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In this 1995 video, Newt Gingrich sits on the dias as Nancy Reagan speaks. Newt is the keynote speaker for the evening at the Goldwater Institute event. The video is courtesy of Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection. Please read his piece quoting former Reagan staffer Jeffrey Lord, liaison for Reagan between Gingrich and Jack Kemp. We are in the middle of a heated race. If we assume we will choose between Romney and Gingrich, you need to know this, in light of the information coming from the Romney campaign.

Nancy Reagan

From the video:

The dramatic movement of 1995 is an outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century.  Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and in turn Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive. ~ Nancy Reagan

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Nancy Reagan: Ronald Reagan Passing the Torch to Newt Gingrich (video)

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