Nancy Pelosi: Romney Can’t Beat Obama – Don’t Worry About the Cast of Characters

That great philosopher Nancy Pelosi took a look at the South Carolina debate and figures that no one won, and that Republicans will not support Romney because they know he can’t win against Obama. In a jumble of thoughts, she talks about looking ahead to the 2016 races for Democrats, when they will start with a “clean slate.”

She quotes Romney saying he would never negotiate with the Taliban. She is enormously shocked and puzzled about it. “It’s not about this cast of characters,” she says, “it’s about Obama.”

About Romney being against the Dream Act, she says “it’s against the aura that Republicans want to put out about somebody who will go in there and be fair minded and bipartisan.” LOL! She doesn’t know us at all. Even the GOP isn’t talking about bipartisanship. Who in the Republican party wants to cooperate with the leaders in today’s Senate? We want nothing to do with Obama or his hinchmen.

Nevermind, she says Romney isn’t going to be president anyway. Source

Watch her hands – never quiet. Freakish.

Nancy Pelosi on Romney and Why Republicans Aren’t Behind Him (video)

H/T to David Lemon, artist and sculptor. View his work at Clay to Bronze.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I swear there’s something wrong with her physically.. either she’s been drinking or on drugs.. This woman is incoherent..

    • I despise that wicked witch of the West. She thinks she is the authority on everything. Crack head Pelosi is the dumbest looking, sounding thing on the planet. Yes, David there is something wrong with her physically but more wrong with her mentally. Cast of characters? Is she talking about herself and the congress, must be! It’s all I can do to even watch and listen to her rhetoric. Blah, Blah, Blah – vote in Nov. and let’s all prove her wrong. Praise God!

      • Agreed.. I had to struggle to watch this video last night before sending it to Maggie.. I struggle listening to Obama.. Harry Reed and any progressive.. There’s one of our potential candidates that affects me the same.. We need to dump these people, and start getting people who have common sense.. and who love America and it’s historical place in the world.

        • David, as I looked at her face, her left eye was almost closed a couple of time. I didn’t see alcohol. It looked more like she had a stroke, but of course she has not. We would have heard.

          • Maggie, Pelosi stroked out long ago but it was kept on the QT as no one would ever notice she was talking out of her head, so they let it go. Now when she begins to talk normal she should be admitted for observation, then it’s time to worry.
            That will be short lived, because it’s been said you always get better right before you die. So there is not much hope or change for that ole botox gal Pelosi. LOL