.

No one asks what Community Organizing is. It’s teaching radicalism

[FULL QUOTE] “But the objective fact is [Obama] believes in a very radical vision of America’s future that is fundamentally different from probably 80 percent of this country. And nobody in the elite media has ever wanted to dig into it, ever wanted–why would he veto the Keystone pipeline? Why would he kill jobs in America? Why would he have a National Labor Relations Board attack Boeing? Because it fits the model of Alinsky radicalism.” Thanks to Weasel Zippers

Ann Coulter is name-calling today, calling South Carolinians “snotty,” she believes it honorable to talk about Marianne Gingrich’s claim of an Open Marriage. You and I have been “snowed,” and are going for the “glib cheap shot,” but I don’t remember Newt ever saying Bill Maher is a swell guy. Ann Coulter did.

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Newt Gingrich on Independents, Saul Alinsky and Community Organizers (video)