Newt Gingrich NBC Debate: Creepy Silent Audience – Afraid of Newt Standing Ovations?

When Brian Williams announced the audience was not allowed to applaude or make any noise during the GOP Florida debate last night, and said it’s because it was ‘all about the candidates,’ you knew it was exactly about stifling the enthusiasm for these Republican candidates, and ending the history-making standing ovations for Newt Gingrich. In the video below, Newt’s take is that NBC didn’t want the audience siding with candidates, rather than the media, and says “the media doesn’t control free speech.” Newt indicates, using the word “we,” that all the candidates will protest such a move in future debates.

Gingrich on NBC Silencing the Debate Audience (video)

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  • EBL

    It was a boring bad debate. I am liking this DaTechGuy idea of a Hot Air debate. We could have a Mark Levin-Rush Limbaugh debate too. Why do Republicans allow leftist media outfits to control GOP primary debates?

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  • Franklin Jones

    The reason that they don’t want people applauding, cheering, etc. is because when the audience is cheering and applauding things like letting sick people die because they’ll be too costly just looks and sounds really really bad.