LA Arson Suspect Harry Burkhart Has Chechen Docs: Germany Wants Extradition of Mother Dorothee Burkhart – Breast Augumentation Angle

There are many intriguing questions coming to the fore with the arrest of suspected Los Angeles arsonist and German-national, Harry Burkhart, who is now said to be 24 years old, and not 55-years-old as first reported. Harry was carrying travel documents from Chechnya, which is an Islamic nation with 94% residents being Muslim. You’ll undoubtedly remember the horrible Beslan School Hostage Massacre of 2004.  The license tag on the car he was driving had Canadian tags according to early reports. His mother, Dorothee Burkhart, was arrested in L.A. on December 28th on a German warrant for 19 fraud charges including falsifying records and non-payment of breast augmentation surgery! See UPDATES below.

Harry Burkhart

The U.S. State Department provided information for Harry Burkhart’s arrest, after seeing him on videotape, probably stemming from Dorothee Burkhart’s detention – or just guessing, he might have been on a terrorist watch list – or something similar. Just questioning. Not accusing.  But look at this, a 30-year-old Beverly Hills real estate attorney, volunteering as a sheriff’s deputy for $1.00 a year and patrolling 3 hours after his official duty ended – as everyone was out looking for the arsonist, pulled Harry Burkhart to the curb and the arrest was made.

The State Department said Tuesday that a member of the State Department’s diplomatic security team had provided the tip identifying the arson suspect to the LAPD. The State security official had apparently recognized Burkhart on a video that L.A. authorities had released showing a “person of interest” in the arson case.

“It was a member of Diplomatic Security who was working a separate case and saw this and then began cooperating,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told journalists at a press conference on Tuesday. “And then our cooperation, including information from the investigation that we were conducting, was helpful further on in the case. We shared a whole bunch of our information, which helped LAPD.” Source.

Harry Burkhart arrest

CBS News:

Harry Burkhart watched as his mother was arrested last week on fraud charges from their native Germany, and a day later he exploded in an expletive-laced rant against the U.S. at her court hearing.

The next day, police say, the 24-year-old began a nighttime rampage of arson attacks that terrorized Los Angeles…

Court documents unsealed Tuesday said Dorothee Burkhart, who is in her 50s, was charged with 19 counts of fraud in Frankfurt, including failing to pay for a 2004 breast-augmentation surgery and pilfering security deposits from renters.

In a brief court appearance, she appeared perplexed, wondering aloud if her son was dead.

At one point, she said, he is mentally ill.

“Where is my son? What did you do to my son?” she asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Margaret Nagle.

Would the State Department recognize Harry Burkart from an arrest video because of an interest in Dorothee Burkhart’s extradition? Or does the connection to Chechnya color the whole arson case? Is Harry Burkhart something more than an angry young man who says he hates America and wants his mother released from U.S. custody? What are these characters doing in the U.S.?

UPDATE 1:50 pm CDT 1-4-12: Harry’s mom may be a “Tantra Goddess.” Read the story here.

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