Minor Discrepancy: Romney Forgot Swiss Bank Account

The account only held $3 MILLION. A minor discrepancy yielding $1,700 in income. Newt forgot $250,000 somewhere. See Hot Air for good commentary and the full story.

  • This is actually a disgrace. Its the kind of thing you expect to come out about a pro football player or something like that, I dont know how anyone in such a position can let themselves get caugh up in such a situation! Serious knock to credibility.

  • You know what, with this friggin’ economy in America, if I had the money Romney had, I’d put it in a Swiss Bank Account too. Smart man! I see nothing wrong in that! It’s his money isn’t it? Truthfully it isn’t any of our business. Plus it isn’t safe here with Obama as the POTUS. Obama would find a way to get it – that’s what he’s all about, stealing from the rich and SUPPOSEDLY giving to the poor. Yeah right?? in your dreams. So dream on stupids with your pipe dreams, trust me, you will get poorer.
    Romney can whip Obama’s A$$.
    Per FOX News: Atty Gen Pam Bondi endorses Romney

  • I totally agree with you in principle and I would not say that I wouldnt do it but I am not in politics so am not held to the same standards nor am I going to be looked into on that level! They chose their road and he should have known this would happen.