Kathy Griffins PushUp Bra: Griffin Strips Down in Times Square

How do I know it’s a push-up bra? After the video, check out these pics, alleged to be ‘the’ Kathy Griffin. Don’t stop at the first one. Here’s a couple I found, with thanks to WikiFeet.

Poor Anderson Cooper, he was so shocked. Right. (Note…the camera in Times Square stays well away from her thighs)

Pirate’s Cove was nice enough to link, even though I caused some pain in his wallet and probably elsewhere.

Kathy Griffin Strips Down to Undies in Times Square (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • Maggie: If you’re aiming for an anti-rule five, you just may have hit it with this one!

  • Blech- where’s my bucket lol

  • This was not on my bucket list..

  • Put them on! put them on,(your clothes)pull her off stage, the hook.

  • William Teach

    Thanks for making my contacts melt, Maggie! Anti-rule 5!

    I reckon you owe us some real rule 5.

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  • And people wonder why no one watches CNN

  • Hey everyone, my apologies for putting this up after midnight to greet you with your morning cuppa coffee. She’s 51 years old with a fairly flat stomach – so I give her that, but she keeps showing up sans her clothing. Just think of those poor people in Times Square who were just “there” and forced to look at the spectacle. Her make-up artist should be wealthy by now.

    I’m thinking about what I can do rectify things. It’s a rude post, I know. I’ll come up with something.

  • My eyes, my eyes…Please make this right Maggie, pleaseeee.

  • Where’s the “eye bleach” at? After that post, we’re all gonna need it.

    Mike G.

  • michigan

    Ah geez, Maggie, you ruined it! She was on the Food Channel’s Paula Deen show and did something similar. She ogled the pool boy that was working outside and then ended up on the shores of Paula’s pond with a bikini top on casting in for fish and him helping. It was kind of weird for a middle aged gal and my wife and I were kind of looking at each other in wonder. It must be her agent’s idea to get her name on par with Lady Gaga. If that’s the case, it’s not working.

    • michigan, I really and seriously think her agent is trying to get a Playboy centerfold for her, but if so, he can’t know about that link I sent you to:-) Paula should have slapped down and told her to put her clothes on. It surprises me that she would put up with that.

      • michigan

        Yeah, if Playboy sees those topless pics she’ll be deemed too much of a challenge for their Photoshop artist. But they might be pursuing that German woman that didn’t pay for the fake boobs and got arrested.