Lefties: How Do You Stomach Your Media?

Republican candidates have been grilled as no Democrat, and especially Barack Obama, have ever been. The rule is, when grilling something meaty, grill it on both sides – both Democrats and Republicans. How do you Lefties stomach your media darlings? Disgraceful! Shameful! I predict you will continue paying for it at the polls. Here’s a reminder:

No questions on immigration, no questions on Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Israel or North Korea — global trouble spots the GOP candidates have been queried about repeatedly. Moreover, he was not asked about what spending cuts he would make to reduce the deficit, nothing about Medicare and Social Security reform or his health care law, all familiar questions for the Republicans seeking his job.

Obama’s ability to avoid tough questions, skate above the fray and look presidential while his potential successors appear to be futilely flailing is not by accident. It is by White House design, abetted by a press corps that seems content with being shut out by the president and being spoon-fed the message of the day, rather than clamoring for more chances to ask him questions during this critical time. Read the entire expo-zaaaay here.

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