LA Fire Suspect: Mother Scheduled for Deportation? Arson Nickname – Meatloaf Segal

The suspect in the LA arson fires is still unidentified but some information is leaking out. Several reports say he is a 55-year-old German national whose Mother had a deportation hearing in Los Angeles about a week ago – outcome unknown. The report says the car he was driving has Canadian tags. Police (or someone) has nicknamed the suspect “Meatball Segal,” citing a likeness to actor Steven Segal. See the video of the arrest below.

UPDATE 1-4-12: He suspect’s name is Harry Burkhart. He is 24 years old, not 55 years old. His mother’s name is Dorothee Burkhart. Read the odd details here.

LA Arsonist? "Meatloaf Segal"

The suspect reportedly told police that he hates America.

Police seized flammable materials during the search of the man’s minivan that matched the materials used in the blazes, according to sources. Police arrested the man following 11 fires ignited overnight, the latest in a series of vehicle and carport fires around Hollywood and West Hollywood, Calif., since Dec. 29.

Two persons were detained in four of the earlier fires, but police believe this man was not involved in those crimes. Thanks to KSEE24 for the video.

Steven Segal

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LA Arson Suspect Arrested (video)

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