Kareem Ibrahim Life Sentence: Iman Kareem Ibrahim AlQaeda Plot Draws Life Sentence in US

Imam Kareem Ibrahim, a Muslim and native of Trinidad, received a life sentence in prison from a New York judge yesterday for his part in a plot to blow up fuel tanks at New York’s JFK Airport. Ibrahim believes Muslims are oppressed by the U.S.

Kareem Ibrahim

Ibrahim was an imam and leader of the Shiite Muslim community in his native Trinidad when he became involved in the diabolical plot that the conspirators hoped would rival 9/11 in destruction and deaths.

The evildoers were motivated to avenge what they believed was the oppression of Muslims by the U.S.

The alleged ringleader, former Kennedy Airport cargo handler Russell Defreitas, and co-defendant Abdul Kadir are serving life sentences. A fourth plotter, Abdel Nur, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years.

“Kareem Ibrahim abandoned the true tenets of his religion and plotted to commit a terrorist attack that he hoped would rival 9/11,” said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch. “But law enforcement detected and thwarted the plot, saving lives. NY Daily News.

U.S. citizen Russell Defreitas recruited an undercover law enforcement agent, and told him if you “hit JFK, the whole country will be in mourning,” because Americans love John F. Kennedy – “it’s like killing him twice”. The targeted fuel tanks and underground pipelines run in a maze under the densely populated Queens, New York.

The New York post says Ibrahim and his group of jihadists had a stated goal of “taking out all of Queens.” The poor man is depressed and has treated himself to hunger strikes in prison. Taxpayers have provided him with “40 milligrams of Prozac and eight bottles of Boost energy drink a day.” New York Post

This imam reportedly has several “interfaith” marriages and some Christian children. His attorneys claim the plot was just talk. They will appeal the life sentence.

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