Newt Gingrich Juan Williams: Food Stamps, Janitors, Belittling Minorities Video

This exchange between Fox News’ Democrat operative Juan Williams and Newt shows the entire mind malfunction of the Left.  Remember that Newt Gingrich previously said Black children should be able to work as janitors at their schools or in other jobs similar. He thinks schools should try to employ at-risk children who see no work ethic at home – where no one is getting up to go to work each day.  He has also said Blacks should demand jobs, not food stamps. Juan is offended. So as to Newt’s previous remarks, Juan asks Newt: aren’t you belittling the poor and minorities. See the video below.

Newt Gingrich

Newt’s answer, beginning with ‘No,’ drew a standing ovation from the crowd, something pollster Frank Luntz said he has never seen in a debate.

The best is Newt saying that his 13 -year-old daughter, Jackie, worked at her first job as a janitor at her church. I live-blogged the debate. Find my notes here.

Juan Williams and Newt Gingrich at South Carolina GOP Debate – Food Stamps (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Outsourcing 101

    This is a truly moronic idea Newt had that was not workable on several different levels, and he then started to try to solve the problems to make a dumb idea sound ‘workable’.

    If you PAY kids to go to school, which is for their own benefit and need, then you take away a even more important motivator in life than a first job.

    How many janitors and hall monitors does any school need? Are you going to employ 50% at best, or the student body?

    The taxpayer is going to foot the bill for this make-work ‘job’ after they already paid all the costs of the childs’ schooling?

    Janitors work with dangerous chemicals that are injurious and in slippery or dangerous environments- you are going to trust 13 year kids with ammonia, bleach and caustic chemicals.. Newt?

    Once this ‘job’ starts, you will have to hire new govt workers to supervise these kids, keep their pay records, take care of injury claims when they injure themselves and others, deal with lawsuits, etc.. ALL ON TOP OF the salary these ‘students’ are paid for make-work jobs.

    These supervisors and kids know that no one cares what they are actually doing, and this will become a giant spending honey-pot like at the DMV where govt workers sit around and do what they want at whatever speed they feel like it, because its NOT THEIR MONEY being spent and they dont care – their is not a profit-motive like a REAL first job.

    For all these reasons and more, Newt is a complete idiot who makes up nonsense that a casual observer can show is a disaster waiting to happen. Newt was a Govt HC mandate SUPPORTER before even Romney or Obama had ever passed such a plan, because he gets paid-off by the same lobbyists for HC actuarials who want all americans to be their forced-slave customers.

    That anyone is ignorant enough to suggest anything that Newt touches is remotely plausible is why so much of the GOP field are morons who have been on every side of every issue and literally know next to nothing except how to get big fat checks from lobbyists.

    • I don’t think Newt is saying every school must have a janitor for every at-risk child. It’s the idea to help children find a way to work and have pride in themselves as well as providing money for clothes and the things children need that parents often don’t provide.

      He isn’t suggesting we pay children to go to school, although that has been done successfully in some parts of the country.

      I don’t believe I’m ignorant and I believe much of what Newt says is not only plausible, but admirable.

    • You know, it never ceases to amaze me how two people can listen to someone and hear the opposite. Newt never said pay kids to go to school. Our kids have no work ethics these days. You tell me how you teach that? I think what he’s proposing is a responsible method of teaching at risk kids something about improving their lot in life.

  • last conservative

    Newt is very “admirable”.

    He abandoned two different families,both with children, and refused to pay child support to his first wife because the laws at that time did not have a provision to force him to do so.
    He was a deadbeat dad whose first wife paid to raise their kids alone.

    Newts current wife is a woman who cheated with a important, powerful man she knew was married, for over a six year adulterous relationship, and after having sexual relations with a married father for 6 years she got him to divorce the second wife/family, and marry her.

    He is very noble and admirable. The bible I think warned that as the last days approached right good would be called evil, and evil would be praised as good.

    • I think there’s another passage worth remembering, Judge not, least ye be judged… Or words to that effect.
      Look, do you want a perfect president? I’m sorry, I leave judgement to the one we all face someday. How about some concern about what we don’t know about Obama… I know you feel that. But if your looking for perfect, he died on the cross over 2,000 years ago, and I’m pretty sure he would never have run for President. I could care less about all that past stuff. I’m not proud of my past and some of the dumb ass things I did when I was younger. Let’s look at what he’s planning to do for this country.. if it doesn’t tweak your whistle.. vote for someone else. Let’s leave perfect for the impossible dream.

      • one conservative

        I believe that passage in in reference to your neighbor.

        Gingrich is not running to be my neighbor, and if he were I would keep my wife and daughters far away from him, he is running to be the leader of the entire nation.

        He is tainted beyond all belief and was not even able to follow the basic rules to get onto the Virginia ballot, which is his HOME STATE.


        The second wife that he left after a six year affair with Callista gave a interview to ABC to warn about NEWT.. It will be released soon, but they are arguing over whether its fair to let it be broadcast before the SC primary because it is so bad for Newt.

        also, she is revealing he was under investigation for bribery with his israeli friends, and got her dragged into being a FBI target.

        “Unaware that Soghanalian was an FBI informant, it is alleged that Marianne Gingrich whilst working for the Israel Export Development Corporation (IEDC) tried to facilitate a bribe to the tune of $10 million so that her husband could use his influence to lift the arms embargo against Iraq in order for Soghanalian to collect an outstanding payment of $54 million from Saddam Hussein.
        In a series of interviews before his death in October 2011, Soghanalian claimed that people representing the Gingrichs advised that the money should not be paid directly to Gingrich but to a fund set up by the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies (IASPS), an Israeli/US think tank. According to its website, the IASPS was founded in 1984. It is connected to the Likud Party in Israel and maintains ties to conservative politicians in Israel and the United States.”

        The FBI agents say that the white house called off the investigation before Newt could be charged.

        As I said before, your judgements are as lacking in morality and simple integrity as Newt has been throughout his life

      • David, I don’t think Newt would have a Monica in the White House.