Kesler Dufrane: Haiti Has Earthquake: US Has Haiti Criminal: Obama Halts Deportations: 3 Americans Murdered

Foreign Nationals in the U.S. who cannot be deported for humanitarian reasons cannot be held in detention for longer than six months. Haitian Kesler Dufrane had a long rap sheet in the U.S. In 2006 he was a twice convicted felon in Manattee County, Florida. He was sentenced to five years in prison. Once out of prison, he couldn’t be deported because the Obama administration halted deportations to earthquake-striken Haiti. Much better that we be terrorized than for Haitians to be terrorized, or for Dufrane to live in undesirable circumstances.

Kesler Dufrane

Two months after being released from prison he murdered three people in North Miami. One of the dead was a 15-year-old Ashley Chow. Dufrene was linked to the murder through DNA and cellphone tracking technology. Eighteen days after the murderers, he committed suicide as the County Sheriff closed in.

There’s only so much compassion to go around. Three people dead because we refused to send him home. There’s more to the story. Read it at The Miami Herald.

Ashley Chow Murdered by Kesler Dufrane – Allowed to Stay in the US by Obama Administration (video)

Photo courtesy of Manatee Sheriff’s Office

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